me: hello this idea popped up in my head.

He is my hero no matter what. He saved me from a dratini when I was nine. The promise that he would take the viridian gym leader test and he did. I can trust him no matter what.

As I think he is my first love. Even though he doesn't know it yet. But there's someone else that wants his heart and love to. She is a gym leader her name is misty. Blue is trying to help me but red wont figure it out. Green already knows about my crush on red because blue told him to help.

My heart is racing. We were so close but then misty randomly walked by. But that's not why. The reason is that when misty asked what we were doing he said "a date with my girlfriend". That made my heart beat faster. Misty had tears forming but told red that she had to go. She went running off.

I am happy. I am red's girlfriend and red is my boyfriend

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