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"And then there was this little boy who couldn't say my name right so h-" Blaine cut himself off with a yawn. He'd just worked his first 9 hour shift and apparently he'd enjoyed it, for reasons Kurt couldn't really understand. So he just nodded along, stroking his boyfriend's hair and smiling. He loved that Blaine felt the need to share everything about his day with Kurt, it made him feel like he was top of his list. He was most important. It was a very special feeling.

"So he called me Brain, and then he asked if I had a Pinky which I didn'understand, but apparently he meant that show with those mice, and Pinky was Brain's sidekick." Blaine was now so tired that he was starting to slur a little but he continued to recount stories just so he could share the day with Kurt. "So I guess if I'm Brain, then you're Pinky, because being my boyfriends is sort of like being sidekicks."

Blaine shrugged a little, unsure about his own sleepy reasoning, although it seemed pretty sound. "Then I had to help set up the party room, and Brain-boy was there still because he was the little brother of the birthday girl so he kept talking to me all afternoon and at the end he said that I was his favouritest lifeguard. Which is sort of cool, because I don't think I've ever been anyone's favouritest anything before."

Kurt couldn't help but interject. "You're my favouritest everything, but go on. Who else was working today anyway?" Kurt knew that it made no real difference because all of the people at work were equally lovely, although all in very different ways.

"George was managering, and Lucy. Oh, and Clive for a while but he left before me because he was working the 6:30 shift. So that was good, although I got a bit of teasing about the match at the weekend, Clive supports the Zips and we lost to them on Satur-" Blaine yawned again, rubbing his eyes with one hand.

"Blaine baby, do you think that maybe you should go to sleep for a little while now? I mean, my Dad isn't going to mind and you're really, really tired." Kurt tried to ask as carefully and softly as possible, not wanting Blaine to think that he wasn't interested. He was interested but he was also worried about Blaine. He didn't want him to burn himself out doing this job, especially if he intended on coming back to Kurt's house every day and reliving each shift.

Thankfully, Blaine nodded from where his head was resting in Kurt's lap and he closed his eyes for a moment, before looking up again, meeting Kurt's eyes with his own.

"Course love but can you keep playing with my hair like that? And can I stay right here with you? Because it feels really good and I'm really comfy, and..." Kurt shushed him by nodding and pressing a light kiss to his lips, glad that Blaine was finally agreeing to sleep.

"Blainers, you didn't even need to ask. Just sleep honey, for me." Kurt smiled and continued running his hands through his boyfriend's hair, tracing the shapes of the curls and relishing the fact that the gel that the older boy normally applied so avidly had either been worked out over the day or Blaine hadn't bothered with it this morning. Either was possible, but Kurt wasn't about to start asking his sleeping boyfriend which it was.

As he watched Blaine's chest rise and fall slowly but surely, Kurt faint smile grew into a grin. He was very glad no-one was home now, because if you didn't see Blaine through Kurt's eyes, he looked sort of ridiculous. Clearly he'd grabbed odd socks this morning because it was early and despite Kurt's lectures, Blaine's underwear drawer was severely lacking any semblance of order. Kurt could just see his boyfriend's big toe poking out of his left sock. But that wasn't all. The horror of the uniform has been a topic of conversation between the boys before, but it looked slightly odd all ridden up from where Blaine squirms in his sleep, revealing a strip of Blaine's toned chest, complete with coarse hair snaking up from his shorts. And although he'd left work a good hour ago, his fingers were still looped in his whistle strings, preparing unconsciously for an emergency in the pool.

But that's not what Kurt saw. He saw a beautiful boy he was irrevocably in love with, finally comfortable and happy after a long, hard day. He saw a man who he was proud to call his boyfriend, his sidekick, his co-worker. So when Finn wandered into the room and his eyebrows shot up about 7 inches when he saw Blaine passed out and drooling on the couch, Kurt shot him a look that said 'Don't' even before he'd thought about doing anything that could make Kurt mad. Finn didn't laugh, or sit down and switch the TV on, or even whisper questions about why Kurt's boyfriend was comatose on his lap and Kurt was so grateful to his brother. Because he really didn't want to wake Blaine, who was now snoring softly. And although Blaine didn't really know exactly what Kurt had done during the two hours that he was napping, he knew how it felt to wake up and be greeted to Kurt's grin. He didn't need to be told that Kurt loved him because actions speak louder than words and Blaine knew from the fact that Kurt was still gently playing with his boyfriend's hair and from the way Kurt was moving his legs stiffly that clearly he'd got cramp but hadn't even attempted to move Blaine in case he disturbed him. He didn't need to be told, but Kurt told him anyway.

"I love you sleepyhead."

"I love you too, Pinky." Blaine grinned as well and pressed a soft kiss to his boyfriend's lips, stifling their chuckles in the process.

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