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Wing Man

Criminal Minds


After a long day at work, the team goes out for drinks. While at the bar, Maddison meets a guy, and Reid meets a girl. After playing pool, Reid tries to convience Hotch to be his Wing man on his date.

Chapter one

It was a typical day at the BAU. Everyone had done their paper work, and was finishing up stuff.

"Whose ready to go to the bar?" JJ asked, as she stood and stretched out.

"Oh let's go!" Exclaimed Garcia from the catwalk above the bullpen.

Seaver, Morgan and Reid also agreed to go. The silence was replaced with talk about which bar, they were thinking about going to. I focused harder on my case file, trying to finish it, but my mind wasn't working. Hasn't been for the past two hours. I absentmindedly rubbed my forehead in frustration.

"Sweet stuff you coming?" Morgan's voice called from his desk. I looked up to see the group including Hotch, waiting for my reply.

I thought for about a fraction of a second before answering. "No." I turned back to my paper work, and continued to work on it. That is until someone closed the file, pulled the pen out of my hand and pulled my chair away from the desk. When I looked up, I realized it wasn't one person but three guys. Rossi, Morgan and Hotch. The rest of the team was laughing at the little exchange.

"Now you can either make this hard or easy." Morgan warned in a seductive voice.

"And if I chose hard?" I asked in my seductive voice.

"Hotch." Was what he replied with.

Suddenly Morgan picked me up, bridal style, while Hotch grabbed my bag and jacket. Rossi was turning the computer off, and pushing my chair in. Morgan carried me all the way into the elevator, regardless of my protesting. Once we were in, and the doors were closed, Morgan sat my down on my feet.

"Was that really necessary?" I asked, with a faint smile on my face, as I retrieved my things from Hotch.

"Yes." Hotch and Morgan answered together. JJ And Seaver were currently laughing with Garcia about all of it, While Rossi had a faint smile on his face, and Reid was trying not to laugh or smile.

The doors opened, and I was literally swept off my feet again by Morgan. When we reached the cars, they all paused and debated on who should drive me. Thinking that if I was to drive alone, I would just go home. And they weren't thinking wrong at all. That was exactly what would have happened if they decided to let me take my car. To my surprise, Reid agreed to go with Rossi, Seaver and JJ were going together. Leaving me with Hotch and Morgan. Hotch opened the passenger side door, and ran to the other side. Morgan slid me in, and closed the door. Then quickly jumped in the back behind me.

We drove to the bar, that was about three to five minutes from the office, while talking about the paper work, and our plans for the weekend. When we pulled up to the parking lot, we noted that we were the first ones there. Luckily we didn't have to wait to long. The others showed up with in a minute of us parking. After we were all out of the vehicles, we walked up to the bar, and walked to the empty table in the back. Then we ordered our drinks, and split up into our little groups. Rossi and JJ went to play darts. Reid and Seaver went and played pool. Garcia and Morgan hit the dance floor. Leaving Hotch and me alone at the table.

"So how come you didn't want to come tonight?" Hotch asked, taking a sip of his beer. Being the first to break the silence.

"Haven't you noticed, they always pair off? Leaving us alone?" I answered with a question of my own.

"That doesn't really answer my question." He replied, leaning back and relaxing as much as Hotch could relax.

"Just gets weird. Reid and Seaver, JJ and Rossi, Morgan and Garcia. Then it's always you and me left alone." I said, trying my best to explain with out hurting his feeling.

"Are you saying that you don't like to spend alone time with your boss?" He asked, coming to conclusion I was trying to hint at.

"Kinda. It's not a bad thing, just awkward is all." I answered as I felt my cheeks warming up at the little comment.

"Awkward how?" He asked.

"Just is, I don't know how to explain it." I replied, taking a sip of my coke. I don't drink, no matter how bad a case was. The team at first thought it was weird, and tried over and over again to get me to drink, only to fail over and over again. I have been working at the BAU for the last four years now.

We were in the middle of a conversion of movies and books, when we heard Reid approach.

"Seaver, stop come on. It's just a girl." Reid was saying when he sat down next to me.

I looked up from the table that I was drawing on with my finger. "What's this I hear about a girl?" I ask, a smile playing on my lips.

"Some girl, walked up to Reid, and started to talk to him. I stepped out of the game, and she stepped in. They got to talking, and then she asked him out, and gave him her number." Seaver answered watching as Reid's cheek darken with ever word she said.

"Was she cute?" I asked Seaver know that Reid wouldn't give me a good answer. Or answer that I was looking for at least.

"Totally. She's blonde, with green eyes, skinny but not horribly skinny, and very sweet." She answered before drinking her beer.

"Nice." I replied, and gave Seaver a high five. "Reid come on. One date, doesn't mean the end of the world." I stated patting his back in support.

"I know." He answered.

"Okay, well I'm going to get something to eat. Excuse me pretty boy." I cooed, as I purposely bumped him with my hip. He slid out of the booth, and let me out. I walked swiftly towards the bar, and sat down on a stool as I ordered myself some food. The bartender said it would take about three minutes.

"Hey there." Said a male voice. I turned to see who was addressing me.

"Hey," I replied stretching my hand out. "I'm Maddie." I smiled, when he took my hand in his.

"Ethen." He stated shaking my hand slowly before dropping it. "Do you come here often?"

"Not really no. I believe this is my first night. You?" I asked hating to explain why I don't go to bars often.

"Every Tuesday through Thursday." He responded with a smile that showed off his perfect white teeth.

"Why just those days?" I asked leaning my head the right, and resting it on my hand.

"I like change of scenery. I go two of the best bars in town. This one and the one on farther down the street about a mile." He answered.

