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Anyway, back to the main subject. Akako is my FAVORITE character! THE WORLD NEEDS MORE AKAKO! So, I decided to make this story. This was my original idea: Wouldn't it be awesome is there was a story when Akako gets Shinichi/Conan's, Heiji's, Hakuba's, and Kaito's hearts and they're her slaves? And then there would be a story about rescuing them...! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

I'm REALLY grateful to Cam-chan (Cammy3131) for making the story Stolen for me as a birthday present, but I really wanted to write something, so I started writing this. :3 I also tried to work on detail, as Aya-chan (Aeyra) told me to. Here's my attempt. Please enjoy~~~!

"What's wrong, Mistress?"

Koizumi Akako looked up at her servant with antipathy. "You disgust me every time I look at you."

"Forgive me, Mistress." The old shriveled servant bowed so low his nose almost touched the silky red carpet. "But please tell me. What is bothering your beautiful mind?"

The witch sighed, twirling her magenta locks. "It's not worth mentioning."

"Understood, Mistress."

"Leave." The servant bowed once again and closed the blood-colored curtains to the entrance of the room.

Akako sat on her throne with another sigh as she heard fading footsteps. The furniture was specially crafted. Made from the finest material, the most comfy cushion you could ever hope to find, it was truly a throne fit for royalty. The color was red, of course. A dazzling bureau sat next to the throne. Many items lay neatly in their respective spots. She picked up a hand mirror with sparkling rubies on it. A gorgeous full length mirror faced her.

She stared at her reflection. How could there ever be a person as stunning as her? She laughed. There never would be.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

The same words were asked every day. Every day, the answer was the same.

"That would be you, Akako-sama." The mirror responded. "All of the men in the world are your slaves, Akako-sama."

Akako braced herself. She always hated the next part. Bear with it. She scolded herself. Remember, you must ask every day or… The mirror's voice brought her back to reality.

"Except for four…" There was a pause.

"WHAT?" She screamed. She hurled the hand mirror at the larger one. There was a loud cracking sound as shattered glass rained to the scarlet carpet.

Akako was in shock. For the first time in what seemed forever, the answer was different. The witch always wished the answer would change, but not to this! She knew one who could repel her charms, but three more as well? How was this possible?

"Who are these ingrates?" The temptress tried to calm herself.

Four blurry images slowly appeared as the mirror struggled to speak. "Kaitou Kid…"

Akako waited impatiently. "Yes, yes! I know that! Who else?"

"Hakuba Saguru…"

The witch's eyes widened as the picture became more clear. "That British fool?" She always thought there was something different about him, but…

"Hattori Heiji."

"The Great Detective of the West?" Akako had heard of him, but she never particularly cared. She had heard Saguru complain about how hot-blooded he was after coming back from a case, but… Akako snapped back into actuality.

"And who is the final one?" She demanded, fury filling her tone.

"…Kudou Shinichi." The mirror spoke the last name.

The detective who was rumored to be dead. The rival of Kaitou Kid. The one in the helicopter she had felt that night at the Clock Tower heist. Of course.

Scarlet aura began to form around the teenage temptress. "These four men… Kuroba Kaito… Hakuba Saguru… Hattori Heiji… Kudou Shinichi… You will all be my slaves! OHOHOHO!" She began laugh insanely.

After a few minutes, she stopped and composed herself. "Servant!" She barked.

Immediately, the curtain to the entrance of her bedroom was opened. "Yes, Mistress?"

"Fix the mirror."

"Yes, Mistress." He hastily walked over. He took a deep breath and began to cast a quick 'Fix' spell. Within a minute, the mirror was shining once again.

"Thank you." The mirror expressed its gratitude.

"No need for thanks. We have discussed this, have we not?"

If it could, the mirror would've smiled. The servant and it had become good friends, after having to fix it every time Akako broke the mirror. Which was every day.

"I'm finished, Mistress."

"I can see that. Now, fetch my spell book."

"Yes, Mistress." The servant scurried to fetch the thick book from the bookcase in the room. He carefully picked the right book and hurried back to his mistress. "Here, Mistress."

"Good." Akako delicately took the book. "Now get out of my sight."

An evil smirk began to appear on the witch's features as her servant left. She began to flip through the book until she found what she was looking for.

"'The Slave's Heart'." Akako laughed again. "This spell… This spell won't be as easily dispatched as last time." She started to read the ingredients. "One dragon's whisker… One mermaid's tear… One eye of the Kappa… And finally, part of the victim." The temptress sneered with delight. "This will be fun… Ohoho!"


In their four respective places, Kuroba Kaito, Hakuba Saguru, Hattori Heiji and Edogawa Conan shuddered.

"What's this feeling?" Saguru muttered, holding his tea cup in hand. The half-Brit shrugged after a moment and continued to drink his hot tea.


Kaito stopped bickering with Nakamori Aoko as they were in the middle of a wild goose chase again on the way home from school. Aoko noticed Kaito freeze and skidded to a stop.

"What's wrong Kaito?" The mop wielding girl asked, slightly concerned.

"Nothing." Kaito's Poker Face took over and he smiled. But inside, he began to worry. 'That felt like something ominous…'


"-ji! Heiji!" Toyama Kazuha waved her hand in front of her childhood friend. "Ya there?"

"Eh?" Heiji looked at the aikido champion.

"Geez, ya totally spaced out there!" Kazuha snorted, annoyed. "Is somethin' wrong?"

"No… It's nothin'." Heiji shook his head. 'What was that? Chills went up my spine…'

"C'mon! Let's go, ahou!"

"I'm not da ahou, ahou!"


Conan suddenly stopped in place, frozen. The Detective Boys noticed and stopped as well. They were walking home together from school. People busily passed by as the sun shined brightly.

"Conan-kun?" Yoshida Ayumi looked at her crush.

"Something wrong?" Kojima Genta wondered.

"Conan-kun? Hello?" Tsubaraya Mitsuhiko glanced at his friend.

"E-Eh?" Conan came back.

"You suddenly stopped walking." Haibara Ai informed the shrunken teen.

"Eh, sorry…" The chibi detective apologized.

"It's okay!" Genta shouted. "Now let's hurry home for the new episode of Kamen Yaiba!"

"Yeah!" The other two kids agreed. "Bye Conan-kun! Bye Haibara-san!" They all began to run, leaving the two non-children behind.

"Kudou-kun… What was that?" Ai quietly questioned.

"Nothing, really… Just felt a chill. It felt pretty ominous though…"

Ai shivered. 'Like when I feel Them…' "Hm… Make sure to be careful then. Your instincts aren't known for being wrong after all."

"Yeah…" 'What's waiting ahead?'

Sorry, it's short... Well, I hope you guys liked it.

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