Okay, I need people to help me out with this fanfiction. It's a truth or dare thing, and five truths/dares make up a chapter. You can also set a record for how many truths and dares you submit AT ONE TIME.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Diary of a Wimpy Kid characters. I own their responses to the dares and truths, and a few of the dares/truths. I will let you know if a dare/truth is someone else's idea.

Greg- I dare you to tell Rodrick your crush.


Mom: Gregory Heffley!


Rodrick: Yes!

Greg: Oh well. Fine. Holly Hills.

Rodrick: HA HA! I will go tell her about it right-

GH: Sorry, Rodrick. Everything is confidential in here.

Rodrick: WHAT THE F-

Mom: Ahem.

Rodrick: Uhh, flip?

Greg: *starts singing a happy song*

Rowley- I ask you, what is your most embarrassing childhood memory?

Rowley: Umm…

Greg: Oh! I know!

GH: Greg, is your name Rowley?

Greg: No.

Rowley: mumblemumble.

GH: Speak up.

Rowley: When I ate the Cheese, okay?

Everyone: *screams and runs away*

Rodrick- I dare you to play Manny's Discovering the Alphabet video game.

Rodrick: No way!


Manny: Agree with Bubby.

Greg: Don't call me that!

GH: Rodrick…

Rodrick: *starts video game torture*

Video Game: What comes after two and rhymes with 'tree?'

Rodrick: SAVE ME!

GH: *in happy video game voice* Wrong. You lose. However, it did rhyme with tree. Good job!

Greg- I dare you to tell everyone in the school that your brother calls you Bubby.



GH: Rodrick, shut up.

Greg: *shuffles off to school* Um, I am Greg, also known as Bubby by my little brother.

Kids from school: *laugh uncontrollably*

Holly- I dare you to throw away your purse and everything in it.

Holly: NEVER!

GH: Okay, I'll do it for you!

Holly: *flings her purse away from GreekHuntress, resulting in it flying into a conveniently placed trash can*

Holly: *rushes over to trash can to save her stuff*

So I hope you were laughing so that people gave you funny looks ;) Have fun! Look on my profile for the current truths/dares record! Try not to kill me, this is a dangerous occupation.