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Akako was happy.

Everything was going according to plan. She could do this. Of course she could.

The temptress brushed the thought away as she descended down the worn and old stairs to the basement. Her servant was cautiously but faithfully trailing behind her.

She glanced down at the sleeping face in her arms. The witch fixed the hair that was blocking Conan's face and gently smoothed it away.

Her snake was slithering next to her, its eyes gleaming. It hissed with pleasure as it sensed its mistress's happiness.

Akako gently set the shrunken detective down on one of the beds she had prepared. She snapped the chains on the detectives wrists just in case. There was no way for the boy to escape even if he did wake up, as the binds would only come off with her magic. Her red irises scanned his form. Everything seemed to be fine, as he was breathing regularly. She smirked.

"Now for the next one…"

"Dammit. Dammit. Dammit!"

To say Kaito was frustrated was an understatement.

He had let Akako get away with histantei-kun.

The magician finally looked up from the ground and gritted his teeth at what he saw.

Lying on the ground in front of him was a single object.

The ace of spades.

"This isn't the time to be moping." Kaito scolded himself after picking up the card. It seemed to be a normal card from a deck. "I have to get to Hakuba and warn him!"

Saguru sneezed (With poise and dignity, mind you).

"More tea, bocchama?"

The British detective glanced up to his housekeeper and smiled. "Yes please. Thank you, baaya."

"Of course, bocchama." The old woman offered a small smile as well and carefully poured the steaming liquid into the Brit's beautifully designed teacup.

Saguru sighed and brought the cup upwards. He delicately breathed in the scent of his tea and gingerly took a sip. He nodded in approval and his housekeeper looked pleased.

Clank. Clank. Clank.

Someone was using the knocker at the door. Saguru heard the woman's footsteps as she left the room to answer the door.

The detective set his tea cup down and glanced about the living room. He was sitting on his favorite couch; it was worn from use, but comfortable and still had its decency.

It was a regular Saturday day. There was nothing special about this day, and to be truthful, Saguru was slightly bored (Not that he'd ever show that). He found himself wishing that he had someone else to interact with. Even Kuroba would suffice!

"How bloody bored must one be to wish for Kuroba's company?" Saguru groaned. "Really. I know I have somethingto-"

The British detective was cut off with a scream.

With an instant, Saguru was on his feet and ran to the entranceway. "What happened, baaya-"

The sight that greeted him would definitely change his view on snakes for the rest of his life.

The door was wide open and a cold gust of air was blowing in. Saguru's housekeeper lay askew and forgotten on the rick carpeting. A figure dressed in a robe covering their face was cackling as they watched a gigantic snake strangle Saguru's housekeeper. The species seemed to be a king cobra, if the detective correctly recalled.

"Baaya!" Saguru shouted. The king cobra was wrapping its body around the old woman's and she was choking on a silent scream. She was gasping for air, but soon stopped as her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she fell unconscious.

None too gently, the king cobra hissed in victory and let the woman go. The figure was smirking, Saguru could tell.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" The detective was growing angry, even though he was trying to keep his composure. His housekeeper… His cerulean eyes flicked towards the snake that was slithering closer towards him.

"Why, hello there, tantei-san."

Saguru glared at the cloaked figure. He almost recognized the voice. It purred slyly and teasingly. "Answer my question. Who are you?"

"All in good time, tantei-sun." The figure snapped their fingers and the king cobra struck, wrapping its body around the Brit's.

Foolishly and in vain, the detective attempted to struggle. The snake just squeezed harder, and Saguru was soon unable to breath. His blue irises fluttered before he lost unconsciousness.

Akako laughed, satisfied as her pet loosened its grip on the Sherlock Holmes's fan. "Ohoho~! Well done, pet. Now let's go. Ah, but first, I shall leave something to humor Kuroba-kun…"

The temptress drew another card from beneath her cloak and let it fall. She smirked at the appearance of the room. She snapped her fingers once again and they were gone.

Breathing heavily, Kaito continued to run towards the Hakuba residence. "Not… Much farther…"

When he finally reached the gate, he realized something was wrong. The gate and door had been flung open and Kaito knew that Saguru would never leave either of those open.

"No!" The magician practically flew into the entrance and saw the unconscious housekeeper as cold air blew in. "Shit…"

He carefully felt for the woman's pulse and breathed a sigh of relief. He gently picked her up and laid her on the couch, placing a blanket on her. The magician didn't want to get the police involved… At least, not yet.

Kaito scanned the entranceway for something when he spotted the fallen card, deserted on the floor. He snatched it up, and gritted his teeth.

The ace of diamonds.

"This is going even more perfectly than I imagined!" Akako was pleased. She now had two of the four boys that she coveted, and the item needed to control one of the remaining ones. Now she only needed to seek out Hattori Heiji.

Her king cobra set down the still unconscious British detective on the bed next to Conan's and snapped the same binds as the younger boy on him.

"Thank you, my pet. Now, let's find Hattori Heiji's location…"

The temptress waltzed up the stairs to her room and looked into her mirror.

"Mirror mirror, on the wall…"

The mirror inwardly flinched, bracing itself.

"Show me Hattori Heiji's location."

The mirror blinked. Well, it wasn't expecting that. Grateful, it quickly found the Osakan's location and showed its mistress the image.

The tan detective was walking along with the girl Akako had seen earlier. They appeared to be arguing. However, what surprised Akako was where they were. Right in front of the Mouri Tantei Agency.

"Ohohoho~! This will be much easier than I thought."

"Kazuha, why'd ya hafta follow me?"

"Someoneneeds ta be watchin' ya at all times, ahou!"

Hattori Heiji groaned. He had come to Beika to visit the Conan and the Mouri family, but he hadn't counted on his childhood friend to follow. He should've known better, he supposed. Of course Kazuha would want to see Ran… When did she not?

"I don', Kazuha! Shut up."

Toyama Kazuha bristled in annoyance at her best friend (and potential love interest). "Ya shut up, ahou!"

"I'm not da ahou, ahou!"


"Ya'reda ah-"

But before Heiji could finish his insult, a familiar looking figure dashed by the quarrelling pair and darted into a dark alleyway across the street. Cars screeched, stropping as the drivers leaned out the window and shouted in protest. The figure didn't hesitate at all. The Osakan detective's emerald eyes widened in disbelief and he began to follow into the street as cars beeped angrily.

"Heiji! Where ya goin'?"

"Hold on, I need ta check somethin'! Ya go in an' wait fer me in da Agency with Neechan!"

Kazuha could only watch in frustration as she watched her potential love interest disappear into the shadows of the alleyway.

"Ahou Heiji… Wha' are ya getting' inta dis time?" Her gaze lingered a moment more before she grudgingly obeyed the detective's orders and headed up the agency's stairs.

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