A/N: Alright everyone this is the last chapter for A Winter's Game. I am planning a sequel because I can't leave everything as it is. It may take a little longer…But I swear the next one will be good or even better. Enjoy this last chapter!

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Nyra rolled over slowly, running her hand down the warm fur under her hand. She pulled it closer. Her hands thought it was Robb. They actually longed for it to be Robb. She slowly opened her eyes when the fur began to whine a little. It took her eyes a long moment to adjust. The light was strange where she was. She could feel the heat hanging in the air, but the sun seemed to be down. She sat up slowly when a wet tongue touched her hand. She turned.

"Nightshadow," she whispered. "Where are we?"

Nyra tried to set up more, but the world spun violently. She felt sick to her stomach as she stared down at the strange sheets and garments she wore. The fabric was sheer enough to see through. It hung loosely and didn't even touch her skin. She felt sweat on the ends of her hair. The direwolf next to her was panting hard. She started to call out when she heard the curtains behind her open. Nightshadow let out a loud growl.

"Oh shut up, mutt," the voice said with a slight amusement.

Nyra suddenly felt the heat drain from the room. She turned her head slowly to keep the dizzy spell from getting any worse. Her heart jumped into her throat when she saw the figure standing in her doorway. Jamie Lannister stood in the doorway of the small room in bright, white armor that glistened in the low light. Nyra could make out the spotless cloak on his back. His hair was longer, and he still had his beard. However, she knew it was Jamie. He stood there for a long moment and then walked in. His sword clanked at his side. He moved to the chair beside the bed and sat down.

"Where am I?" Nyra asked with a hoarse voice.

Nyra hadn't realized that her mouth was so dry. The air tasted of sand and made it hard to swallow. Jamie leaned forward, pouring her a small glass of water. He handed her the glance as his eye roamed down her body. She wanted to cover herself up, but she was already having a hard enough time breathing. She took the glass slowly, trying not to look at Jaime.

"You are King's Landing," he said, folding his arms across his chest.

Nyra looked up suddenly. Fear was etched all over her face. She had wanted to get to King's Landing, but not like this. Jamie looked at her and started to laugh.

"Don't worry," Jamie replied. "My sister doesn't know you are here."

Nyra took a long drink of water. Staring at Jamie in his whites was strange. She remembered seeing him in them when he came to Winterfell, but they seemed different now. She sat the glass down and sat up more. Her body was weak. She could feel her broken ribs ache as she tried to inhale.

"How long have I been like this?"

"You have been sleeping for almost two weeks now."

Nyra's eyes widened. "Two weeks?"

Jamie nodded. "Off and on."

Nyra could feel the boot heels crash into her and the fists. Her hand slowly slid down to her stomach. She already knew what had happened. She knew the moment the fist had hit. She closed her eyes for a moment, hoping to feel some sort of movement. Jamie suddenly reached out and touched her hand. Nyra looked up slowly.

"Did my baby survive?" she asked, dreading the answer.

Jamie shook his head. "I got you to a midwife, but you almost died in the birthing."

Jamie looked sad for a long time. Nyra knew what that meant. She waited for him to confirm it though. "The baby was already dead."

Nyra could only nod a little. She looked up at Jamie for a moment. His hand was still on top of hers. She thought of moving it, but it felt strange to have warm flesh touch hers. Finally, she pulled away from him. Jamie started to say something when the flap of a curtain opened. A giggly girl with her dress half off stood there with a young knight hanging on her arm. Nightshadow growled loudly and started to his feet. The girl looked at Jamie for a long moment.

"Sorry, my lord," she giggled a little and backed out of the room.

Nyra touched Nightshadow's back. The wolf laid back down at her feet. His eyes was still glued to the door. She turned back to Jaime with a dark look.

"This is the safest place in the city," Jamie said quickly.

"A brothel?"

Jamie shrugged. He got to his feet and walked over to the small window. Nyra watched him as she leaned back against the pillows. She could think of nothing to say. Jamie saved her and then brought her to the one place she feared. Nyra slowly looked up.

"What about Sansa?" Nyra said with the last bit of hope she had.

Jamie turned back to her. He reached up, running his hand through his hair. He took a long, deep breath. Nyra knew what that meant. He was hiding something.

"Jamie, where is my sister?" Nyra growled.

