Alright this is my first Uraboku fanfiction. This idea just popped into my head one day during summer school and my friend read the draft and encouraged me to write it. So here goes!

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'Yuki!" yelled a young girl with silver hair and blue eyes as she ran towards her twin brother. Turning around, Yuki's amber green eyes widened and he smiled as the girl ran towards him. Just as the girl was two in front of him, her foot hit a rock and she fell face first onto the dirt.

"Mizuki!" yelled Yuki as he ran to this twin sister who just sat up and grinned with dirt smeared all over her face.

"Hehe," smiled Mizukii and Yuki smiled as he helped her stand up and dusted off her clothes.

"You need to be more careful Mizu," and Mizuki smiled at her brother when the two heard voices calling their names in the distance. Looking over at the orphanage, the twins saw their caretaker waving at them while a middle-age couple stood next to her.

"Yuki-kun! Mizuki-chan! These people are here to meet you!" and Yuki and Mikzuki looked at the couple smiling at them.

"Are they going to separate us?" whispered Mizuki when Yuki reached over and grabbed her hand causing Mizuki looked up at her brother who smiled.

"It'll be alright, we won't be separated, I promise," and Mizuki slowly nodded and the two walked towards the couple. Once the four were situated in the dining room of the orphanage, the couple smiled at them.

"My name is Kazehaya Hiro, this is my wife Fuyumi," introduced the man and the woman smiled at Yuki but avoided Mizuki.

"You look a lot like Kira," she smiled before the smiled on her face disappeared and was replaced by sobs. "Kira," cried Fuyumi and Hiro placed an arm around her shoulders before he looked at the twins.

"The truth is, our son, Kira, died five months ago, eversince, my wife's been like this, so we wanted to adopt a boy but it turns out that you are a fraternal twin," and Hiro looked over at Mizuki who understood the situation.

"So you're here to take my brother?" she whispered and Yuki's eyes widened.

"I'm sorry," answered Hiro and Mizuki silently stood up and walked out of the room.

"Mizuki-," started Yuki when he felt a pair of hands grab his arm and he turned to see Fuyumi desperately holding onto him.

"Please come, you'll live in Kira's room, it'll be perfect!" she cried but Yuki pulled away and ran out of the room.

"Mizu!" yelled Yuki as he ran around the building to see Mizuki standing infront of the oak tree. Hearing footsteps, Mizuki turned to see Yuki and forced a smile on her face.


"Mizuki, are you okay?" asked Yuki and Mizuki nodded before she looked back at the orphanage.

"I'm fine,don't worry about me,"

"I'm not going to go with them," and Mizuki snapped up at his comment.

"What are you talking about? You have to go!" but Yuki shook his head before he looked at her.

"I'm not going to leave you," and Mizuki's eyes widened before she looked down.

"Yuki, please," she begged but Yuki just looked away.

"You're my sister, I'm not going to leave you, I'm not going to do what our parents did to us," and Mizuki's eyes widened before she looked at Yuki who stared back at her with a determined look.

"Yuki, don't tell me you still-," but Yuki looked away.

"I'm not going to be like them, I'm not going to leave anyone behind," and after a few moments Mizuki looked up.

"Alright then, it's a promise," she smiled as she held up her pinkie. Yuki stared at her hand before he looked up.

"What happens if one breaks the promise?" and Mizuki looked up in thought for a second.

"How about we owe one person 100 favors the next time they meet?" and Yuki smiled before he crossed his pinkie with hers.

"Then, it's a promise," and two smiled at each other.

3 weeks later…

"That's the 6th couple who wanted to adopt Yuki," whispered the caretakers as the twins walked out of the room holding hands. As they headed outside, more whipers filled the room.

"I heard that she cast a curse of some of the students at school,"

"She's a witch, I heard her whisper an incantation once,"

Mizuki flinched at the comments and her eyes looked down. Yuki looked over to see Mizuki's eyes downcast as they passed the whisperings of the caretakers and the other children. Yuki stared at her before he tightened his grasp on her hand causing her to look up at him and Yuki smiled back at her.

"It's okay, ignore them," and Mizuki paused before a small smile appeared on her face.

"Thank you, Yuki," when a rock hit Mizuki's arm and the two stopped walking and they turned their heads to see three boys glaring at them with rocks in their hands.

"What do you want?" asked Yuki when the boy in the middle smirked and he threw his rock at Mizuki, hitting her leg.

