Sorry this story is taking so long to update. But it's complicated trying to write this one after having all of my notes on my former comp were erased.

Anyways, here's you're long awaited chapter seven.


Saya knew that it was seven kinds of stupid to go up to Throttle's apartment for anything, especially when she just wasn't interested in him. After all going with him into his home might in some way encourage him to continue hitting on her when there was no chance that she'd ever give him the time of day. Which was why she needed to lay some ground rules with him first.

Throttle started to get out of the car when she grabbed his shirt sleeve, pulling his slight movements to a stop and earning a curious look from him as she floundered for a moment before saying, "B-Before we go in- I want to lay down so ground rules." Throttle's expression never changed. After the way that she had been acting, it didn't surprise him in the least that she wished to lay down some rules for him to follow.

It was her right after all. And since it might make her feel more safe with him then who was he to say no?

"Alright. But they have to be within reason." He said as he slowly sat back down in the driver's seat and closed the door to the car so that it wouldn't be taken off by any speed demon's in the area.

"Okay. First of all, I have no interest in any sort of romantic relationship-" Throttle's expression did change just a bit upon hearing those words from her. He frowned, not really understanding what she meant as she sort of ambled along, occasionally muttering under her breath. But what he seemed to catch was that she didn't mind getting to know him if he just wanted to be friends. But romance was out.


He was beginning to believe that Saya was in some small way- deranged.

Not that it really deterred him from his chosen path any. If Saya was his life mate then deranged or not- she was his. His to touch. To kiss. To hold. And whatever came after would be like an adventure for them both to share. A nice cozy, tender, adventure.

"You mean that you aren't interested in romance right now." He said, deciding that it would be for the best to correct her. She gave him a strange look, her expression going totally blank and unreadable as she shook her head no and shot him down in flames.

"Never. I never want a romantic relationship with another person." He blinked as he settled his hands on the wheel and tried to wrap his head around the concept of being so totally isolated from the opposite sex.

Frankly it wasn't something that he could do. His species thrived on sex. They needed it just as much as humans needed food, sleep and air. Without it they withered, their minds deteriorated, their health declined and they died a very slow and agonizing death.

One night stands kept them going for a little while, but if they didn't find their life mates- they were doomed.

It was on the tip of his tongue to ask Saya why. Why the hell would she impose such a rule on him, when she stated her second rule. Which would be a great deal more difficult to pull off that the first in many ways since he just couldn't seem to help himself.

No more physical contact.

Good god was she trying to kill him?

He glanced over at her to see if she was serious and nearly swore at the stubborn look on her face. Oh dammit all! He thought as he narrowed his eyes at her as she laid down the third rule, She neither ate nor drank nothing that she didn't prepare, herself.

Thus assuring that he couldn't drug her. And believe him, the drugging thing was starting to look really damned good right about now. But in the end he (regretfully and under a great deal of duress) agreed to her terms and quickly got out of the car and then walked around so that he could open the door for her and waited until she climbed out before slamming the door closed in frustration.

Frustration that such a simple task had suddenly become so horribly complicated.

It wasn't her fault. Not totally anyways, He tried to reason, even though part of him would argue that- yeah, it was. Saya had laid down just enough rules for him to follow to assure that she would walk out of his apartment in an hour or two, totally unscathed by their meeting. And leaving him to twist in the wind while wondering why his own mate wouldn't have him.

Sighing he clamped down on the feelings of anger, and frustration and led his human inside the building, into the elevator and up to his apartment- trying his damndest to keep his word to her as he took a moment to unlock his door and glanced over at her as she stood staring up at one of the many watercolor paintings hanging on the walls. The painting she was looking at was a floral painting filled with vivid pinks, yellows, and cream.

It was a lovely piece. Truly it was.

And it was one that Throttle often found himself admiring for a little bit when he was on his way out. Which was often why he was sometimes late to meet with his brothers and work and such.

He opened his apartment door a tad and then turned to face Saya and cleared his throat to get her attention, the slight sound causing her to jump a bit and look at him wide eyed. "So...uh- you like art?" He asked, feeling sort of stupid for bothering to ask her such a question when it was more than evident that she liked the painting. Since she was having trouble tearing her eyes away from it.

"Y-Yes. It's really very well done." Saya said as she reached out and trailed her fingertips lovingly along the glass over one of the flower petals as Throttle bit back a smile. That had to be one of the coolest things he'd ever heard a human say about Modo's painting skills and he'd be sure to relay the message. But later, right now the night was wasting away and he wanted to get to know his mate better and perhaps figure out why she wanted no romantic entanglements while he was at it.

"Door's open- You wanna come in?" He asked, again feeling like a heel as she stepped back from the painting and let her hand drop back to her side.

"Oh. Right. Okay." She said as he stepped back away from the door and let her step through first, missing the strange way Throttle's scarlet eyes followed her movements before he blew out a breath and stepped in behind her and gently closed the door.