So i was reading some of my old stories and noticed a lot of mistakes in them. So I will be going through them and correcting the mistakes. Bare With me it will take some time.

Update on Secrets And Lies:

Yes it is still a story. NO it is not over. Yes I will be posting morechapters. Again I reread the story that i had written out. Also there are some parts that need to be added and more detailed so again bare with me.

Update on The Love For A Daughter:

Yes it's a story. However I didn't like where it was or where it was going the first time. So I'm still getting all the plot bunnies together and working out some kinks.

Update on the next Hotch/Reid story:

Yes I am working on another story with them. However I have a couple of plot Bunnies hopping around. But they're not full stories yet. So Until I have an actual story line I won't be posting anything.

I still don't have my own computer so I won't be posting or updating much maybe once a week or once every other week. With a new born, a full time job, and needing to get something in my life in order it will take me a while to do stuff like update, post, and get the stories written/typed out. NO I AM NOT DEAD! Just really really really busy.