"Go away!" the boy yelled as he threw another one.

"What are you doing? Stop it!" yelled Yuki but the three ignored him as they started to throw more rocks at Mizuki who glared at them.

"What are you doing!"

"We're getting rid of the witch!" yelled the boy and Yuki grabbed his shirt.

"What did you call my sister?" he demanded and the boy smirked.

"A witch and Yuki's grip tightened.

"What?" he asked.

"Think about it, her silver hair, pale complextion, and her eye, and no one wants her! Also, I heard she cast a curse on one of the kids at school!" and both Mizuki and Yuki's eyes widened before he punched him.

"My sister's not a witch!" yelled Yuki when one of the other boys ran over and punched his stomach knocking him down.

"Shut up! She also got you under her spell!"

"Yuki!" yelled Mizuki when the air around the five became frigid.

"What the heck!" yelled the boys when they saw Mizuki glaring at them, the wind blowing her silver hair everywhere and her blue eyes were glowing.

"Leave us alone!" she yelled and a sudden gust of wind hit the boys, knocking them off their feet.

"You witch!" the three yelled and one of them picked up a rock.

"Begone you witch!" he yelled and he threw the rock which hit Mizuki's head and she fell. When she felt something warm trickle down her face, Mizuki, placed her hand her hand on her forehead and when she pulled her hand back, her eyes widened when she saw blood all over it.

"That's what you get witch!" yelled the boys and Mizuki turned her head to see all the other orphan kids watching her with horror struck eyes.

'Why are they just staring? Why aren't they helping us?' when she felt a rock hit her arm and she looked up to see a girl with pigtails, Ran, from what she remembered staring down at her with a horrified expression.

"Go away witch!" she yelled as threw another rock and Mizuki raised her hands to block the rocks when the others joined in and soon every orphan started to throw rocks at her. As she was pelted with rocks, Mizuki stared at the ground as tears threatened to fall.

'Why?' she thought when the shower of rocks suddenly stopped and Mizuki looked up to see Yuki standing infront of her with his arms wide open.

"Stop it!" he yelled and the others hesitated when Ran threw her rock hitting Yuki's arm.

"Yuki-kun, she has you under her spell! Snap out of it!" she yelled and soon the others joined in and soon everyone was throwing rocks at the two while chanting

"Witch! Go away witch!" over and over again.

"Yuki!" yelled Mizuki as she watched her twin brother being hit with multiple rocks when she felt the emotions of the other kids. Fear, hatred, and jealousy, filled her head and Mizuki looked up at the other kids who were angrily throwing rocks at her and Yuki when they heard the shouts of the caretakers and the other orphans scrambled away. Once they were gone, Yuki's knees buckled and he fell down.

"Yuki!" yelled Mizuki as she ran over to him and Yuki looked up to see Mizuki's worried expression.

"I'm fine," and he wiped away the tears on Mizuki's face.

"Idiot! They were targeting me! Why did you interfere!" and Yuki looked at Mizuki and pulled her into a hug.

"Because you're my little sister," and Mizuki's eyes widened as she put her arms around Yuki.

"They hate me here," she whispered and Yuki's grip on her tightened.

"Its going to be okay Mizu, I promise," and Mizuki nodded as tears fell down her face.

"Mizuki-chan! Yuki-kun! Are you two alright?" asked one of the caretakers, Yashino Kyoko as she ran up to find the twins holding onto each other crying. Noticing the blood on Mizuki's face and the numerous bruises on Yuki's arms and legs, Kyoko helped the twins and steered them to the infirmary while trying to comfort them to the best of her ability.

Unknown to the three, a figure watched the entire confrontation from the window of his offce. As he saw how the other orphans treated the silver haired girl, the head of the orphanage, Ichinose Hiroki frowned when he heard knocking on his door and he turned his head to see Kyoko walk in.

"How are they?" he asked and Kyoko looked down.

"Mizuki-chan had to get stitches on her forehead and Yuki-kun has numerous bruises on his arms and legs," and Hiroki nodded before he looked out the window.

"Sakurai Mizuki, it seems she's causing trouble here," and Kyoko slowly nodded.

"The other children refuse to associate with her and every couple who wants Yuki-kun refuse to even look at Mizuki-chan, as a result, Yuki-kun refuses to be adopted," and Hiroki took in the information before he looked at Kyoko.

"Send me Sakurai Mizuki in a few days," and Kyoko looked at him.

