Attention! Attention All Hosts!

Chapter 67: Another Fair Day That is not so Fair

I hosted some girls and their families with Jason and his mom nearby. Jason's mom was talking to Kyoya's dad. That made me very frustrated. I became so frustrated that I had to excuse myself from the ones I was hosting. I made my way to the back and made tea stiffly.

"I know what she's doing. She's telling that evil man about her evil plans because she is an evil woman. Wow. I hate her." I picked up the metal tea kettle we used to boil water and dropped it. "Ow! The water! It burns!" The door opened to show Haruhi.

"Are you ok Kyon?" she asked me.

"I'm fine. I just burnt my leg with the water. I'll be fine."

"That's a beautiful ring."

"Thank you. It's hard to hide it from the ladies. I can't let them know I'm engaged. It will really upset a bunch of them."

"It won't if they know you're engaged to a guy."

"Oh my gosh. You're right. I just need to tell them that I'm engaged to a dude. It's lucky that it's true. I'm a horrible liar."

"No you're not. You're really good at it. I can tell the difference though. So can Kyo."

"What's your point?"

"We know that you aren't marrying Jason willingly."

"Haruhi. I have a secret." She moved in close. I lowered my voice to a whisper. "Jason's mom is forcing me into this. She's forcing Jason too. She can force Jason a lot easier than she can force me. She's blackmailing me by blackmailing everyone I have ever met."

"How could she blackmail any of the guys?"

"Kyoya's family company is going under and she's willing to bring it back up. Tamaki has a lot of things with his family. He is an illegitimate child. That's all she needs on him."

"What does she have on Hikaru and Kaoru?"

"She's going to pass off their hosting activities as reality since she has pictures of them in their school uniforms and in other clothes. Don't ask how she got them or where she got them from. I would love to know that myself. I don't though. Jason doesn't even know and he's her son."

"I get the point."


"I'll clean up in here and make some more tea. Go enjoy your last day of hosting."

"Thanks Haruhi." I hugged her and left the room. I sat down at a table that had a regular of mine. She had been a regular since before Kyo joined me.

"Hi Kyon."


"Is that an engagement ring on your finger?"

"Yes. My fiancé is very understanding about all of this. He thinks it's cute how I host all of you girls."


"Yes. I met him when I lived in America. His name is Jason."

"Can I meet him?"

"Yes." I turned and smiled at Jason. "Hey Jason! Can you come here for a minute?" I called. He grinned and ran over. "This is my fiancé, Jason."

"Hi. I'm one of Kyon's regulars."

"Hi. My name is Jason. I'm Kyon's fiancé. It's nice to meet you. I'm glad my fiancé is always having so much fun making beautiful girls like you happy. Kyon does a good job of that, right madamuasel?"

"That's right. Kyon is an amazing host. He's my favorite."

"Mine too."

"Stop that Jason," I said playfully.

"My absolute favorite."

"No. Seriously. Stop."

"I'm only playing. You shouldn't get upset about me saying that you're my favorite. You are my fiancé after all."

"Uh-huh. How's your mom? Have you checked how she's doing since your arrival?"


"You should go do that. We don't want her to feel bored or neglected. That would be absolutely horrible."

"Right. I'll go check on my mom."

"Thanks my sweet."

"No problem dear." He went to talk to his mom. It interrupted her conversation with Kyoya's father. That was good in my book. I returned to my hosting. So many girls were excited to meet my fiancé.

It was the end of the day. The parade was soon. We had just finished changing. I was a knight in shining armor. Kyo was too. I wasn't that happy about it. It was very uncomfortable and I doubted my sitting ability.

"Can I please wear something else?" I asked my twin.

"I doubt that you will be allowed to."

"I'm gonna go ask Tamaki."

"Why not Kyoya?"

"I know where Tamaki is. I have no clue where Kyoya is."

"Alright. I know where he is."

"We're wasting time." I ran off to Tamaki. "Please let me wear something else."

"I guess you could where a princess costume like Haruhi."

"I'd love that. I'll go change." I ran off and changed into a princess dress with a tiara. There was even a scepter and gloves that reached my elbows. I put my engagement ring on over the gloves and joined my friends.

"The parade starts soon. Everyone should get ready. Kyon. Put on this wig if you are going to wear that." I snatched the wig from Kyoya. He was suddenly acting different from normal. I still put on the wig and then put the tiara on top of it. Tamaki had tears in his eyes.

"My daughter grew up so fast. She looks so beautiful and she's getting married soon!"

"Tamaki-sempai! Don't cry! There's no reason to cry! Come on! Relax. It's all ok." He looked at me after my encouragements.

