Tonight tonight there's a party on the rooftop top of the world
Tonight tonight and were dancing on the edge of the Hollywood sign
I don't know if I'll make it but watch how good I'll fake it
Its all right, all right, tonight, tonight
Its all right, all right, tonight, tonight
Yeah its all right, all right, tonight, tonight

"And then you should have seen the look on Varric's face. Mouth agape, lips wavering like a fish! He really thought Isabela and I were talking about something naughty!" Merrill told him, finishing her story.

"Well, can you blame him? Especially since those words are innuendos?" Fenris asked, trying to keep his laughter under control.

"I know, but he should have been listening well if he insisted on eavesdropping," Merrill giggled as the two finally approached her house. The two stood in front of her door with an awkward silence between them.

"I…I suppose this is 'good night'," Fenris stated as he shifted his feet uncomfortably.

Merrill's smile still stayed on her face as she nodded, "Yes it is…Thank you for this, Fenris…I missed the walks. Hawke and I used to take them before her mother died…"

"You and her were good friends. I'm sorry that she treated you so terribly," Fenris said, earnestly.

"I'm not. If she didn't, I wouldn't have realized what I was doing. I would have been dead if it weren't for her. Tough love, I guess," Merrill said, forcing a laugh.

Fenris had to agree with her a little on that one. However, he would not say anything. Merrill had been kind to him. Even when he had treated her like a demon in disguise.

"Yes…tough love," Fenris sighed as he looked down at the street before he looked at Merrill, "Well, good night, thank you for the walk. I believe that it did more for me than it did for you. It's nice to be able to let my guard down around you now…You're much easier to talk to when I'm not terrified of you turning on me."

Blinking his eyes, he realized what he said, "Oh…That was…incredibly stupid of me to say…"

The smile was still on her face, but the look in her eyes showed her hurt. She looked down, "Was I that frightening? We fought together…We bled together…But you were still scared I would turn on you?" Her lower lip started to waver as she held back her tears, "I was such a monster…Why would you even be here to begin with?"

She reached for the door handle. Fenris reached out as well, stopping her. As soon as his hand touched her, he felt something in his markings pulsate. At once he felt a shot of pleasure come from the tips of his fingers to the depths of his heart. He didn't understand. He had touched Hawke even more than this, but he never felt the markings respond so strongly.

Just singing like
Woah, come on, ohh, all you party people
Woah, all you singletons, ohh, even the white kids

And within the minute, he pulled Merrill close to her and pressed his lips against hers. He held his hand tighter as he deepened the kiss.

Surprised at this, Merrill's eyes widened as she tried to struggle away from him. But her resistance melted away as her eyes closed and she returned the kiss. Her tears disappeared as she felt a new feeling take over her.

He planted the soft kisses down her neck as she ran her fingers down his markings. She would have been a desire demon, but he wouldn't care as long as she continued to touch him in this manner. There was no thought as he moved his hands down her sides and whispered her name.

Finally, Merrill was able to reach for the doorknob and she turned it, letting the two stumble in before closing the doors. Fenris pulled her up and allowed her to wrap her legs around him. He fell into the wall and went to kiss her lips over and over again before he heard her.

"Fenris…Fenris…Stop," Merrill moaned as she tried to pull away from his kisses.

Forcing himself to stop, Fenris ended the kiss and looked at her wide, innocent eyes, "Am I hurting you?"

Merrill shook her head, "No…well, yes, a little…but not really and I do not really feel pain from it…It's more like a pain that feels good…" She blushed as she looked away from him, "I'm terribly sorry. I'm talking too much for this activity. I never done anything like this before. There was this boy back in my clan, but it was never like this." She let an awkward laugh, "I'm still talking. I'm sorry. I must be doing everything wrong. I promise, I'll be quiet, it's just that-"

Fenris just shook his head as he walked over to her bed and let her down. There was a faint light from a dying candle so Fenris was able to get around the house. However, he could not see anything past the shadows on Merrill's face.

"What's wrong?" Fenris asked as he sat down next to her in the bed.

Merrill looked at him with a sad look on her face, "I…I had always thought of you…in this way…I don't know why…You hate me…And when Hawke desired you, I let you two be because I knew that she could make you happy. But now, I realized that she just caused you stress and harm. And Fenris," she looked at him and said, quickly, "If I were with you, I would treat you like a prince and would never, ever sleep with someone else…Fenris, there is no one else I want to be with. I don't want anyone else the way I want you."

Still surprised at all this information, Fenris just sat there in shock as he tried to take this all in.

That's when Merrill started to cry, "And now I've ruined everything."

"How did you ruin it?" Fenris asked as he put his hand on her cheek and tried to wipe her tears away.

Angrily, Merrill pushed his hand away before she stood up, "Don't touch me." She walked over to the door and stared at the floor, "You do not want me the way I want you. You want Hawke. You love Hawke. I'm just a replacement for the night, was that not your intention?" She turned and looked at him, "I know you are angry, I know that you have lust, and I know that you are lonely. But why me? Why would you do this to me?"

