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"Ugh, school's finally over!" Uri stretched her arms and yawned loudly.

"You know what that means, right?" Mukurou stroked his beloved trident lovingly.

"We get to murder―ahem, I mean half-murder the history teacher, right?" Uri opened the packet that Mukurou gave them earlier, the pages packed with the history teacher's many weaknesses. "Calculus, Pickles, Vampires, wow…this guy's a total loser. What is he, like 50 right now? And Mafia too, right? And he's afraid of fucking Vampires. Pathetic."

"We do get to go get some corndogs or something afterwards, right?" Jiro bounced on his heels eagerly.

"Jiro, just don't talk." Uri said rudely, making Jiro pout childishly.

"C'mon, it's not that bad. He just digests food abnormally fast." Kojiro gave a bar of chocolate to Jiro to cheer him up.

"Kufufu. We should leave school grounds soon before the teachers find out were skipping club activities and start looking for us." Mukurou started to walk towards the main gates.

"Doesn't our History Teacher have a club that he needs to attend to, as a teacher representative? For like, Mist Attribute Club or Table Tennis Club or something?" Gyuudon scratched his head, confused.

"Not this week, according to Mukurou, Snow and some of the members of the Table Tennis Club, anyways. Also from what I researched, je doesn't have any extra work to finish up today either, so he should be heading home in a couple of minutes. So instead of leaving, we should be hiding so we can stalk him. That's your hint to make us invisible, Mukurou. I know you can hear me over there." Roll called out to Mukurou who was already out of the Main Gate.

"Fine…There. We're all invisible. Congratulations." Mukurou grubled after he tapped his trident on the ground.

~5 Minutes Later~

"There he is!" Gyuudon whisper-shouted as he pointed at the teacher seventy yards away to his friends.

"Shut up, you stupid cow! The teacher's looking around now, he's not a Mafioso for nothing, you know! Even if he failed miserably at it!" Uri hissed. Everyone held their breath as the Teacher passed, and didn't release it until the Teacher was a good hundred yards away.

"Let's Go!" Nuts and his Guardians all silently stalked their much hated teacher like a Ninja.

"Don't forget to hide your presence and don't make footprints!" Nuts warned his teammates.

Garyuu opened his mouth to speak, but Uri shot him a glare that clearly said Utter one word while we're on this mission and I will break your hands so you can never play Boxing ever again, so he closed his mouth and decided wisely that he shouldn't make a single noise.

Finally, the History Teacher turned to an alley, where it was slightly dark because of the tall, long-branched trees that were planted along the alleyway.

Perfect. Was the one word that popped up in the VBWT's minds. One by one, they slowly started releasing murderous aura. The History Teacher turned back, him and his ax's shadow making looking like an ax murderer. His eyes were darting all over the place, searching for the threat that was supposed to be near him.

Then he heard it. Out of thin air.

"Kufufufufu…" Mukurou…shit.

"Herbivore." Roll too, damn it.

"EXTREME!" Definitely Garyuu.

"Fucking bastard." Uhm…Uri?

"The games will start…" Who? But that voice…Jiro?

"You need to be punished…" For what? Kojiro, I know it's you!

"You're so stupid." You're the dumb one, Gyuudon. You got a 48 on the last test.

"All your fault. *sigh*" What's with the sigh? What did I do? Huh? Tell me, Nuts.

"VBWT…why are you here? Don't you have Club Activities?"


"I know it's you, Nuts, Uri, Jiro, Kojiro, Garyuu, Gyuudon, Mukurou, and Roll."

"Have you ever felt fear so strong that you wish you were dead?" Did you just ignore me, Mukurou?

The VBWT's bodies that were invisible before turned to their flame attribute colors, so that for an example, where Uri was, there was a red silhouette, and a yellow one for Garyuu.

The silhouettes raised their weapons.

The History Teacher gulped.

