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The drive back to the motel was very quiet and passed quickly. Both of them were eager to be alone in a room, but only when they came through the door did they realize that they had completely forgotten about Sam. But when the younger hunter lifted his head to look at the door they both stopped dead in their tracks and for a moment didn't really know what to do.

"Hey Sam. You're still up?" Dean asked, smiling sheepishly at his brother. He closed the door but he and Cas stayed close to it as if they were thinking about running should Sam make any kind of offending comment.

"Well, I guess you guys worked things out then," Sam commented, trying to hide a smile and returning his attention to his laptop. "Oh, by the way, Bobby called. He says he has a lead on some demons that we should check out."

"We'll go in the morning," Dean decided and then turned to look at the angel and see if he wanted to join them on their hunt, but Cas had already quietly left the Winchesters.

"Freakin' angels," Dean muttered disappointed and went straight to bed then, figuring that pretending to be asleep would at least keep Sam from asking unwanted questions. But when he woke in the morning the first thing he saw was Sam's questioning face. He groaned and turned to the other side but he knew he wouldn't be able to escape his little brother any longer.

"Dean…," Sam started but Dean immediately interrupted him, knowing exactly what Sam was going to ask.

"No. No, no, no." He wished he could leave it at that. "I don't know, okay? I don't know what the hell is going on. I don't know what I want or what he wants so please just stop asking me about it." And without giving his brother a chance to say anything in response he got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

When returned to the room, Sam had already packed their stuff into the car so they could leave right away to follow the lead Bobby had given them. When they stopped for lunch, only a couple of miles away from where the demons were supposed to hide, Sam carefully broached the subject of Cas again.

"So, do you think Cas would want to join us? He seemed pretty interested in Crowley's demons," he started, looking at Dean who only made a noncommittal noise but didn't say anything.

"Just tell him what we're doing, alright? Then he can decide if he wants to come," Sam finally said, slowly but surely getting annoyed by his brother's attitude and indecision concerning a certain angel. Dean glared at him but did what he had suggested. They both looked around expectantly but it wasn't until they were back in the car, ready to start driving again, that there was a flutter of wings and Cas appeared in the backseat.

"Dammit, Cas," Dean muttered as he and Sam jumped at the angel's sudden appearance. Cas didn't say anything; he just sat quietly in the back, looking out the window as Dean drove. Dean didn't say anything either. He wasn't sure whether he even wanted Cas there with them or whether he'd feel better if he'd just stayed away. It was a question he couldn't answer so he just turned up the music to drown out all troubling thoughts.

Sam noticed the tension in the car but after his conversation with Dean in the morning he had no idea what to do about that and when Dean played the music at top volume it was a clear sign that he didn't want to talk, so Sam didn't even try. It wasn't that much longer until they'd reach the place where some demons were probably hiding and the thrill of the hunt would hopefully relax all of them a bit.

When they reached the coordinates Bobby had given them they found a nondescript old barn in the middle of seemingly endless wasteland. There were no signs of life anywhere but all of them were experienced enough to not let the appearance of the place fool them. They parked some distance away and then walked carefully and quietly towards the barn.

"This is the right place. I can feel them," Cas told the brothers when they had almost reached the building. The three of them split up and then simultaneously entered the barn from three different sides. What they found inside was not exactly what they had expected to find though.

There were some demons in there alright. Just not the ones they were looking for. Or maybe one had been there, the one who was lying dead on the ground in a puddle of his own blood.

"You're little late boys. Missed all the fun," the only female demon told them with a smug grin. She was standing next to the body, wiping a bloody knife on the jacket of one of the demons around her.

"Meg," Dean spat as he recognized her. "Well, it isn't our fault that you're so impatient."

"What did he tell you?" Sam asked, hoping to get the information they were after from her.

"Nothing. He knew nothing," she said with obvious disappointment in her voice.