Fenris looked at her, disbelieving that she would ever think that of him, "Merrill, I would never do that to you…" He stood up and tried to approach her. She just backed into a corner, like he was an aggressor, not a friend.

"I have made mistakes. I have done a lot of things wrong in my life…I would never make that mistake again. Not when there is something greater than Hawke at stake," Fenris told her before he took her hands into his, "I know you, Merrill, and even if you offered yourself to me tonight, I would not take you…" If his body could, it would scream at him and force him to change his words. He told her, "I don't want to use people. Not like Hawke does. I need time…You need time…And I will not sacrifice another for a few hours of happiness. Not again."

Fenris frowned before he started to walk away from her.

Merrill was now the one to grab her. She took his hand and smiled at him, "You will do what is best. I know it. You are a good man, Fenris." She reached up and initiated another passionate kiss before Fenris finally left the house, whispering his goodbyes.

Now, Fenris had a few problems he had to resolve. Some more urgent than others.

Just don't stop, let's keep the beat pumping

Keep the beat up, let's drop the beat down

It's my party, dance if I want to

We can get crazy, let it all out

As soon as dawn graced the sky, Fenris was already well on his way to the infamous clinic in Darktown. Without warning he kicked open the door and stormed in with a scowl on his face.

Alarmed at this early intrusion, Anders grabbed his staff, excepting all the noise to come from templars, not a mad elf.

Seeing that it was his rival, Anders put his staff up, and looked at him, warily, "What are you-"

"If you want to talk to me, you talk to me face to face. Do not send messages through Merrill. If you want to scold me on being a man, grow a pair yourself and at least send me a letter," Fenris told him, growling like a mad animal, "Now, say what you want to say."

Anders furrowed his brows as he leaned against the wall and crossed his arms, "You are acting like a maniac. Hawke is terribly upset and she wants forgiveness from you."

"I will sooner bed you than honor her apology," Fenris snarled, spitting on the ground near Anders's shoe.

"Charming," the mage said, shortly, before he looked to Fenris, "Whether you do this or not, I do not care…" He developed a small smirk, "She just needs closure before she moves on…"

The look in his eyes reminded Fenris of a dog patiently awaiting a piece of meat.

"You…you want her," He said, disgust rising in his throat.

"I've been waiting for seven years for you finally release your hold on her. It's ironic that your hold on her was so bewitching," Anders said, "And unlike you, I can keep her satisfied so she would not need to take the offers of strange men."

Instead of exploding and ripping his heart out, Fenris just started at Anders and shook his head, "I am mistaken. You have quite an impressive pair on you."

"I am not here to argue with you or to flaunt Hawke's interest. That was not why I brought you here," Anders said, finding smugness that he was able to keep the upper hand in the conversation, "This is for her. She really needs to talk."

"Why does she want to talk? There is nothing to talk about," The elf responded, trying his best to control his anger.

"Yes there is," was the quiet response Hawke gave as she entered the clinic.

Fenris turned around and looked at her. His face softened before he snarled, "Evening, if you cared for me at all, you will let this go."

Hawke wavered slightly at him using her first name before she smiled at him, "I do care about you. I want you back Fenris…I miss you."

"What you miss is someone to take your emotions out on. What you miss is hearing yourself talk," He glanced at Anders, "Are you taking notes, Anders? Because this is what you are getting yourself into." He looked back to Hawke, "You believe that I could just forgive you. After what you have done? You know me better than that. Perhaps the old Fenris might have…The scared, angry boy that you met long ago might have clung to you like fleas on a rat. He might have stayed quiet and obedient while you betrayed him." He took a quiet gulp before he continued, "Yes, that Fenris would have welcomed you into his arms and never looked back. But not me."

Fenris said, peering deep into Hawke's soul, "You wanted to fix me. Like a child would fix a broken toy. Offer him friendship, teach the poor slave to read, give him love, help him rise up, take the hate away." He then smirked, "But you made a mistake. You build me up too much. I don't need you anymore…" He indicated Anders with a wave of his hand, "Now you can move on. Fix the apostate. I hope you have fun with that."

With wide and shocked eyes, Hawke turned as she watched Fenris leave. "You-I-Fenris, what-"

"Let him go, Hawke," Anders said, delicately, as he put her hand on her shoulder.

Hawke looked up at him before she looked back to Fenris, "You're right. He isn't worth it. Let him leave the best thing that has ever happened to him." There was a scorn in her voice. It was almost as if she was convincing herself, not him.

And with that, a smile formed on Fenris's face as he left the clinic.

"I hope he was worth it. I hope a cheap, tawdry fling was worth it," he whispered as he went back to Merrill's house.

Just don't stop, let's keep the beat pumping

Keep the beat up, let's drop the beat down

It's my party, dance if I want to

We can get crazy, let it all out