Jamie turned to her. He had that strange Lannister look on his face. He smiled a little, walking over to the bed. Nyra looked up at him for a long moment. She could see why so many women fell for him, but at the same time, she understood why she hated him. She could see the Lannister arrogance seething off him as he tried to pretend that she was not in the room.

"You call her sister," Jamie started. "She cares nothing for the North, her brother, or you."

Nyra glared at him. "And I doubt that she cares that much about your family."

Jamie turned to her with his cocky grin. He started to say something when there was a loud moan from the other side of the wall. Nyra's glared deepen as another woman's voice matched the sound. If she had a chance to grab a weapon, she would use it on Jaime just for doing her this dishonor. She looked up at him and all he could manage was a small smile.

"She did care about my family once," Jamie said and walked over to some wine. "Like you did."

Nyra looked up at him and began to argue. The look Jamie sent her told her quickly not to deny it. And she couldn't. There was a time like every other girl in the Seven Kingdoms, she would have given anything to be married to Jamie.

"What changed, Nyra?" Jamie asked, taking a long sip of the wine.

Nyra took a drink of her water. Her mind went back to the day that she wanted no more to do with Jaime. She had been happy with the prospect once.

"I realized something," Nyra said softly.

Nightshadow moved toward her, laying his head on her legs. Nyra found her fingers running through the wolf's coat. Jamie watched her. He could guess the realization that she had. He remembered her contempt for him and how she had run to Wall to escape. However, he wondered if the realization was the right one.

"Why did you save me?" Nyra suddenly asked.

"I couldn't exactly leave you on the ground to die," Jamie said and moved closer to the bed.

Nyra looked up at him for a long time. He could have left her, and she knew that. He even could have left her at the midwife's. Did he bring her for another reason? She stared at him for a long moment, trying to think of something to say. Suddenly, he sat down on the edge of the bed. Nyra moved away from him a little, only to be blocked by Nightshadow.

"I thought of leaving you," Jamie started. "At the midwife's but I knew as soon as you were well, you would come here. But there is one problem with my plan."

"I was supposed to die?"

Jamie shook his head. "No. Sansa is missing."

Nyra suddenly looked up. "What?"

"The journey here wasn't easy," Jamie said. "I came back weaker than I thought and so were you."

"That doesn't explain what happened to Sansa," Nyra growled.

"She ran away."

"How? When?"

"The night the King died."

Nyra coughed on her drink. She almost spit it up to hear him say that. This made two Kings she had managed to live too. Then, she put that together. That meant Joffrey was dead.

"Did Sansa kill him?"

"My sweet sister thinks so," Jamie started and then sighed. "I think it was Tyrion."

Nyra looked up. "Tyrion?"

Jamie nodded. Nyra watched him for a moment. She could see that he didn't want to believe what he was saying. He didn't want Tyrion to be the bad guy.

"What do you believe?" Nyra asked softly.

"I don't believe Sansa did it," Jamie said with no doubt. "She was always the softest of the Starks."

Nyra nodded a little. Sansa was the soft one of the group. Killing would not come easy for her. Unless it was with something that didn't bring blood.

"How did the King die?" Nyra asked.

"He choked to death."

Nyra almost smiled. Joffrey choking would be a sight that she would enjoy too much. She hoped that it was on something small that could have easily been swallowed.

"What did he choke on?" she tried to hide her chuckle.

"Poison caused him to stop breathing, and he began to choke. He clawed at his throat, trying to get breath."

Nyra swallowed. She could see Jamie was trying to hold himself at a distance, but the pain was still there. He had lost a child. She reached out and touched his hand.

"How does it feel to lose a child?" Nyra asked.

Jamie looked up at her. She could see his hand, reaching for his sword. He wanted to draw it or most likely hit her. She didn't know that he would actually care this much about his bastard.

"He wasn't my child."

Nyra looked up at him. "He was your child."

"But Robert raised him."

"No, your sister raised him."

Jamie started to answer when there was a loud crash downstairs. It was followed by another crash and other sounds. Jamie got to his feet and walked to the door. He took a deep breath.

"I better go downstairs," Jamie said. "Put a stop to this."

Nyra nodded. Jamie walked from the room, leaving her with Nightshadow. The wolf listened to the sounds and kept growling lowly. Nyra laid back against the pillows. Her body felt strange. She had gotten used to carrying her child. Now, her body felt empty. Her hand rested on her stomach as she tried to fall back asleep. The dream took her back to day she would rather forget.

