A/N: Okay JAPAN is going to be really bitchy (again?) in this chapter. But I PROMISE it gets really cute and happy in the second half. Enjoy! Again, sorry for the wait!

Japan X America

Of Questionable Character

Chapter 9

Japan looked up slowly, his head rolling so far back he nearly fell over trying to see the top of the ride. "We-We're going on. that thing?" he asked with a large gulp following his question.

"Haha Yep! We sure are! Cool, isn't it?" the American replied.

Kiku gave a slight whimper.

"I mean, have you ever SEEN one this high before?" the blonde continued, obviously missing the smaller man's tension. "Yep. This is definatly my favorite roller-coaster ever.." None of this was making the small Asian man feel any better.

"M-Maybe we could start out on the smaller rides, and make our way up to the bigger ones..." America gave Japan a funny look. "J-Just a suggestion.." he mumbled. Alfred gave him an intensifying glare for a few moments, and then exclaimed, "You know, you're right Keeks! If we go on the big one now, all the other ones will seem lame. Haha. You're so smart. You're the best!" Japan blushed lightly at the compliments, but didn't have much time to react further, as he was quickly grabbed by the hand and dragged in some other direction that made him feel uneasy. As they backed away from the large rollarcoaster, Japan's fear grew like a fungus in a dark, wet room. They retreated farther and farther away and there was still no top to the towering amusement ride. 'Oh Dear Lord, he's going to get me killed.' he thought.

The next ride wasn't any better. But it looked harmless. And that's all that mattered.

"Ney Ney, Alfred-San, what does this ride do?" Kiku asked, tugging on the blonde's coat sleeve again.

"Ahh, it just spins around a little. Nothing much." Alfred said, looking away from Kiku. He had the most devilish grin on his face.

"Oh, well that doesn't sound so bad." the unsuspecting man said. Al was doing everything he could to make sure the man didn't see the ride move until they we're on it. They stepped into this space-ship looking object and walked around, trying to find a spot to sit. No, wait, this wasn't a sitting ride, it was a standing one? Japan was very confused. He tugged on Alfred's sleeve again and mumbled to him, "Alfred-san, where are we supposed to go?"

"Ahaha Silly boy." America poked little Kiku's nose. You just stand against the wall."

"And hold on for dear life?"

"Yep, pretty much."

Kiku's eyes widened. "I don't want to ride this anymore. Get me off. Now."

America grabbed his arms and held him close. "Too late!" He yelled. The smaller man panicked and squirmed uncontrollably, but to no avail. A man walked up to them after a minute or so and said, "Hey, dude, you can't hold him like that." Alfred immediately assumed the worst and became extremely defensive.

"And why the Hell not?" he demanded.

"Because it's not safe. Prick." he said, walking away after taking there tickets.

"Oh... " said the dumbfounded and embarrast blonde. He let the Japanese man go, and just in time to army roll to the side next to him, as the ride began to spin slowly. He clung to the wall with his hands and legs, whimpering shakily, "A-A-Alfred-s-san, I-I do-on't like this ride. I w-want to get off r-r-r-ight now. Please please please!" he squeaked out the last part as the ride sped up and the lights went out. Everyone started cheering 'WOOO!' and such as neon squiggly lights lit up the small room. As they sped faster and faster, America looked over at his friend, and yelled, "Isn't this fun?" At that exact moment, Kiku squealed loudly as his section of the wall flew upwards. He found that he could barely move and was stuck to the wall in a fairly uncomfortable position.

"Heeey, no fair!" whined America when he saw his friend go up. Suddenly his wall section shot up and Alfred winced as Kiku screamed loudly in his ear. "What the Hell was that for?" he shouted at the smaller man.

"I DO NOT LIKE THIS RIDE!" shrieked Japan. Somehow, through all the fear, he managed to look around and see lots of kids screaming in delight. They weren't afraid of this ride at all. They were even throwing their hands up and playing around. Japan suddenly felt ashamed that he was acting like such a baby while these kids were brave and fearless. Feeling the blush spread across his face, Kiku just closed his eyes and shut his mouth and waited for the ride to end.

Soon enough, the ride was over and he was wobbling down the stairs with America close behind him.

"That..was...awesome!" he exclaimed, scaring the smaller man in front of him and making him jump. He fell forward and nearly hit his face on the ground, but America caught him mid-air. Japan gasped as he felt the blonde pull him up to a standing position.