"Nice, well it's been a pleasure to meet you Ethen, but I've got to go back to my group. Later." I stated, as I grabbed my plate of food, and went to table my group was sitting at.

"Hotch come on! You can't just have me go alone! What if this girl is a serial killer? Or worst!" Reid was saying when I reached the table.

"Reid come on, not everyone is a serial killer." Garcia said.

"I know but still. Hotch you can't feed me to the sharks." Reid whined.

"Why can't you take Morgan or Rossi? Their more of the wing man type." I put in, as I sat down next to Hotch since everyone took the other seats. Not that I minded, I loved the edge seat. Well at least until someone pushed me off, or tried to anyways.

"Morgan's got a date, and Rossi's going out with some old friends." Reid answered tearing his eyes off of Hotch.

"Umm…" I answered, shoving a french-fry into my mouth. Morgan Reached across the table, and stole one. "Morgan, if you wanted some, I would have gotten a bigger order."

"Ah, but stealing yours is so much funner." He smirked, stealing another one.

"Haha." I laughed, standing up and walking away to order two more plates.

"Back again so soon?" Ethen smiled, after I placed my order again.

"Friends keep stealing my food. So I'm getting them some." I answered, hoping my order was going to take as long. Suddenly I felt someone reach a arm around my waist.

"Honey, make sure you get enough this time." Hotch's voice stated in my ear.

I tried not to tense up, and just play along. "Sure thing, be back over soon." I smiled as I gave his arm a small squeeze. Hotch placed a tender kiss on my cheek, before returning to the table. I watched as he walked away, and started to think about what just happened.

"So whose your boyfriend?" Ethen asked, unfrazzled by the little exchange.

"Aaron." I answered, without really thinking about his question, grabbing my food and turning to walk away. "Later Ethen." I smiled as I walked to the table. "Hotch what was that about?" I whispered when I sat down and placed the food out. Keeping a plate near myself.

"You tensed up when he started to speak to you." He replied as he started to eat some fries as well.

"So anyways, Hotch, you have to come. It's in the rule book." Reid stated through a mouth full of fries.

"Fine I'll come. When is this 'date' of yours?" Hotch asked smiling.

"Saturday, at six. We're meeting at the new restaurant down the street." Reid replied smiling at his victory.

"Great, but I'll only come on one condition."

"Anything." Reid answered quickly.

"Maddie has to come with me." Hotch stated, causing me to spit out the sip of coke I just took.

"What…?" I coughed patting my chest and taking another drink.

"If I have to go, so do you." Hotch stated.

"Umm…No I don't…The point of a wing man is that the other one is single…But if you ask me, I think that wing men are over rated." I stated, finishing the last part of my sentence softly.

"That guy at the bar keeps looking at you." JJ encountered, nodding towards Ethen, who was staring at me, and talking to his friend.

"Ethen." I said with out thinking.

"Whose Ethen?" Garcia asked, looking back and forth between me and Ethen and back again.

"Some guy."

"You don't like him?" Rossi asked, in a tone that sounded more like it was meant as a statement then anything else.

"I don't know him that well."

"Well he sure has his eye on you." Seaver observed with the rest of the group.

"I saw you talking to him. What did we guys talk about?" Morgan asked, joining in on the conversion.

"Nothing, actually, I don't even remember what he said, beside his name was Ethen, and that he comes here ever Tuesday and Thursday."

"Wonder, why his smiling at you, but glaring at Hotch." Rossi wondered out loud.

"Because, I made it clear that she wasn't single." Hotch answered glaring back that man on the stool. Ethen, locked eyes with Hotch before he looked away.

"You did what?" Asked Reid and Morgan at the same time.

"What?" Hotch asked innocently.

"What did you do?" Rossi asked.

"What did you say?" Garcia asked at the same time.

"All I did was let him know that she's not interested, and that's that." Hotch replied not giving any details away.

"He wrapped an arm around my waist, and called me honey, said to make sure I got enough this time, and then kissed my cheek before returning to you guys. Are you seriously telling me that not a single one of you guys saw that?" I asked looking around at my teammates, earning six head shakes. "And you call yourselves profilers." I smirked under my breathe.

"All I was doing was helping out." Hotch said, who he said it to is the question.

"And I thank you for that. I don't know what it is, but something feels off about that guy." I stated glancing at Ethen for the third time now.

After the talk about Ethen died down, we talked about a lot of other things, as we finished our drinks and the fries. When we were done drinking and eating, we got up and walked out of the bar. Hotch drove Seaver, Morgan and me back to the BAU so we could get our vehicles. While Rossi took Reid home, and JJ went home to Henry and Will.

When we arrived at the BAU parking lot, everyone but Hotch got out of the car. Hotch waved good night to all of us, before driving away, towards his house. I waved towards Morgan and Seaver as they got into their car, and headed towards mine. I unlocked the door, with my keychain remote, and climbed in. Once I had my iPod playing, and the window down, I backed up, and pulled out of the parking lot. Getting home only took two minutes. Which was plenty for me, considering how tired I had became. After parking my car, and making sure everything I need was out, and it was locked, I head up to my apartment. When I reached my hall, I made sure I had the right key ready. I reached my door, and unlocked it, walking in.

I took off my shoes and jacket at the door, after I closed it. Then took my purse and everything else to my room. I pulled my Pajamas out of the drawer, and put them on. Then went to the restroom, brushed my teeth and took my contacts out. After washing my face, and making sure everything was set out for the next day, I climbed into my big warm bed pulling the covers over my body. I reached over the night stand, and pulled my book out, opening to the page I had left off on and began to read. After about reading three chapters, I put the book away, and turned my lamp off. Rolled on to my right side, and closed my eyes.

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