Japan X America

Questionable Character

Chapter One

Japan and America had recently become very good friends, but not exactly to Japan's liking. America would stop by his house unexpectedly or call in and announce his arrival not long before he was actually there. This really annoyed Japan, but he didn't want to offend America by ignoring all his friendliness. Japan had a firm belief that America only did things that suited his liking best, not to help other people. He wasn't sure why America had been hanging around him so much, but he knew he had to be after something. But what?

None the less, America seemed to offer true friendship. He often enjoyed the time spent with him, though he never let his guard down and nothing kept him from being suspicious. They wouldn't only hang out around Japan's house though. Sometimes, they went out to see a movie, or go to a video game arcade, or even went to America's house. There were many many things that Japan didn't understand about America's culture. And he was quite curious about it.

"WHAAATT? You don't know what baseball is?" the blonde exclaimed. He was completely dumbstruck.

"N-No, I do not. Is that like an American candy or something?" said Japan, nervously. America laughed and put his hand on Japan's shoulder.

"Noo, you silly! It's only the greatest sport ever invented by the Americans ever!" he yelled.

"Oh, well, uhm-" Japan stuttered before America cut him off.

"Come one! We have to take you to a game and show you what your missing!" he grabbed Japan's hand and they ran off together without any idea of where they were going.

"Yeah! Yeah! Go Philies!" America had his fist in the air screaming and cheering like a maniac. What scared Japan the most, was that it seemed like completely appropriate behavior in this place.

"Ahh, m-must everyone be so loud and vulgar? I don't understand." he said shouting over the roar of the crowd.

"What? Of coourrse! That's the whole point!" he said with half a hot dog in his mouth. "Go home, you damn Yankees!"

"I still don't understand.." Japan said quietly to himself.

"Why don't you try it?" said America cheerfully.

"No...I'd rather just watch the game." he said respectfully. "Ah, unless, uhm, I don't want to be disrespectful to your culture. I'm just not sure why all this yelling really necessary."

"Don't get your panties in a bunch, Japan! " Then he continued shouting incomprehensible things.

"Ohhh! S-so if the player hits the ball so hard, it leaves the field, it's called a 'home-run'?" Japan asked suddenly.

"Haha that's it! And if you catch it, you get to keep it! " America said happily.

"B-But, don't they want it back?"

"No, silly! It's yours to keep! They have a million balls! Hey, if you're lucky enough, maybe you'll catch one!"

"Hmm, I see." Japan said, taking notes.

"Japan, you ever had a hot dog?" He suddenly asked.

"Huh? Oh. No, what is that? " he said nervously. America nearly choked on his hot dog, then proceeded to flag down the food vendor.

"Hmm? Oh, no please! Mr. America, you need not-" America cut him off when the vendor came buy.

"Ahh, Mr. America, please, you did not have to buy all these things for me!" Japan felt so guilty. He wasn't even hungry.

"No, you have to try everything!" he exclaimed, shoving as much food in his mouth as possible. Japan looked away feeling very grateful.

'I cannot refuse his gift. I do not wish to be disrespectful.' he thought. So he ate without complaining. He started with the popcorn. It was light and tasty, but it got stuck in his teeth much too easily. Then he tried the cotton candy. He was astounded when it melted in his mouth. "Mmmmmph! " he swallowed. "It felt like it disappeared in my mouth!" he exclaimed. America laughed very pleased. "Yeah, it tends to do that. Good right?"

"It's incredible!"

America smiled.

He was especially happy when Japan started to eat his hot dog. He ate it very slowly, and was very unsure on how to eat it properly. He tried putting it in his mouth several times, then pulling it out, feeling uncomfortable. America wouldn't say anything, or watch directly. He only watched from the corner of his eye. He was secretly dyeing inside. He just wanted Japan to shove it in his mouth and do many erotic things with it or just plain eat it already. Eventually, Japan decided to turn it sideways and bite into the middle of it. Feeling confident that he had eaten it correctly, he turned to America, who was nearly on the floor baffled. 'How does someone not know how to eat a hot dog? After all that, he just turned it sideways.. ' he thought.