"You okay, Kiku? Your face is all green and stuff." Japan barely heard him, he was dizzy and woozy from the intensive spinning. He closed his eyes and felt a sharp pain in his stomach.

"Keeks...?" the American asked once again, failing to get the boy's attention. Kiku glanced around through blurry vision and spotted a trash can behind him. He turned towards it and looked down.

"Oh my God, no, Keeks-" the blonde started to say, but stopped as it was too late. The small Japanese man grew ill and retched grotesquely. Alfred winced at the sound. He tried comforting his friend by laying his hand on his shoulder and gently rubbing his back.

"Aww, it'll be okay." he said. Japan wiped his mouth on his bare arm and swore harshly at his boyfriend.

" 'It'll be okay' my ass! That ride was horrible! Why did you take me on it? You are so stupid sometimes, I swear! You knew I wouldn't like that ride. You told me it just 'spun a little'. Do you want me to trust you or not?" he growled.

America stared him down for what seemed like hours, and finally said, "Jeez, Kiku. First you're all sassy this morning and now you're all pissy and bitchy. I've never seen you express so much emotion the entire time I've known you. What's the matter with you?"

Japan thought about this very seriously for a few moments, and blushed. "Th-this is what happens when I'm tired. I should be sleeping now. There is a time difference between us, you know. I get cranky." he pouted and stuttered.

America laughed hysterically at him, so much that it brought tears to his eyes. "You're funny, Keeks. I like that about you. I never see it coming!"

"Err, whatever." he grumbled in reply. "Sometimes.. I just don't get you."

"Alright, listen Keeks." the blonde said as they walked along side by side eating funnel-cake.

"Don't call me that." he cut in.

"I get that you're cranky and all, but don't let that ruin your whole day. If you wanna have fun, you gotta trust me. I know what I'm doing. I'd never do anything that would put your life in jeopardy, so stop worrying so much." The last few words really caught Japan's attention. 'Stop worrying so much.' That was something he needed to be told to do, believe it or not. He was silent for a while, then said,

"It's hard not to worry. I worry a lot. About stupid things. It/'s just the way my mind works.." it took a lot of confidence to admit these things. Confidence Kiku didn't really have. America smiled warmly at him, partially in pity. He put his arm around the smaller man's shoulders and brought him close.

"Well then I'm here to change that!" he declared, his voice booming. "Forget about what might happen, and just have fun with me! Once you stop caring about things, you become a much happier person." he smiled and nodded rapidly.

"Wow... looking at you... that actually makes a lot of sense." Kiku admitted.

"Haha Yep. Know why I'm so happy and cheerful all the time? Because I just don't give a fuck!"

"Alfred! Watch your language, there are children here."

"First, I don't care. Second, I doubt any of them speak Japanese, Kiku." he stated.

Japan was silent at that. He had a point.

"Haha, see? See how easy it is to not care?"

"No. And you still shouldn't swear like that in public anyway."

"So? I do believe you were throwing around the A word just a little while ago."

Japan grumbled, "Oh, Fine. Have it your way." He crossed his arms over his chest after throwing out his trash.

"Ahh, that's the spirit!" he said excitedly.

Japan looked at Alfred's smiling face to admire it, and noticed something. "Oh." he said. "Alfred-san, hold still."

"Hmm?" the blonde said bewildered as the smaller man took a napkin to his face and cleaned it.

"You have white powder all over you." he said as he continued to brush off the sugary dust from his jacket and shirt. "I'm shocked really. For someone who likes to eat so much, you sure do miss your mouth quite often."

Alfred laughed and hugged Kiku close to him.

"Ahh~ Alfred-San! Stop! People will stare..." he complained and wriggled around in the tight grasp of the strong American boy. He blushed deeply when the taller man's soft lips touched his own . Remembering his boyfriends words from just a minute ago about not caring about anything, including what other people think, made it so difficult for him to fight off melting into Alfred's arms and enjoying the moment forever. He gingerly placed his hands on the blonde's chest and slowly pushed him away, despite the voice in the back of his mind begging to keep him close.

"Mmm, s-stop. Not here.. please." he mumbled quietly.

Alfred traced a finger across Japan's lips and smirked. "Alright, fine. Let's go on another ride then!" he said, grabbing Japan's hand and dragging him someplace else before he could even protest.

"Aii, I don't think I want to ask where we're going now."

"Good. Then don't. Just go with it!" he smiled.