It was all too fast. First, the fastest one of the VBWT, Uri, charged and slammed the teacher to an old tree, knocking the breath out of him, then shot multiple arrows at his legs, which he barely dodged, so was now bleeding strongly. Then, Roll got out her handcuffs, then effectively used it to handcuff the teacher to the tree so he couldn't give any resistance, then got out her Jitte and struck it across the teacher's face, just not enough to knock him unconscious. The History Teacher spat out blood, and currently has cuts, burns, bruises, some lost teeth, and possibly a cracked skull.

Now it was the guys' turn to 'have fun'.

Gyuudon set his horns, and as soon as it was charged with the amount of Lightning Flames he wanted, je rammed his horns to the teacher's side, which now, thanks to Gyuudon's attack, is bleeding heavily. Kojiro and Jiro did a combination move, the two blue silhouettes moving as one…resulting to A LOT of cuts on the teacher's arms and legs, adding more blood to the pool that was starting to be made at the teacher's feet. Garyuu gave an uppercut to the History Teacher, making a not-so-small indent on the History teacher's chin. Unfortunately for the History Teacher, he was still conscious, and feeling the pain. Mukurou played some gruesome, bloody, disturbing images through the Teacher's mind, taking away the little sanity he had at this point and scarring him for life. He did this for about fifteen minutes, and then finally stopped the horrifying images. The teacher was STILL conscious.

"Teacher, do you know why you are being punished?" Nuts started. "You have insulted the Vongola. But if it was just that, we wouldn't have been so cruel. However, after some further research, we found out the you have, five years ago, kidnapped one of your students, raped her, abused her both physically and mentally, fed her only some insects, then you lit her on fire. She was only twelve when she got kidnapped, and got killed when she was only thirteen. Because. Of. YOU. You were never found out, and so you kept on being a teacher. I'm sure that the images that played in your mind are just some of the things that you did to ruin that poor girl's life. I will now hit you with this Gauntlet, and you will barely, just barely, survive. We will take you to Vendicare BW with the evidence of the crime that you committed. I will never forgive bastards like you." Nuts practically spat out that last part, and as the Primo's Gauntlet connected with the Teacher, everyone could definitely hear some cracking and breaking of bones.

"…Actually, I don't even want to be near him anymore. Let's just call Vendicare BW and leave it to them. We'll send them the evidence later." Nuts dialed Vendicare BW, the Mukurou finally took of the flame attribute coloring.

"Can I PLEASE kill him? He doesn't deserve to live." Uri snarled, her arrows pointing at the unconscious man's heart.

"No, Uri. I know you want to take revenge for our friend, but he needs to feel the pain that out friend felt while being kidnapped by him, and if he dies, he'll be relieved from the pain that we gave him, and you know it. That goes for all of you. He is to remain alive."

A complete silence passed, the VBWT all remembering with aching hearts of their friend who got killed and abused so mercilessly by this…piece of rotten filth.

Jiro was the one who broke the silence. Or to better say it, his stomach.

"JIRO"S STOMACH EXTREMELY RUMBLED!" Garyuu yelled, and Nuts smiled softly.

"I guess we're going to go get some food."

The VBWT, still very sad, but a little relieved that they were able to give some kind of revenge for their friend, walked away together to the direction of a Fast Food Restaurant with different thoughts.

Nuts: I hope this never, ever happens again.

Uri: I want to kill that bastard so bad!

Jiro: Stupid stomach, that was really embarrassing.

Kojiro: Rest in Peace…

Garyuu: I extremely only have five minutes until my Boxing Game starts…

Gyuudon: I hope the new teacher's a good one…

Roll: I wonder how the school will react to this…?

Mukurou: Why do I feel like I should protect Roll? She doesn't need it…but damn, I really wanted to kill that teacher!

They were all too swallowed in their thoughts, that they didn't notice the guy in the shadows that has been watching them…a shadow that looks so similar to Nuts.

I guess Nuts is doing fine as a boss…I'm relieved. The guy thought, then disappeared from the scene…

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