The air was heavy and dry around the tourney yard. It was a rare, hot day in the Knot. Weather like this usually signaled the rainy season. Nyra walked through the tents at her father's side. Her silk and satin gown was a dark blue and silver with a matching cloak.

The lances were cracking as they took their seats on the high yard. Nyra looked around the field, looking for his white armor. Jamie Lannister rode at the edge of the field, preparing for his turn. He seemed to be watching the pavilion as she watched the field. Was he looking for her? She doubted it. There were women there far more beautiful than she was. She heard her father whispering something to her, but she was not really listening.

There was a sudden call to the riders. Jamie rode up, tall, proud, shining as brightly as his big, white courser. Nyra had to fight the urge to stand for him. He rode to the pavilion and pulled out a white rose.

"To the lady of the tourney," he said with a large smile that showed off his perfect teeth.

Nyra stood slowly and took the rose. Jamie looked at her, but it was only for a moment. He met her eyes and then looked to someone else. He quickly turned back to Nyra.

"May I wear your favor?" he asked softly.

Nyra pulled a yellow sash from under her cloak. She leaned forward, tying it around Jamie's arm. She knew that all the eyes were on her at the moment. She tied it gently and took a long smell of her roses.

"Good luck, my lord," Nyra whisp there whispered.

Suddenly, the dream changed to Nyra walking through the tents. She was going to see Jamie. She could hear voices coming from all of them. Most of the voices were men; she did hear a few women that sounded more like whores. She came around the corner to one of the larger tents with a lion across the flap. She started toward it when she heard voices.

"That was quite a show you put on," it was a smooth female voice.

"If I didn't know better you sound jealous," Jamie replied.

The woman laughed. "Jealous of that little fool. Please."

Jamie laughed a little. "Come here."

That was when the voices suddenly stopped. Nyra moved closer to the tent, when she heard something fall. She walked to the flap where the sounds changed. She could hear the hard breath coming from inside. She moved the flap just slightly. The sight before her made her breath catch. Queen Cersi was bent over a table with Jamie behind her. Her dress was thrown over her hips, and Jamie's pants were loose.

Nyra suddenly awoke in a cold sweat. She thought that day had been forgotten. She tried to shake the memory from her head. That was the realizations she had had that day. Jamie would never love her the way he did he sister and all his vows would mean nothing. She slid from the bed slowly. Her strength had returned in the time she had slept. She walked over to the window when the door behind her opened.

The man in the doorway stared at her for a moment. Nightshadow gave her a low, warning growl. The man didn't seemed fazed by it. He moved closer, and Nyra could see the bottle swinging from his hand.

"You should leave," she warned.

"So the new whore isn't good enough to serve anyone but the Kingslayer," the man taunted and kept moving closer.

Nightshadow flew out of the corner in a blur. The man tried to block, but the wolf landed a firm hard bite on his arm. The man brought the bottle up.

"No!" Nyra screamed and rushed toward him.

She was too slow and the bottle flew across Nightshadow's jaw. The wolf let go of him, falling back. The man turned, grabbing her. Nyra screamed out when he pushed her toward the bed. She tried to fight and claw at him. She was too weak to fight him like she should. He slammed her down on the bed. Nyra felt his hands rip at the gown. The fabric was so sheer it wouldn't be hard to get it off.

"Stop!" Nyra shrieked as she reached for a vase.

The man spun her over and suddenly felt a fist across her face. Nyra tasted blood in her mouth as he yanked her up. He started to reach for her dress when blood exploded all over her face, neck, and gown. She opened her eyes to find the man a knife through his throat. Nyra pushed the body away when a hand grabbed her. She started to pull away.

"Nyra. You're safe."

Nyra turned around to find Robb standing over her. His cloak and tunic were loose from the heat. His hair hung loosely around his face. And his beard had grown out more. She stared at him for a moment and then flew into his arms. He held her tightly and started to kiss her.

Nyra awoke. She stared around the room, finding it was daylight out. Nightshadow lay in the shadows, sleeping. The last dream flooded back to her. It felt so real. Robb had been here. She started to get up when the door opened. She looked up to find Jamie there. Her heart sank into her stomach. She was never going to see her husband or the North again.