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Chapter 56: Happy Birthday

31 July 1984

"Wake up, wake up." Harry pushed on Lily's shoulder.

Lily moaned as she opened her eyes. "Morning, Harry."

"It's today!"

Lily's lips curved up slightly. "Today? Is something special happening today?"

Harry nodded. "Yes."

"It's too hot to be Christmas." She sat up.

"No." Harry giggled.

"It's not Easter."

Harry's eyes gleamed, "No, better."

"I know what's better...Harry's Birthday!"


"And old are you today?"

"Four." He held up his right hand.

Lily gently pushed his thumb in. "Four years old. You are getting old. How did you get so old so fast?"

Harry shrugged, "I dunno. I just keep getting older."

Severus chuckled, "Me too." He sat up and put his hand on his lower back with a light groan, "My back keeps reminding me."

"Mine too," Lily turned to Harry, "So what does the birthday boy want for breakfast?"

"Eggs! And bacon."

"Eggs and bacon it is." Lily gave Severus a pat on the arm as she walked by, "You want to start some laundry and change Ruby? Or feed and burp Camellia and fix breakfast?"

"They all sound so exciting I can't decide."

"Then you can do both and I will do the cleaning downstairs for the party." A cry pierced their ears, "Both babies need changed and I will feed and burp them after we eat."

"Perfect. Then I can change them all over again." Severus groaned as he stood up from the bed. He took his wand from the nightstand and gave it a flick over their bed, which instantly pulled the covers up and made the bed. "I'll dress and then change them."

"I'm hungry, Mum." Harry stated with a frustrated huff of impatience.

"I know you are. Why don't you go get dressed and then you can help me fix some bacon?" She tapped his lower back and he giggled as hurried out of their bedroom. "So..."

Severus turned to her from the closet as he put on a shirt, "So?"

"You ready for today?"

"I will be in garage with the twins."

"Thanks for the help." Lily huffed and headed out of the bedroom as Severus lifted Ruby out of her cradle. "And don't forget to start some laundry."

2PM Same Day

"I'll get it! I'll get it!" Harry yelled out as he bolted for the front door. "Remus!"

"Hey there, Harry! I hear it's your birthday today."

"Yea! What'd you bring me?"

"Harry!" Lily snapped from the kitchen doorway, "That's very impolite."

"I'm sorry. Can I please have my present?"

Remus laughed and Lily rolled her eyes. "In a bit."

"I'm sorry, Remus. He's a bit wound up today."

"He should be. Only turn 4 once."

"Come on in. We're just starting the party. Most of the children are in the backyard playing."

Remus stepped inside and Harry ran across the living room and into the kitchen to the back door. "Well, I'm not staying, just wanted to drop off Harry's gifts. One from me and one from Sirius."

"Better not be another ball. His Christmas gift permanently resides outside." Lily stated as she retrieved the gifts from Remus. "I'll go put these with the other presents and check on the children. Be right back."

Remus turned to Severus, who held Ruby in his arms while he fed her a bottle, "So, you got stuck with the baby-sitting duty."

"I don't think you baby-sit your own children. Lily's the one babysitting today."

Remus let out a small titter, "Yeah. Sounds like you have a lot of company. All, um, muggle children?"

"Yes, actually."

"You not let him play with wizard children?"

"No. He's in the muggle world. He's safer here and he doesn't know he's famous. Here he's a normal child, even if he is different than them."

"You can't hide him here forever, though."

"He'll know one day, when the time is right. Lily and I agreed that raising him here in the muggle world is what is best for Harry. He will go to school and have friends and none of those friends are only trying to be his friend because he's the boy who survived the curse. Muggles know nothing of our world and they don't know about You-Know-Who and only the neighbours and his preschool know who he is. That's the important thing."

Before Remus could speak, Lily entered the living room, "Oh, Remus, can you help me for a moment with the cake and ice cream since Severus is busy?"

Remus cleared his throat, "Sure. No problem."

"Thanks, I appreciate it." She grabbed the cake off the counter and set it on the table, "I'm going to put on the candle and light them up. Can you watch the children a moment? Just see that they aren't killing each other or something until I get the cake ready? They are getting impatient for cake."

Remus nodded and looked out the back door, "So, you plan to send Harry to muggle school?"

Lily turned to Remus with four unlit blue candles in her hand, "What?"

"Severus says you are sending Harry to muggle school. He's been going to a muggle preschool?"

Lily put a candle in the chocolate frosting of the cake and cleared her throat, "Yes. I think it's for the best. We think it's for the best for Harry. He-He'll blend in with his neighbours. He'll-he's like your typical child that way. Besides, no one here knows Harry as anyone except the three-year-old in the neighbourhood. Well, now he's four, but he was three. Just your average child."

"But he's a wizard."

"I grew up in a muggle home and went to a muggle school. I was a witch. It won't matter much. He'll still go to Hogwarts when he's 11 like we all did." She lit the candles with a flick of her wand. "There, can you open the door for me. Severus! We're ready!"

Severus entered the room with both twins half a minute later and followed Lily outside.

