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Box Weapon Middle School

There are not enough Box Weapon Stories, so I decided to make one. Anyways, here is some background knowledge that would be helpful in the story.

There are schools in the Box Weapon world, and Box Weapon Middle School is the best, and also the most famous.

The Box Animals take into human form when they go to school, instead of their animal form.

Since Box Animals are only given to Mafia, the only people who go are Mafia.

The Vongola Box Animals are no exception, and since they are the strongest Mafia, they go to this school as well.

There are no uniforms, but since the Vongola Box Animals can turn into Cambio Forma, they always wear them. Ex. Uri is always holding G's Archery, and Gyuudon is akways wearing Lampo's shield. Also, the students gets to choose a specific outfit that they felt the most comfortable wearing, and that automatically becomes their 'uniform'. (Leather, furs, etc…is banned for obvious reasons.)

When fighting, all Box Animals turn into their original animal form, instead of their human form that they use in daily lives.

When they are in human form, even Box Animals that originally eats insects eat human food.

Remember the phrase: "Like pet, like owner."

Here are the descriptions and such for the Vongola Animals.

Name: NUTS

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Description: Hair is similar to Tsuna's, but is a lighter brown. Eye color is amber, and skin is slightly tan. Average height, and has a lean build. Always wearing Vongola Primo's cape, but underneath it, he is wearing a light orange hoodie and jeans.

Personality: Similar to Tsuna's, but actually enjoys battles. The strongest one of the group when in battles.

Animal Form: Lion

Name: URI

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Description: Dirty blonde hair, and always wears it in a ponytail. Eye color is red, and skin is normal, and has freckles. Slightly shorter than average, and is lean. She is always wearing a red long sleeved shirt, a black denim jacket over it, and skinny jeans. She also has a large backpack on, where she has numerous things inside. (ex. Darts/Dartboard, a book, etc...) She is also always holding G's Archery.

Personality: Pretty rude, and prefers doing things by force rather than persuading. Attitude is kind of like her master. Sees Nuts kind of like an annoying little brother. She is also willing to do anything for the safety of her team. The fastest one of the group.

Animal Form: Leopard

Name: JIRO

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Description: Straight black hair. Eye color is dark brown, and tan skin. Taller than average, and has a slightly muscular build. He wears a white collared shirt and a blue skinny tie. He is also always found holding his flaming katana and/or practicing with it in the school's dojo.

Personality: Extremely laid back, and like his master, takes a lot of things as a joke. He's almost always hungry, and impulsive. He has a short attention span, and is also pretty twitchy. The most athletic of the group. (He is in every sport club that is there at BWMS, and does it well, too.)

Animal Form: Akita Ken


Age: 14

Gender: Male

Description: Slightly spiky black hair that looks like Yamamoto's hair. Eye color is a slightly lighter shade of brown than Jiro, and tan skin. Same height as Nuts, and has the same build as Jiro. Usually seen with a black t-shirt that says "VONGOLA" and blue basketball shoes. Also often wearing glasses, and dragging a guitar case. Is also always holding the other 3 irregular swords of Asari Ugetsu.

Personality: His personality is like the 'serious' side of Yamamoto. However, he also knows how to have fun and such like his master. He is also very peace-loving. The musician of the group.

Animal Form: Swallow


Age: 13

Gender: Male

Description: Slightly spiky black hair that turns a little curly when wet. Eye color is black, and has dark-ish skin. Pretty tall, and pretty muscled. Usually seen wearing Lampo's shield, a green cap, and jeans with extra pockets where he stores grape flavored candy for his master.

Personality: Good with kids despite his scary image (kind of like Lancia) and can also be childish sometimes. Once an idea or an opinion gets in his head, then he gets very stubborn and reluctant to let that opinion/idea go. Once in a while, he has the stupidity of his owner. He is surprisingly the most artistic one of the team.

Animal Form: Bull


Age: 15

Gender: Male

Description: Snow-white hair that is kind of long (for a guy...kind of like TYL Gokudera's haircut). Eye color is dark green, and has fair skin. Taller than average, and he is also lean. Usually has Daemon Spade's Devil Lens on. Usually wearing an indigo colored jacket, a white t-shirt, and regular jeans.

Personality: Pretty mysterious, and the only people he opens up to are his Vongola Box Weapon Team (VBWT). To anyone else, he stays a mystery. (This is the same for Roll) He is to everyone's surprise, the best cook in the VBWT. Gets along with Roll well, despite their owners' dislike for each other. (Mukuro and Hibari)

Animal Form: Owl

Name: ROLL

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Description: Black hair with a silver streak that is shoulder-length and the tips are slightly pointy. Eye color is gray like her master, and is a little bit pale. Average height, and has a lean build. Wears a white zip-up fleece vest with the Disciplinary Committee Badge on the right side and a V-neck purple long sleeved shirt underneath the jacket. Also wears gray skinny jeans and flats. Often is seen spinning Alaude's handcuffs.

Personality: Split personality. Usually nice, but when something irritates her, she turns similar to Hibari. Hates being restricted or being told what to do unless that person is Hibari. Cares deeply for her team. The smartest one of the team.

Animal Form: Porcupine


Age: 15

Gender: Male

Description: Light brown hair that is similar to Ryohei in terms of style. Eye color are gold, and is tanned. Little taller than average, and is muscular due to long hours of training. Has Knuckle's Maximum Break gear on him at all times, and also wears a crisp white shirt with a yellow tie, and some black jeans.

Personality: He is EXTREME, and really respects his master. Obsessed with boxing, and always enjoys a good practice fight with Nuts. However, he is not dumb like Ryohei. Thinks a lot, actually, and always thinks before he acts. He is very fun, and enjoys hanging out with his team and dragging them to amusement parks and such.

Animal Form: Kangaroo

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