I dunno what came over me when I wrote this. I felt like writing something gruesome to get back my writing muscles. Enjoy! Or not. xD

He stared at them. He stared at them wide eyed. They had no faces, at least not discernible ones. His sky blue eyes could not help but observe them. And they observed him, their yellow slits of eyes cocking slightly to the side if he so much as twitched.

One of them finally took form before the fox's eyes, shaping themselves to look like a strange creature of Mobian origin. Perhaps a gremlin? "Hello."

"Erm, hello."

Silence. He hated the silence, but he was so mortified and yet fascinated by them. What the hell did he summon? The pentagram beneath his feet glowed one last time before fading away to be the symbol in the dirt and nothing more.

He took a step back, and 'she' took a step forward. One step forward, one step back until his back bumped into the trunk of a white elm. Reflex made Tails look back at the tree before turning back to the creature before him, who smiled lightly. "How are you?" she asked him.

"Uhm, fine. Nervous though."

"You have no need. I am of a lighter allegiance, despite my demonic heritage." she replied, extending her hand out to the fox. A lump formed in his throat. Could he trust her? Could he trust them? A hand reached out to her own, fingers tentatively resting in her palm as he stepped forward. He breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe for once, things would not go wrong in his spell work.

Her eyes narrowed with glee as his palm rested on top of hers, using it to yank him toward her. Tails let out a yelp as he was caught off guard, fear filling his young eyes as he looked up at the demoness.

"Fooled ya."

No one had heard from him for weeks. Even Knuckles and Shadow were getting anxious. The mechanic, the sweetheart of the group, just missing. They searched for him for days, calling his name and winding through the brush of every corner of the city and even in the Mystic Ruins.

It wasn't until they heard the screams of a rabbit and a bee that they came chasing through the thicket, screeching to a halt as they saw the gruesome sight.

The hedgehogs fought back tears and sobs as they saw the fox's slightly mummified body in the stream, strewn over a rock and large bite marks all over his body. Every second, his fur came off of his corpse and went with the current to places unknown.

They all held each other, grieving the loss of a life that needn't be lost. Amy sobbed into Sonic's shoulder, and he didn't shirk her. Even the ebony hedgehog felt a lone tear run down his cheek while Rouge fell to her knees.

Yet, none of them were aware of the symbol of the demon carved into his now bloodless back.