"Fine. I'll trust you. But only because I don't have much of a choice now do I?"

"Hahaha!" the blonde laughed.

Japan looked up at the horrible monstrosity before him with wide eyes and gaping mouth. The world around him went blurry and distorted. All he could see where small colorful cages whirring by and flipping back and forth nearly 360 degrees. Fainted screams grew louder, then faded as soon as they came. AHHHhhhhh AHHhhhhhh OOHWAAHhhh THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMPTHUMPTHUMP

"Well, whaddya think?" the blonde asked breaking Japan's trance-like state. He realized his heart was pounding like he had just run a mile. Trembling, he clung to America's arm. "No. NO! No." he said breathless.

"Aww come on, it's not that bad."

"You will not get me anywhere near that metal encrusted death trap!"


"For God's sakes, it looks like some sort of torture device!" he squeaked in a small panic. America tried to console him, as not to cause a big scene.

"It's okay. It's okaaay! We don't have to on that ride if you don't want to." he said slowly. Japan took a deep breath, let go of America, and straightened himself.

"No... Not that one. Not yet." he said calmly, not looking at America. Alfred grinned and for once, lightly hit Japan's back.

"Good to see you're keeping an open mind about this! Haha!"

The next ride on Alfred's mental list was the Ferris Wheel. "See Keeks?" he asked cheerily. "This one's niiice and slow."

Kiku found himself tilting his head back trying to find the top of the ride. He swallowed hard.

"Well, at least this one doesn't spin..." he said quietly. Once on the ride, the uneasy feeling in Kiku's chest grew until it enveloped him. Again, there were no seat-belts or bar-barriers of any kind. Just a rickety, old, colorful cart and wooden structure supporting the entire ride. On occasion, the ride would abruptly come to a halt and the cart would sway back and forth causing the pair to jump slightly. They sat across from each other to balance out the weight, though Kiku didn't think it would do any good. America must have weighed at least twice as much as he did. They sat in silence for the entire first rotation. It was Alfred who broke the silence finally.

"Hey, Kiku..." he said looking down at his feet. Japan took notice of this and leaned forward attentively.

"Yes?" he asked lightly. The blonde sighed and rested his head in his hands with his elbows propped up on his knees. He was leaning so far forward, his head was slightly lower than Japan's.

"I know I can really be a pain in the neck sometimes. And I know that sometimes, well most of the time, I do stupid things that end up getting you in trouble. I just wanna say.. I'm sorry. I don't mean to make you mad so much, and I don't mean to cause you and pain. It hurts me when I know I've hurt you. I really really like you, and I want you to know I'm not messing with you or anything. And I don't try to upset or annoy you on purpose. It just happens naturally that way." By the time he was done speaking, they were at the very top of the Ferris Wheel. America was looking up at Kiku with an expression of guilty sadness. Japan stared back speechless for about a total of five seconds before throwing his arms around the blonde and hugging him as tightly as possible. The silence had felt like an eternity to Alfred and he sat up, startled at the sudden embrace.

"Oh, Alfred!" he exclaimed, nuzzling his face into the man's brawny shoulder. "I-I don't know what to say. That makes me so happy! Thank you Alfred-kun. Thank you!" Alfred was still in shock for several seconds, quickly recovered and hugged the shorter man back, smiling.

"Aw, Keeks. You're so cute!" he said, pulling back Kiku and nearly lunging forward for a tackle/kiss.

"Ack!" Japan yelped as he felt the cart sway dangerously far back, drawing quite a bit of attention to the pair. Kiku pushed away the hulky man with little success. After several sickeningly enjoyable yet short-lived kisses, and several failed attempts to push the man away, the cart shuddered to a stuttering stop and Japan finally got the relentless man to settle down slightly. Alfred held both of Japan's hands in his own and giggled with great enthusiasm. Japan couldn't help but smile and blush lightly at his own silly behavior.

"Sorry," the blonde said giggling, "I didn't mean to scare you, but how else am I suppose to react when YOU, the hater of all public displays of affection and physical contact, hug me!" America clearly couldn't contain his excitement.

"I-I feel so... so compelled to confess something to you, in return. But I really don't know what to say.." Japan said with a hint of guilt.

"Well say anything." the blonde said cheerily.

