I've been spending a lot of time at work recently, so this is what happens. (I'm a lifeguard.) Blaine and Kurt don't belong to me, but some of the complaints about the work do. This is my first go at a multi-chapter thingy.

"Blaine, I mean really, I can't believe we're doing this. This is not what I had in mind at all." Kurt sighed, leaning down and unlacing his boots while shooting an unimpressed look at his boyfriend. When Blaine had suggested that they get a summer job together and that there were positions as lifeguards, Kurt, of course, jumped at the chance. He imagined strolling around the beach together, Blaine in just a tiny pair of shorts, his developing tan darkening as the summer progressed. In Kurt's visions, he was wearing more than Blaine, but that was only because of his fair skin. And he would be able to spend weeks with his boyfriend, shamelessly flirting with him under the guise of getting him to rub suntan lotion in or consulting about decisions. Maybe if he was lucky, they could 'practice the kiss of life'. But the reality was very, very different, he thought glumly as he peeled off his skin-tight black jeans so he could try on his new uniform. He could feel Blaine's eyes on him, but he wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of meeting his eyes because he couldn't do anything but smile, and he was supposed to be angry. He was promised a sexy summer at the beach, but apparently he was getting weeks of working at a stuffy indoor pool.

He'd even had to do an entire week of training, most of which was common sense. Clearly the training had been designed for people without a brain; Kurt remembered thinking on numerous occasions, and the only thing that had made it bearable was having Blaine next to him to sigh in the same places and hold his hand under the desk. They even had to do in-water exercises at some points and Kurt had an excuse to put his hands all over Blaine. He had enjoyed that part at least. One of the most awkward problems was that clearly Blaine was really into this. He wanted to be a lifeguard, and he wanted to be a good one. Kurt's boyfriend had been very conscientious about learning all of the information and practicing, so as a result the two of them got immediate positions at the end of the training course, because they completed the assessment element so well. And that's how I wound up here, in this stupid changing room; Kurt thought to himself.

Once Kurt had finished changing, he couldn't help but sigh softly and shake his head as he looked down at himself. There was nothing flattering about this uniform. The yellow of the polo shirt made him look completely washed out and the way it gaped slightly at the top because it was missing a button made Kurt look, and feel, untidy. The tininess of the shorts was the one thing reality and fantasy had in common, but it didn't seem so fantastical right now. The shorts were made out of a synthetic polyester-style material that Kurt knew would start to itch as soon as he moved in them. And apparently he was supposed to wear trainers. Genuine, white with some sort of sports branding, trainers. Kurt didn't think he had any, and if he did then they certainly didn't fit, but he hoped that Finn or his Dad would have some appropriate ones, because he really didn't want to have to live through buying them. Any reputation he had for being good with fashion would be ruined by the purchase of shoes like that. Kurt fiddled with his collar but he knew he wasn't going to make much difference; this outfit really wasn't designed to flatter anyone, especially someone with a slim physique like himself.

"Kurt, you look beautiful. I'm being serious." Kurt felt a pair of warm, strong, familiar arms wrap around him from behind and Blaine's lips grazed his temple. Kurt sometimes hated how Blaine always knew exactly what to say, but it was what he needed right now. Because if Blaine thought he looked beautiful, that's all that really matters. Kurt turned in the older boy's arms and looked him straight in the eye, smiling a little, before letting his eyes flick down to the rest of his boyfriend's body, trying to get used to him in his uniform. And although Kurt had already pulled it apart and criticised all of its pitfalls, the uniform on Blaine looked sort of… hot. The shirt clung really nicely across the chest to make the most of Blaine's toned physique, and the colour may not suit Kurt but it only emphasised his boyfriend's tan, and the advantages of the tiny shorts were relatively obvious. Wow. And it may not be the beach, but he was spending the summer with the man he loved. Away from their parents and their prying eyes. And the money could only be useful. Maybe Kurt could learn to live with this job. Just maybe.

Let me know what you think, and whether it's worth continuing. This chapter is a little short, but it's sort of an intro. This will get both smuttier and fluffier I imagine, depending on how I feel/how it develops.