"Happy Birthday, Harry." Lily set the cake on the table in front of Harry as he nearly bounced out of his chair. "Make a wish and blow out your candles, sweetheart."

Harry leaned over the cake and closed his eyes for a moment and then blew out the three of the candles.

"One more blow." Remus spoke

With a heavy breath, the last candle blew out and nearly blew over onto the top of the cake.

"What'd you wish for?" A little sandy-haired boy a little taller than taller asked.

"He can't tell you his wish. Then it won't come true, duh!" A small, dark brown, curly haired, toffee-skinned girl Harry's age blurted out.

"Okay, we'll give Harry the first piece and then everyone else can have a piece too. And we have some ice cream too."

"I want a big piece!" A strawberry-blonde boy called out at the other end of the table.

"Me too!" Several other children started to shout out.

"Everyone will get a piece of cake and ice cream if they want it. And after we eat, we'll let Harry open his presents." Lily cut the cake uneasily, since she had not cut it the muggle way for several years.

"Well, I best be going now. Goodbye, Harry. Lily. Severus."

"You sure you don't want to stick around for presents? Don't want a slice of cake or anything?"

"No, no. I'm fine. I need to get back to my dad. He's back in the hospital again."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. You sure you don't want or need anything?"

"No, but thanks. I'll see you all around." Remus went into the house and disappeared around the corner.

Lily turned back to the group of seven children, "So, who wants ice cream?"

"Me!" Seven hands shot up in the air.

"Okay. We have chocolate, strawberry and vanilla."

As the children placed their orders, Lily turned to Severus, who was trying to calm a fussy Camellia, "I'm glad we are going out for dinner tonight because I'm too tired to cook anything."

"Me too. He wants to get fish and chips?" Severus patted the infant's back softly.

"As far as I know. Unless he changed his mind, but I doubt it." She sighed, "I just hate leaving the girls, even for a little while."

"They'll be fine. Charles and Gertrude do a great job with Harry; they raised four of their own. They'll be fine. It's only for an hour."

"I know. It's just the first time I've left them with someone else."

"I'd worry more about the overload of sugar you are giving to a group of preschoolers. Glutton for punishment clearly."


"And here's the number of the restaurant and um, bottles are on the counter and the binkies are on the top drawer of their dresser."

Gertrude gently bounced Ruby, "I know dear, you already told me. I promise you they will be just fine. It's hard to leave your babies alone with someone else the first time. I know as I've done it few times." She looked at Ruby's face, "Besides, I miss holding babies in my arms. Been some time and only grandchildren are growing up fast. Been a few years since I held an infant. We'll make sure they all get lots of attention and are well fed and changed and sleepy by the time you get home, won't we, Ruby? Yes, we will. So your mum and dad can rest when they get back and not need to worry about that stuff."

"I appreciate this very much, really."

"It's no trouble at all. You know I love children. Taught school in my younger years. I would have had a dozen if Charlie would have let me."

"And who would pay for all those dozen children. Four ate through my wallet as it was." Charlie scoffed as he pushed Camellia gently in her swing.

"Go have fun and make it a fun birthday for Harry."

"Come on, Lily. It's nearly 5:30. Let's go, Harry." Severus stated as he nearly pushed Lily out the door.

"I want lots of chips to eat."

"Me too," Lily smiled, "I'm starving. Let's see how many chips you can eat?"

"A hundred infinity ton of chips."

"You plan to eat some fish with your chips as well?" Severus asked as they entered the restaurant.

Harry giggled, "Yes."

"That'd be a good idea. Chips alone aren't dinner, let's go find a table while your mum orders our food."

"I'd eat just chips for dinner, but you won't let me."

"That would poor parenting on our part to allow you to only eat chips and crisps for meals."

"But it's my birthday."

"And you had cake, ice cream, sweets, crisps and other junk today. I think you have had junk overload for the day. Not to mention that fish and chips are not exactly the healthiest food to eat."

"What's overload mean?"

"Too much stuff. Like that toy box of yours after today."

Lily set a plate in front of Harry, "Lots of chips and some fish on the side for the birthday boy."

Harry dug into the chips and started to stuff them into his mouth.

"Easy there. You're gonna give yourself a belly ache eating that fast." Lily shook her head with a slight huff and Harry continued to gorge himself on the chips.

"No need to teach him that lesson. His stomach will do it for him. Besides, all this sugar and junk now will make him crash later and he'll be worn out tonight."

After Harry had eaten most of his fish and chips, he pushed his chair back, "Okay, I'm ready to go to the park now."

"Woah, there. We're not finished eating yet. We still have plenty of daylight left." Severus stated and motioned for Harry to sit down.

Harry let out a dramatic huff and watched them until they finished their dinner. "Okay, now let's go. C'mon." He tugged at Lily's arm.

"Okay, okay. We have to clean up and then we'll go."

Harry waited by the door with his arms crossed and tapped his foot impatiently while Severus and Lily cleared the table and threw away the trash.

"I told you were a glutton for punishment today." Severus whispered.

"The park should help him calm down. He's still on a party high."


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