"Kyon! Your friend wants to see you!" I looked at Kyoko.

"Kyoko! I didn't know you were here!"

"I've been here."

"Oh. No one told me! They should have!"

"Your friend wants to see you!"

"Right. I'll go see him then. It's gotta be Jason." I left the room and met up with Jason and his mother. They were waiting with a car that had my things in it along with their luggage. "What's going on?"

"We're leaving right now."

"We haven't done the parade yet. We can't leave yet. I mean, it's a part of my duty as a host."

"You are no longer a host. You are my son's fiancé. Get in the car."

"Fine." I got in the car and frowned. Jason joined me with a small frown on his face. "This is stupid and I hate my mother-in-law to be."

"The feeling is mutual." We glared at each other over Jason. He was between us.

Third person so you get everything!

The hosts smiled at their plan. They were ready to save Kyon from marriage when she got back. There was a problem. Kyoya was standing by the window. He glanced at it and saw a horrible sight. Kyon was in a car with Jason and his mom. His eyes grew wide and he stared at the girl he loved while she sat in the car.

"She's leaving. She's leaving now. We have to go stop them now! We can't wait!"

"Let's go save Kyon!" The hosts ran down to where there was a number of limos parked. They ran to one and Kyoya tried to talk to the driver. The driver ignored him until he hit the top of the limo.

"What is it?" the driver asked. Kyoya frowned.

"Take us to the airport immediately."

"Your father has told me that I am not allowed to drive you anywhere. You will not stop her." Kyoya growled and slammed his closed fists against the hood of the limo with a large amount of his strength.

"Dammit. What do we do?" he ground out.

"Leaving isn't our biggest problem right now," Haruhi said quietly. She pointed to the side and everyone looked at where she was pointing to see the Ootori family police force. Kyo grinned and stepped towards the police force.

"I may not be as good as Kyon, but I can definitely hold these guys off with what she's taught me. You guys can go."

"Kyo. You have a cast," Hikaru told him.

"You can't fight," Kaoru pointed out.

"Can you two follow directions?"



"You get to stay here and provide a distraction with me."

"I'll stay too," Haruhi said firmly.

"Thanks Haruhi. Help me keep my sister."

"I will anytime."

"Thanks. You two can go."

"Thank you." The two remaining hosts ran out of the parking garage to see the car finally pulling away.

"Kyoya. The car barely left."

"I know Tamaki."

"What do we do?"

"We need help." A limo drove up and stopped with the back window by the two teens. The window was rolled down.

"What are you doing out here Kyoya?" Akito asked his younger brother.

"I have to get to the airport and Father told the driver inside to make sure I can't."

"Get in. He told that driver, but not this one. You can explain what this is about on the way."

"Thank you Akito." The door opened and both boys climbed in. Kyoya pulled out his phone to make a call before explaining the entire situation to his older brother.

"This is the worst day of my life so far," Kyon voiced. Jason nodded in understanding and his mom glared at her.

"I can't believe you are going to talk like that about marrying my son."

"It's not marrying him that I'm upset about. I'm upset about the fact that I'm going to have to call you 'Mom' one day in the future."

"Shut up you annoying little twit."

"I will when you do. You have been talking this entire time. I'm so tired of it. You're driving me insane. I'm no longer myself. It's all your fault!"

"Shut up or I will reveal the things about your family for fun." Kyon growled and looked outside of the car at the passing scenery.

"Mom! Don't act like that! This was your idea! I'm going to be married to Kyon and I can't have you acting like this to her."

"That's too bad Jason." Jason frowned at his mother. They sat silently for the rest of the way to the airport. They entered the airport with their bags and walked inside. Kyon frowned at the woman she was with. She stayed like that until she saw a large multitude of people. She recognized the man standing at the front of the group.


"Hello Kyon. I'm surprised you called me that for the first time. I enjoy it. I know what that woman is up to. I'm here to stop it."

"You can't stop me Kuma."

"On the contrary, I can. You have dirt on me and everyone that my daughter has ever known. I have dirt on you and everyone you have ever known. I bet what I have is worse." He held up a thick envelope. It was full of paper. He held up another folder and a notebook. "This is just what I have on you. Think of what else I have that I can use to stop you. I go into serious detail. I went as far back as your birth. Most of this was recent."

"Shut up Kuma. I don't believe you."

"These two folders are full of things you have done for business deals."

"Why don't we let your daughter decide what to do? I won't release the information I have. Decide now." Kyon glared at the woman. She realized that the woman would still decide the future of Kyoya and his family with the fact that his family's company was so poor and almost broke.