"Is that true?" Cas growled at her and suddenly he was there with her, holding her close in a tight embrace. Dean stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the scene before him and his brain refused to process what was happening. This had been so fast and unexpected that he had absolutely no idea what to make of it.

"Yes, it is true," Meg answered Cas defiantly and at the same time tried to squirm against him in a very suggestive move. But Cas just tightened his grip and fisted his right hand in her hair to keep her head from moving.

Meg looked into his eyes and suddenly her expression changed from sassy and playful to scared. Whatever she saw in the angel's eyes made her try to run and she threw her head back and black smoke started to billow out of her mouth. It didn't last long though, because Cas held his other hand over the smoke and forced it back into the body it had been occupying.

"What did he tell you?" Cas asked her again and Meg was now actually shaking in fear, having apparently only now realized what kind of creature she was dealing with.

"Nothing. He told us nothing," she told them again, her tone pleading and filled with fear and Dean could tell that she was so scared that she really was telling them the truth.

"Well, I suppose than we don't need you anymore," Cas coldly declared and he pressed his hand flat against her forehead, smiting the demon. When her lifeless body fell to the floor he looked up and his gaze found the other demons still in the barn with them.

"Shut your eyes!" he yelled at the Winchesters and then there was a blinding bright light. When Sam and Dean opened their eyes again all the demons that hadn't fled in time were dead as well.

"Damn," was all Dean could think of saying and he looked at the angel standing over Meg's body looking completely unperturbed.

"She wasn't of any use anymore," Cas justified his actions after a moment of silence between the three of them, thinking Dean's comment meant that he hadn't wanted Meg to die yet.

"No, I know. I would have killed her myself if you hadn't done it. I'm just…Never mind," he said stepping close to the angel, clapping a hand on his shoulder and smiling brightly. He was feeling giddy with relief and happiness now that Meg was dead. During the last few days he had experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions with Cas sending him all those confusing signals.

Even on this very hunt he'd gone from confused, from the sudden disappearance the night before, to annoyed, when Cas didn't say anything on the ride to the barn. Then he had been shocked when Cas had grabbed Meg and relieved beyond belief when he had smote the demon, proving to Dean without a doubt that he had no feelings for Meg at all.

"Why are you so happy?" Cas asked when Dean wouldn't stop grinning.

"You killed her! I thought you might kiss her again, but you killed her," Dean explained, still smiling.

"Of course. She was a demon. Why would I want to kiss her when I can kiss you?"

Dean didn't know what to reply but it didn't matter because Cas just pulled him closer and kissed him, for the moment oblivious of the death and destruction around them or of Sam watching them. Dean didn't seem to mind either and eagerly kissed his angel back until Sam audibly cleared his throat to remind them of his presence.

"Just stop the vanishing act from now on, okay? It's not fair when you just disappear from an uncomfortable situation and leave me to deal with it." Dean told him quietly as he pulled away and Cas nodded.

"I will try. I didn't realize it bothered you," he agreed.

"Well, it did. It felt like you were rejecting me," Dean admitted in barely more than a whisper. He thought about how much it had hurt every time Cas had just left without an explanation right after making out with him. He wasn't going to say that out loud though. He had already admitted more than he really felt comfortable with.

"I'm sorry," Cas said and looked Dean deep into the eyes, their staring getting so intense that Sam huffed and went outside to wait by the car, making sure to slam the door hard behind him to remind the pair that he was still there.

Eventually Dean and Cas managed to tear their gazes away from each other and they followed Sam outside. Dean tossed the keys to his little brother who caught them in surprise and stared wide-eyed when Dean got into the backseat with Cas. With one look the older Winchester made his brother understand that he would die a very slow and painful death should he ever mention this. Sam just gave a short amazed nod and then drove the three of them back to the motel.

"I'll ask for a separate room. Give you two a chance to… talk," he said and headed towards the office. Dean and Cas went into the room they had already rented, talking not being the first thing on their minds. Eventually they would have to go on another demon hunt again, but for this night none of that mattered, only the two of them did.