Hey! I'm going to go ahead and write all the next chapters I can for this story.

GH: Insert Name Here sent in a, well, peculiar dare. Here it is verbatim.

I dare Rodrick, Greg, Rowley, and Manny to say to Mom EVERY BAD WORD THAT THEY KNOW! and if she trees to silence them or wash their mouths out, well, *opens curtains revealing a vat of lava and a Manny-sized chair held above it and sitting on the chair is a lava-proof suit* *talks with a hillbilly accent* WE'LL BE EATIN' FRIED MANNY TONIGHT, FOLKS! MM MM GOOD!

GH: So, Rodrick, Greg, Rowley, Manny...

Rodrick: *many very bad words*

Greg: *many very bad words he learned from Rodrick*

Manny: *many very bad words he learned from Rodrick, Greg, and watching R-rated movies late at night secretly*

Rowley: Heck.

Mrs. Heffley: *passes out*

GH: One, this is actually rated K+. And two, Rowley, that's technically not a swear word.

Rowley: My mom says it is.

GH: I feel sorry for you.

GH: PrincessBijou PrinceHamtaro gave us some more truths/dares too! I'm going to give her a special guest appearance-

Rodrick: Muahahaha... revenge...

GH:-after Rodrick does a dare.

Rodrick: Um... okay...

Rodrick—Apologize to PrincessBijou PrinceHamtaro and never try to kill her again.

Rodrick: But... but... I was going to... but... Fine. *looks at knife being held to his throat by GreekHuntress* I'm sorry, PrincessBijou PrinceHamtaro. I promise to never try to hurt or kill you again.

GH: Okay! Now for the guest appearance!

PrincessBijou PrinceHamtaro: *appears* More Rodrick torture! Hooray! *disappears*

Rodrick: I am not happy.

GH: You shouldn't be. The other two dares and the truth are all for you.

Rodrick: Now I'm really not happy.

GH: If I told you there was a spider on your head-


GH: His day just keeps getting worse and worse, doesn't it? Once when I was relaxing in the bath, I grabbed a washcloth and when I looked at it closely (unfortunately, after wiping my face) I found a spider on it. So much for relaxing.

Rodrick: *hits himself in the head with Chirag*

Chirag: Hey!

GH: Time for the truth!

Rodrick, I ask you: Would you really attack PrincessBijou PrinceHamtaro? (Special message from her: I'm a girl, dude!)

Rodrick: Well, seeing as she tortures me the most and delights in it, yes. I would. I'm not chivalrous, you know...

Heather: Oh no! Help! Save me from the crazy murderer! Ahhhh!

Rodrick: I'll save you, helpless maiden!

Heather: Just kidding.

Rodrick: Oops...

GH: Hey. I need to write another chapter, maybe two after this. So shut up and let me say the dares. Or I'll use that lava pit Insert Name Here so kindly sent to us.

Everyone: *shuts up*

Rodrick—Wear a diaper and bib and drink from a bottle for the rest of the... story.


GH: You already sound like one...


GH: … *snaps fingers*

Rodrick: *watches diaper, bib, and bottle materialize on him*

GH: I control this realm! You cannot resist me!

Rodrick: Shut up.

GH: You will absolutely love the next dare, judging by the way you reacted to this one.

Rodrick: I hate you.

GH: I hate you too, Rodrick.

Rodrick—Let Greg take a video of you eating baby food and talking like a baby and then post it on the convenient Youtube.

Rodrick: Hey, guess what. I wrote a poem for you and PrincessBijou PrinceHamtaro.

GreekHuntress, I really really hate you

And I hate PrincessBijou PrinceHamtaro too

Because you are so evil

And I couldn't find a rhyme for evil

I wish that I could kill both of you

Because you're really not cool

GH: Poetry isn't really his strong suit, is it? Now, here's a video camera for you, Greg, and a can of baby food for you, Rodrick... hmm hmm.

Greg: *sets up video camera*

Rodrick: *starts eating baby food, which is something slimy and green* Uhhh... ga ga. Gee hu tiss meen. Gee hu tiss meen.

GH: Hey! Say, like, ga ga instead.

Rodrick: *chokes on baby food* Pih sess bishoo pins ha taro meen.

GH: Stop that!

Rodrick: *starts coughing and choking*

Rodrick: *dies*

GH: He seems to do that a lot, doesn't he?

And that's the end of the chapter! I deliberately made that poem very crappy XD