"Thank you for the ride," Kyoya said when the limo stopped. He jumped out and ran into the airport. Tamaki stayed in the limo with Akito. Kyoya stopped when he saw the two opposing parties he wanted to see.

"Ah. Kyoya! It's good to see you! Thank you for the call. I have the files you asked for," Kuma told him. He held up a third folder. Kyon turned around and saw Kyoya. He made his way over to Kuma and took the files. He then faced Kyon again.

"I know that you never finished reading that compilation I put together. These are the most important files from there. I know that you have read our arranged marriage contract. You have also read the void papers and the reason behind it. You didn't read the reason your parents had to divorce, did you?"

"What? That was in there?"

"Yes." Kyoya pulled out a paper and handed it to Kyon. She read it carefully and her eyes widened in shock at reason behind her parents getting divorce. She took the folder and read through most of the other files.

"All of this happened because your father told on my parents?"


"That's so stupid."

"Read the rest of the files." Kyon nodded and read through them. They were budget papers and a file for bankruptcy.

"Your family's company is bankrupt."

"Not anymore."


"The paper before that one is a transfer of a large sum of money into the account of the company."

"What?" Kyon carefully read it. After the third try, she finally understood. "Wait a minute. Your family's company isn't bankrupt anymore. You don't need money from Jason's family. That means that there's nothing being held over me anymore." Kyon rounded on Jason's mom. "Take that! I'm not being forced to do anything by you anymore! Yes! I choose to stay here! In your face! Madaramay for the win!" Kyon took off the ring and gently handed it over to Jason. He smiled widely with her. Kyon's smile was wide and bright. "This is amazing! Thank you!" Kyon hugged Kyoya and then ran to hug her father tightly.

"I'm glad I didn't need my police force here. I'm even happier that you're staying." Kuma returned the hug his daughter gave him.

"Thank you Dad. Thank you Kyoya."

"You need to get back to the school. The parade will start soon."

"You're right Dad."

"I'll take your bags back to your house."

"Thanks." Kyon ran off to join Kyoya and go back to the school. Kyoya and Kyon went in the limo. Tamaki immediately attacked her with a hug.

"Look at my beautiful daughter! She's staying! She isn't getting married yet!"

"Thanks for the hugs Father."

"She's finally calling me Father!"

"Kyoya. Help. Get him off. Please."

"Tamaki. Let go of Kyon."

"But Mommy!" Kyoya frowned. Kyon giggled.

"I'll call Tamaki Father. I'm not going to call you mother though. I don't think I could. It's hard enough with Tamaki."

"You aren't calling him your sempai."

"Who cares? I'm so happy! I get to stay!"

"That is great." They fell silent for a while. Tamaki finally let go of Kyon, making them start talking again. They arrived at the school soon enough and Kyon was the first to make it to the club. Everyone was unharmed. It was surprising, considering what they had done while Kyon was being chased and brought back. She hugged everyone upon entering the room. She lingered on Haruhi and Kyo.

"I'm so sorry for being such a jerk. Can you forgive me Kyo?"

"Of course."

The parade went fine. They had a lot of fun. Kyon and Haruhi took turns dancing with the host club members for the first song that was playing. After the first song, Kyon stayed dancing with Kyoya.

"This is so nice Kyoya."

"It is. I completely agree. I'm glad you were able to stay."

"So am I. I was almost gone for a really long time. I would have married Jason. I don't like that idea."

"I don't either." Kyoya wrapped his arms around Kyon. She smiled in his arms and hugged him tightly.

"Kyon! Kyon! Fireworks are going to happen soon! I have a note!" Kyon pulled away and looked at Kyoko. She took the note from her sister and read it.

"I see that Kyoya has a secret he needs to tell me." Kyon looked at Kyoya with a small smile. "What's the secret?"

"I'll tell you in just a second. For now, look up." Kyon looked up to see beautiful fireworks bursting in the sky. She smiled happily and her eyes seemed to have even more light in them than usual. Kyoya could see the happiness in her face. Kyoko handed Kyoya a small box.

"I love you Kyon! You're the best big sister!" Kyon tore her gaze away from the fireworks and smiled at her sister's now retreating form. Kyoya took her hand in his and opened the box.

"What is it Kyoya?" He showed her the charm bracelet in the box. She smiled. "That's really pretty."

"It's for you." Kyon held her hand in its place when Kyoya let go. He put the charm bracelet on her wrist and attached some charms. "The charms are for your time in the host club, what you did here, and what you mean to me."

"What I mean to you? What do you mean? What do I mean to you?"