Just when Japan had his mouth full of food, he heard America shouting differently than normal, more excited. He was very confused when the blonde started shaking him violently. "Hey hey Japan! Heads up!" Japan looked up and gasped, nearly choking. The ball was so close to hitting his head. He raised his arms quickly to defend his head, and suddenly the crowd was going wild. And so was America. "JAPAN! JAPAN! YOU CAUGHT IT YOU CAUGHT IT!" he shook him violently again. Japan coughed up his what was left of his food on the ground and looked in his hands. He realized he was holding the baseball. He heard the announcer scream "HOME RUN! AND THAT'S THE GAME!" and everyone was cheering wildly around him. There were fireworks in the sky and colors and loud sounds everywhere. He didn't come too till he felt America grab his head and shake it painfully back and forth. "Don't you get it? They just won! And you caught the ball! Man, you are so lucky!"

Later, while America was walking Japan home, there had been an awkward silence when America had stopped talking. Japan had just been staring down at the ball in his hands the whole time since the game. He nearly bumped into his door, realizing they were at his house. "Oh." was all he could manage to say. America stood there awkwardly looking at him for a while, with his hand behind his head, seemingly trying to find words, but to no avail.

"Thank you very much for this very enjoyable evening, Mr. America. I had a most wonderful time." he said.

"Awwww it was nothing! We should go again sometime!"

"Yes. I really am very fascinated by baseball. Is it a very famous sport in your country?"

"Is it a famous sport? It's the most famous American sport there is!" he laughed.

"Ahh. I see. Maybe you could teach me how to play, and I could teach it to my people, if you don't mind."

America smiled brightly, "Of course, I'd be honored if you adopted some of my culture!"

"Thank you. Here." he handed America the baseball.

"Huh? What?"

"I want you to have it, as a token of my appreciation for today. It obviously would mean more to you."

America laughed awkwardly, he was touched. "Oh, No no. I can't. You caught it. It's yours."

"Are you sure? You know more about it than I do. And I would feel so bad if I did not repay you some how."

"No no it's fine! I want you to have it. So you always remember this fun day we had together." He smiled.

"Well, only if you insist."

"I insist."

They then just stood there for what felt like an eternity of awkward silence.

"Mr. America, is there something you would like to say before leaving?" he was suspicious that America might invite himself over to spend the night in repay for taking him to the game. But he didn't say anything for a long time. He just stood there staring at the dark haired man, making the oddest sounds.

"Well, err, you see, I, uhm.. asdfgybghj" he said blushing lightly. This confused Japan greatly.

"Mr. America, if there is nothing more you need,-"

"Ahh, sorry. I was, well, just thinking about something."

"What were you thinking about, if I may ask?"

America cupped Japan's cheek with his right hand. "I was thinking about what a handsome man you are." he said very softly.

"Oh, I..see." Japan said slowly as he could feel the blond getting completely lost in his eyes, and moving closer. Japan had a feeling he might try something like this soon. He had been making very subtle advances on him recently. Often now, when they had tea, the blond would gently place his hand on Japan's and keep it there for a while, or try to hold it. Sometimes when they were meditating, he could feel the blond's gaze intently on him. But he would never say a word. Now this.

Before Japan was able to react, he felt America's lips ever so lightly pressed against his own. He stood, wide-eyed. He was expecting a very prolonged unnecessary goodbye kiss, but just as he closed his eyes, he felt those soft lips retreating. He barely had the chance to kiss back. The blond stared at him, smiling sheepishly. Japan just stood there, feeling extremely stupid and confused.

"Ah, well... I guess, I'll go now. I'll see you soon I hope. Bye Japan." he said slowly.

"Y-Yes, I do hope so t-too." Japan kept his face down. He could feel his cheeks getting darker and hotter. "G-Goodbye, Mr. America." Just as he turned to open the door, America called out, "Hey! Japan!" He reluctantly turned back slowly, keeping his face down.

"From now on, I want you to call me 'Alfred' !" he said. Japan nodded and nearly ran inside his house. He pressed his back to the wall and slowly slid down to the floor, with his hand to his face. His cheeks burnt so hotly, he felt so confused and ashamed.

'Why was his kiss so short? I could have sworn it was only a curiosity kiss and that it would be longer. But the way he kissed me...' He put his finger tips to his lips. 'It was so light and gentle. Not like anything I expected. It felt like he really cared. Had he planned that out ahead of time? Is he really being so unselfish? Maybe I have misjudged him.. But why did I react like such a fool? Why did I let him kiss me and walk away without saying anything meaningful? Why am I so flustered about this?'

"And why do I want to do it again?" he said out loud to no one but himself.