"Uhm...I..I really like you too." he admitted, laughing. "And..you make me very happy, despite how much you stress you cause me. And.." his blush deepened as he paused to think. "And I think your smile is like sunshine, the way you radiate joy and innocence. And your laughter is like-"

"Geez Keeks, I didn't mean 'Go all Homo' on me." America cut him off abruptly. Japan was stunned slightly, and was silent. "That poetic crap is gay." the blonde stated bluntly. The Ferris Wheel turned and creaked and continued on turning until their cart was once again at the top.

Next on their agenda was the most unexpected of rides. The line for this one was the longest out of all of them. They stood awkwardly as people stared at them and gave them nasty sneers. A few people laughed but most just kept to themselves. Once someone had even gone to the extent of throwing their half finished drink at the pair, with horrible aim of course. "Fagots!" the call was heard in the distance through the roar of the crowd.

"Why you-! Who threw that?" America exclaimed, whipping around in a fury of hatred.

"Alfred-k-" Japan chided with a soothing tone, but was yet again cut off.

"Why don't you come over here and say that to my face!" The blonde called out in the direction the poorly aimed soda had came from. He shook his fist angrily and Kiku yanked it down by his side.

"Hush!" he hissed at the blonde. "Let it go."

America grumbled angrily and crossed his arms.

"...Why is there a Tunnel Of Love at a Carnival? That isn't logical." said Japan pointed out in an attempt to change the subject.

"Ahhh see that's the beauty of a Carnival. You never know what to expect!" America said greatly pleased with himself for thinking of coming there in the first place.

They waited, Japan quite patently, America..not so much, for nearly an entire half hour. Finally, they reached the front of the line. Only a few more people in front of them. Japan nudged Alfred's sleeve and quietly asked him, "What are we going to do when it's our turn? I doubt the man running this ride is going to let us on without a hassle."

"Oh. Don't worry about that. I got a plan. Just follow my lead. Keep your head down and let me do all the talking." he whispered back.

"Tch. It's not like I was going to talk anyway. You know I don't speak English." Japan mumbled more to himself than his friend.

When they approached the ticket-taker, he gave them a funny look and said, "Hey.. that don't look like no girl te me!" America nudged Kiku and he quickly moved into the pink swan-shaped boat. Taking great notice to how the ride worked while standing in line so long, Alfred swiftly pulled the lever necessary to start the machine and pushed the ticket-taker aside. He ducked down into the boat with Japan and threw tickets back at the stunned and now very angry man. The metal underbelly of the boat clicked in a steady motion and pulled them away and into the dark cave of lovers. They heard shouting from behind them and Alfred snickered with delight. Japan elbowed him roughly in the arm and shot him a glare.

"What?" the blonde asked innocently.

"Can you go three seconds without trying to get us kicked out of every place we go?"

"Aww, there's no fun in that." said the playful blonde.

"This is why we can't have nice things." Kiku said distastefully. They both laughed and as their laughter died down, Kiku fell into Alfred's arms.

"It's so dark in here... I can barely see your face." Japan said slowly. Alfred held him close and said,

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Mmm sleep?" said Kiku, tilting his head slightly and feigning innocence. They were nose-to-nose now.

"Thaaat's not what I had in mind." the blonde whispered. He kissed the shorter man sweetly several times before he felt Kiku move closer and wrap his arms around his neck. He licked Kiku's lips seductively and heard a small moan escape those same lips. He pressed his tongue past the lips and explored each detail of the man's mouth. Kiku could feel heat from his chest radiating throughout his entire body as the taller man kissed him passionately. He moaned into Alfred's mouth and allowed himself to completely melt into his arms.

As they approached the end of the tunnel, Japan reluctantly tried to pull away from the blonde, but struggled in getting him to back off. Upon reaching daylight, they were thrusted into a state of panic as the mob of angry carnies chased them out through the entrance gates and halfway through the parking lot/open field. They slammed the car doors shut after climbing into the vehicle. Japan gave Alfred his best 'I-Hate-You' glare, cheeks reddened from running. They both panted and sat in silence for a few moments as America started the car.

"You just had to push the guy." Japan spat. "Another bright idea from Captain Eats-Alot."

Alfred panted for a few seconds before saying, "Well it's not like I killed the guy."

"Ohh!" Japan groaned, throwing his hands into the air in defeat. "You. Are. ..." he mumbled, staring out the window of the car and away from Alfred.

"..Baka." he finished. America couldn't help smiling at his friend.

"And you are my favorite little Asian." he said happily.