"You mean a lot to me." He took hold of her hand. "You mean more than anyone ever has. I'm in love with you Kyon. I love you. That's why I'm so happy that you get to stay." Kyon's eyes grew wide. She was surprised, but very happy.

"Oh Kyoya!" She wrapped her arms around him. He hugged her back and smiled at the feeling of her in his arms. "I love you too. I have for a long time. I don't even know when it started. I'm sure it was there before I realized it. I'm so glad you feel the same way." Kyon pulled away enough to look up at Kyoya and see his face. Kyoya smiled and tilted Kyon's chin into the perfect position. He then leaned down and kissed her gently, but passionately. She returned the kiss happily. They pulled away and returned to hugging.

"I'm so happy that you love me back Kyon."

"Why wouldn't I?" Before Kyoya could open his mouth to answer, they were surrounded by Kyon's girls.

"What about your fiancé?" a girl asked. Kyon thought for a minute before realizing that she needed to tell the girls about what was happening in her life.

"Jason and I had a disagreement. He cheated on me and I just barely found out earlier. I ended it. You all know how I feel about Kyoya. He just confessed in the way that I always wished a man would confess his love for me. I couldn't help but get caught up in the moment."

"So you two are together?"


"You're no longer engaged?"


"That's amazing! You got your wish of his confession!"

"Yeah." Kyon leaned against Kyoya with a soft smile. Eventually, all the girls were satisfied and they left.

"Cheating? That was the best you could come up with?"

"I just made something up as fast as I could. At least we're together now."

"We are." Kyoya kissed her again. In a high room overlooking the dancing students, Kyoya's father and Tamaki's father were talking about becoming friends again. Kyoya's father was very angry while he watched his youngest child kiss the girl that had gotten in his way and stood up to him in the most annoying way he could think of.

"I hate that girl," he growled.

"Well your sons are fond of her. Your youngest is in love with her. You can see that from up here."

"If you keep this up, we will never decide to be friends."

"You're the one that keeps changing the subject to Kyon and Kyoya's attraction to her."

"It's just frustrating."

"That doesn't matter. Deal with it for your son's happiness."

"I want to give him the company, but he keeps saving it and then giving it back like he doesn't want it. I don't want to give him the company if he doesn't want it. That would be pointless."

"Maybe he does want it, but certain things are more important to him. I think that he does want the company. I also think that he cares more about Kyon than the company. You saw the way he looked into her eyes. You're watching him kiss her. I've seen those two showing clear signs of love for some time. Plus, she is the first girl you wanted him to marry."

"I wanted him to marry the daughter of my close friend. She was proper and had perfect etiquette. She always stayed quiet and never spoke against anyone. The girl I wanted him to marry at that time never stuck her nose where it didn't belong."

"Her lifestyle changed. She lost her father and her good life. She went through a lot of bad things and finally fell in love with your son. It's the same girl. She's just grown and been through things that have changed the way she is. Just deal with their relationship. That's what you should do in this situation."

"I'll deal with it if she really is Kuma's daughter."

"What is Kuma's last name?"


"How is it spelt?"

"What kind of stupid question is that?" Tamaki's father gives Kyoya's father two files. The frustrated father reads the names.

"Is that how he spells his last name?"

"This is impossible."

"The information is there. We checked it to be sure and it is all correct."

"I guess I have to deal with that girl."

"It seems to me like you don't have much of a choice."

"I guess I need to go talk to Kuma. I'm going to call Kuma. We will continue this later."

"Of course." Kyoya's father left the room and the elder Suoh looked out the window to see his son overreacting to Haruhi and Hikaru being close. His gaze drifted over to the couple he had just been talking about. They were happily watching Tamaki make a fool of himself. "That boy."

"Tamaki-sempai. Leave Hikaru and me alone."

"I will not allow this!"

"Father. Just drop it. Celebrate! I'm here to stay. I'm calling you Father. There's two things to be happy about." Tamaki looked at Kyon and hugged her.

"You're right! My daughter is right! She's so smart!"

"Tamaki. I would appreciate it if you would not hug my girlfriend like that. It gives people the wrong idea." Tamaki reluctantly let go of Kyon. She turned and hugged Kyoya tightly with a bright smile on her face. Kyoya smiled along with her.

"Wait a minute. Kyoya! You can't just date one of my daughters!"

"At least I'm not getting married."

"I don't care!"

"Leave us alone Father. I'm able to stay and I'm going to date Kyoya. I don't care what you say. I'm going to be with Kyoya."

"You're not the perfect little girl you used to be!"

"Shut up Tamaki." Tamaki fell silent at what Kyoya just told him. It was the perfect end to that night. This is where our story ends.

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