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Of course the library would be closed on the one night that she really needed it. Her transfiguration paper was due in mere hours and she still had over half of it to finish. The reference section on transforming inanimate objects into animals was simply the best around, and now she didn't have access to it because of two well known pranksters, and unfortunately well-loved also, otherwise she would have hexed them into oblivion. She didn't want to be on the receiving end of a jinx from one of their many admirers, so she kept to screaming at them and ordering them to detention.

Get it together, Granger, her inner-monologue told her. You have enough resources to get you through this one time.

Hermione took off at a brisk pace toward the Gryffindor tower, her hair blowing backwards from the wind she was creating at her pace. She bumped into a few people several times on her journey, the last of which caused her to drop her bag containing all her school work all over the corridor and a few books slid down the stairs. Of course this would happen. Tonight of all nights, she thought silently as she began to collect her belongings and stuff them into her bag as people walked by and kicked her quills further down the corridor.

"Jerks," she muttered, barely audible.

"Oi, Granger! Did you lose something?"

She closed her eyes tightly before turning slowly to face the unavoidable. She opened her eyes cautiously, and gasped at the sight at the bottom of the stairs. Fred and George Weasley with her books, her school books. They each had their wands out, levitating her potions book and, oh no, her transfiguration book over the edge of the stairs. If they decided to drop them, her books, her essay, her grades, and her pride would all be lost in a matter of a few seconds.

"Haven't you two given me enough grief for one night? Kindly return my books," she stated curtly, her eyes traveling from her hostage books to the twins' identical grins.

"Oh Hermione, you know us better than that," George said with a wink.

"Yeah," Fred agreed, "Besides, you gave us a detention. Not that we really care too much since we can torment ol' Filch, but that's beyond the point."

"You took precious time away from us that we could be using to create some new products, or scare a little first year."

"So you want me to take back the detention I gave you?" she asked, her anger rising with every word they spoke, "No way. You deserved it! I can't believe that you hung that third year by his ankles in the middle of the Great Hall! It was completely barbaric of you both!"

They chuckled and lowered their wands, causing her books to drop a little lower. She let out a frightened squeak and stormed down the stairs, only to stop halfway when they lowered their wands even more.

"Please don't! I need those for my homework," she said, her voice shaking from fear.

"Take away our detention and you get your precious books back," Fred stated simply, his grin broadening.

"Oh all right!" she finally gave in. The Weasley twins looked at each other triumphantly before levitating her books to the safety of the stairs and dropping them with a small plop.

Hermione stood stunned for a moment before scurrying down the stairs to retrieve her books and quills. When she stood up, she expected them to have gone, but they were standing on either side of her, still with that silly grin plastered to their faces.

She had lost her temper now, "What? What could you possibly do more to torture me tonight?"

George reached forward and ruffled the top of her hair, which earned him a glare only rivaled by his mother and Ginny.

Fred gave a half-hearted sigh before saying, "I do enjoy tearing the mickey out of our favorite prefect, don't you Brother?"

"Couldn't agree more." And with that they left her and turned the way they had come. She rolled her eyes and returned on her path to the tower. The last look she saw in Fred's eyes unnerved her. They were planning something, she was sure of it. But how dare they distract her like that when she had more important things to accomplish? This was her education they were messing with, and she did not have to stand for it. She vowed that someday she would get even with them for how they treated her, she just didn't know how.

She maneuvered through people and safely climbed through the portrait hole, only to be greeted by Harry and Ron. She groaned a little too loud as they approached her. She really was thankful that she had friends, but sometimes she just longed for the kind of closeness that could only come with same-sex friendships. Hermione was not known for getting along with girls because she was too uptight about everything; she was not willing to gossip, kiss-and-tell, or any of that other foolish nonsense that teenage girls participated in. Those things were far too distracting in her opinion, but she did long for someone that she could giggle momentarily about her crushes on boys, and how she had caught a boy staring at her; though this would be a lie on Hermione's part because, in her eyes, she was almost as attractive as a Blast-Ended Skrewt.

"Where have you been," Harry started, "We've been waiting for you for over an hour."

"It's time for dinner, and I'm starving. So c'mon!" Ron yelled the last part as he headed out the portrait hole.

She shook her head disapprovingly; he was such a glutton. "I ran into a little trouble-no, no I took care of it," she added when a surge of anger whipped through Harry's eyes.

"Was it Malfoy? Did you catch him sneaking about? Did I tell you about what I saw on the Marau-"

"No it was not, and yes you did tell me. Go on to dinner without me; I have too much homework to finish and time is not on my side." Hermione thought of how handy a time turner would have been today, but sadly, she had given hers up two years ago. Harry gave her one last questioning look and she reassured him she was fine and had a few snacks in her room if she got hungry. He left her in peace in the now empty common room where she settled on the red velvet, overstuffed couch and tucked her legs underneath her body. Hermione pulled her supplies out of her bag before she thought back to the strange look she had seen in Fred's eyes before he and George left. Something about it didn't settle quite right in her mind, but she would have to think of that later, now it was time for homework.

Fred and George sat in the Great Hall for dinner piling food onto their plates. They were surrounded by their close friends and a few love-struck girls as always. George looked absently at Fred while taking a large bite of anything his fork picked up.

He swallowed before saying, "So Brother, tell me when you fell head over bullocks for Hermione."

Fred nearly choked on his large bite of Shepard's pie. "What? I'm not. It's not like that. I don't-"he stammered catching the attention of a few of their friends, namely the twins' sidekick, Lee Jordan.

"Oh, so you noticed that too, eh George? I first noticed a few weeks ago as he watched her climb the stair to her dormitory. His eyes nearly bulged out of his head when her knickers showed out of the bottom of her skirt on the higher step!" Lee said laughing loudly.

"Oh shut it, you two. I don't have a 'thing' for Hermione," Fred said using his fingers as quotes around the word 'thing.' Both Lee and George looked at him disbelievingly. Fred sighed before his signature grin returned to his face.

"Honestly. I may have noticed that our little shabby friend is turning to a well-fortified woman, and I am simply admiring the view, that's all."

Lee broke out into a riotous laugh, as did the rest of their group, though those on the outside had no idea what the joke had been. "Admiring the view. That's a good one. Let's see you say that to her."

Fred joined in on the laugh, but he secretly hoped what he said never did get back to Hermione. Because he did have a 'thing' for her, he just wasn't quite sure what it was yet.