The club was packed tonight.

Just like it was every night. There were couples on the dance floor, swaying to the music, grinding against each other. The smell of sweat, alcohol and sex filled the building. Setting their teeth on edge.

It had been a month since they had first come to earth. A month that they had spent learning the lay of the land. The language. The customs, traditions, and laws of the people in Chicago. After the first several weeks of learning they had decided that it was time to go out and try to see if they would fit in.

However leaving their 'lair' in their unmodified forms had been a mistake of epic proportions.

Apparently humans didn't do well when they saw nearly seven foot, walking, talking mice wearing clothes. Out moseying their way down the street in broad day light.

They had been chased, shot at and gotten into an all out knock down drag out fight with some cops and military personel. Which wasn't good. Not good at all. But they had managed to get away relatively unscathed.

After putting some humans in traction of course.

They had needed to get back to their lair and regroup and come up with a new plan to blend in anyways. Which was how they had ended up with the idea to modify their bodies and physical appearances to help them blend into their surroundings.

They had had to sacrifice some bulk and muscle mass. Their fur had had to go, along with their large round ears and a majority of their sharp teeth. Their claws were shorter, and less noticable. But for some off reason despite their new look- They had somehow managed to keep their scarlet eyes and their tails.

Their eyes weren't such a worrying issue, but the tails alone drew more attention than they cared for. Which was why they wrapped the damndable things around thier waist when ever they went out.

But then they had another problem that drew attention to them. Their new appearances.

All three of them were above average in height, standing in betweet six foot seven and six foot nine. Each of them weighed between two hundred and sixty to two hundred and eighty pounds.

Each of them were muscular, though not freakishly so.

Modo-the elder of the three man group sat in the far corner of the booth, his silvery hair was neatly cut and styled in a military cut that was left long at the nape and pulled back into a ponytail that hung past his broad shoulders. The very tip of the ponytail stopping just shy of the middle of his back. His shy guy boy next door look was earning a lot of looks from some of the younger and more curious females in the club.

The youngest of the three-Vinny- sat across from Modo with nine empty shot glasses sitting on the table in front of him. His long slender fingers drumming on the table to the beat of the music. His shoulder legnth ash blond hair was partially tied back away from his face, leaving only his bangs framing his super model pretty face. His scarlet eyes scanning the crowd.

So far he was looking less than impressed with tonights talent.

And then there was him. Throttle-the second youngest in the group. He had the appearance of a ruggedly handsome, darkly compelling young man in his mid to late twenties. His hair was a nice chest length chocolate brown that he kept in a loose ponytail at the nape of his neck. His long dark bangs had been trimmed several days ago and curled slightly around the curve of his jaw and cheeks.

Irritating the hell out of him because Vinny had taken to calling him girly-boy. Modo however had assurred Throttle that the way his bangs curled around his face made him look...well, more appealing to the human females. Or at least it should.

And with his dark hair, scarlet eyes, and soft tan complection- Throttle was one hell of a looker.

So then why were they having such trouble finding human companions? Well, it was because they were something specific. Some characteristic that would enthrall their senses... Throttle scanned the occupants of the club and sighed. "We'll wait another hour. If we don't find anything then we'll leave and call it a night."


The car door couldn't unlock fast enough to allow an effective escape.

Which was almost as irritating to her as the fact that she had lost the bet that she had made with Charlene Davidson and her cousin Mara Ann Neilson. Although the most irritating thing by far was the fact that she was wearing such an outragous dress with her mid back length silvery blond hair twisted up in an intricate knot. Her fingers curled in the knee length chiffon skirt as she tried to tamp down the impulse to reach up and take the knot down so that she could put her hair back in pig tails.

"How are you holding up back there Saya?" Charlene asked in her usual laid back drawl. Saya was silent for a moment or two as she tried to think of a remark scathing enough to sum up how she was feeling at the moment.

But strangely enough none that crossed her mind were good enough. So instead she said, "I swear to god Charlie if you don't turn this car around right this minute and take me home... I will throw a hissy fit the likes of which will scar you forever-" Charlie opened her mouth to say something. But Saya cut her off with a snarl. "There will be blood! Oh yes, there will be blood."

Mara laughed softly and turned around in her seat, her wide green eyes peeking at Saya out from under curly wheat blond hair. "Calm down Saya. You're almost half way done with your penalty. After that we'll take you home and you can start letting yourself slip again."

Charlie snorted. "Not unless she doesn't find herself a boyfriend."

"I don't care about getting a boyfriend, damn you. Take me home!"

"No." Both Charlie and Mara said in unison. To be honest the two were worried about their friend. Saya was a beautiful young woman with a nice job, she lived alone in a cozy historical house just five miles from the club they were heading too. She had no parents, no siblings, no pets.

No lovers.

And no boyfriend.

Which was worrying in itself since she was twenty three going on twenty four and seemed to have no interest in finding herself a nice guy and settling down. But that was about to change. Charlie and Mara would see to it personally that their friend was dragged kicking and screaming into the club so that she could live a little and maybe meet someone. And the two women wouldn't be satisfied that they had done their job well until Saya was either living with a guy or married and with a kid on the way.