"What are you planning?" and Hiroko just turned around.

"You'll see,"


Hearing a knock at his door, Hiroki turned his head as Mizuki walked into the room.

"You wanted to see me sir?" she asked and Hiroki

"Yes, come sit, Mizuki-chan," he smiled gesturing to the couch. Once she was sitting down, Hiroki looked down at her and the smile on his face disappeared and was replaced by a frown.

"It seems we have a small problem with you, Mizuki-chan," and Mizuki tensed up as he continued. "I heard that a couple days ago, some of the orphans started to mess with you and your brother," and Hiroki paused to see Mizuki nod.

"What happened?" he asked and Mizuki looked down at her hands.

"They were calling me witch¸ Yuki tried to stop them but everyone else joined in," and Hiroki nodded before he leaned forward and crossed his fingers.

"Also, it has come to my attention that in the past three months, six couples have offered to adopt your brother, but he refused, why is that?" and Mizuki looked down.

"Because of me,"

"So your precious brother declined 7 offers to be adopted and was even hurt because of you?" and Mizuki slowly nodded as tears fell down her face and Hiroki stared at her before sighing.

"What if we send you to another orphanage?" he asked and Mizuki snapped up.

"What?" and Hiroki continued.

"It seems that your brother is very popular with everyone but because he refuses to be separated from you, I'm worried that he will never be adopted,"

"So you want me to leave and be separated from my own brother?" yelled Mizuki as she stood up and glared at Hiroki who looked up and smiled.

"Think about it, if you leave, your brother will be adopted and will live a happy life," and Mizuki gaped at him.

"But he's my brother!"

"Think of what's best for you brother," and Mizuki's eyes widened before Hiroki placed an envelope on the coffee table.

"This is the information of the orphanage you will be send to along with your new school, you leave tomorrow night,". The way he spoke infuriated Misuki as she stood up and glared at him, her blue eyes slightly glowing as the temperature of the room suddenly dropped. Noticing this, Hiroki looked up at Mizuki who was glaring at him.

"This is absurd! You can't separate family members from each other!" yelled Mizuki and Hiroki only laughed.

"I'm not forcing you to separate from your brother, I'm encouraging you to do what's best for your brother and yourself," and Mizuki clenched her fists.

"You're lying," she whispered as she made her way to the door, but Hiroki's words stopped her.

"If you really want to help your brother, you'll do as I say," and Mizuki paused before she walked out of the room. Once she was gone, Hiroki leaned back and brushed some of his hair out of eyes revealing a black mark on his forehead. When he looked down, his eyes were yellow and he smiled revealing inhumanely sharp teeth.


As she walked towards her room, Mizuki noticed that none of the kids approached her and she felt the fear and anger they felt. When she reached her and Yuki's room, she saw five other kids sitting next to Yuki laughing with him, but when they saw her, all of them looked at her with horror before running away. Noticing her standing by the door, Yuki smiled as he walked over.

"Hi," and Mizuki smiled when she saw a bruise on his left cheek. Noticing her gaze, Yuki touched his cheek. "Its fine, I used the its alright incantation you taught me, it doesn't hurt anymore," but he flinched when Mizuki poked his cheek.

"Liar," and Yuki laughed.

"It didn't hurt a few minutes ago, I think the spell wore off, cast if for me Mizuki," and Mizuki smiled before she touched his cheek and closed her eyes.

"Katami, wakachita, yagadanse. Katami, wakachita, yagadanse," and Yuki smiled when Mizuki pulled her hand away.

"It doesn't hurt anymore!" he yelled and Mizuki smiled at him and Yuki grabbed her hand. "Come on, let's go!" he cheered as he led Mizuki outside. While they were walking, Mizuki looked at her brother with a sad smile as the words the head of the orphanage said echoed in her head.

'I need to leave, for Yuki's sake,'


During the middle of the night, Mizuki stood in the middle of her room with a bag in her arms and a small suitcase next to her. Looking over to the bed adjacent to hers, Mizuki smiled as she saw Yuki soundly sleeping. Placing a letter on his desk, Mizuki touched the fading bruise on Yuki's cheek.

"I'm sorry, Yuki. I don't think I can keep our promise for a while," and tears fell down her face as she looked at her brother.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered before she walked out of the room to see Hiroki standing in the hallway.

"You're doing a good thing," and Mizuki slowly nodded before she walked away.

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