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Pairing: Gabby… a little humor with romance thrown in

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Fun tormenting?

It was way past midnight when L.J. Gibbs opened his front door.

The wrapping up of the case had taken a little longer than he had anticipated, and now he was tired and just wanted to get to bed.

After he locked the door, his shoes were put next to it and the lights switched off again.

The nightly routine was done fast, before he finally made his way to bed.

As soon as his back rested against the comfortable mattress he turned to his side, stretched out his arm and pulled the female body against his.

The sleeping woman sighed contently as she felt his arm pulling her close; awoken by his bold snuggling up, the raven-haired woman turned in the embrace, pressed her face against his chest, kissed the skin beneath her lips and spoke up.

"You know McGee called me earlier."

He stroke over her back noticing that she didn't wear any clothes on her upper body. He then let his hand move downwards to prove his suspicion that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

Tomorrow morning he would use the knowledge for some early morning teasing, just like she teased him now.

Finally bringing his mind to focus and ask. "Why."

"He told me, one day you are going to kill him."

He chuckled softly. "What makes him think that?"

"Coffee," was all she said and added sleepy, "You have way to much fun tormenting them with your coffee addiction."

"I don't have fun tormenting them; it's just fun to see their faces in agony, waiting for my wrath when they have yet again messed with my coffee."

"You are a real tease."

With that she stretched her body until she reached his lips, kissed them softly and snuggled back against his chest.

Moments later both were asleep.


This came to mind after watching an re-run of one of the early episodes with McGee :)

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