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Prolouge: The forbidden Jutsus

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"All right!" yelled a very enthusiastic blonde as he looked at an identical blonde in front of him "I got Kage Bunshin down on my first try things are finally looking up for old Naruto."

"Hmm Mizuki still has an hour to arrive here so I guess I'll learn a few more Jutsus while I'm at it. " Murmured one very pleased Naruto after dispelling the clone who was being emo about not being summoned for anything fun.

"Now let's see this next jutsu….Life is a Game no Jutsu? There's a note attached to it maybe this will help me understand it…"

"Hello fellow ninja I as the Fourth Hokage have one thing to request if you want to learn this jutsu...Please! For the love of fucking KAMI! DO NOT use this dam jutsu PLEASE! Come on just keep reading, Edo Tensei is a little farther ahead use that who wouldn't want their own personal zombie army? Come on… YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! At the end of the note was a crudely drawn picture of the fourth Hokage that seemed to be colored in with crayon.

"I may not be smart, but I'm pretty sure zombie equals undead which equals ghost…. Soooo fuck that shit." Shuddered Naruto as he thought of the only thing that can manage to scare him…. Ghosts.

Hey Goku is scared of needles so don't judge him!

"Good thing this only has one handseal" our favorite blonde thought as he put his hands in the boar sign "LIFE IS A GAME NO JUTSU!"

Annnnnd nothing happened

"What the hell? Well that sucked… I still have 45 minutes so.. NEXT!" yelled the blonde as he continued reading the scroll.

"Action Replay no Jutsu?... sweet maybe I can control time that'd make me Hokage even faster!"

Naruto then began to notice another note not unlike the one before which, if someone were to ask him, still seemed too much for a non working jutsu.

"If you are reading this just use your blood break the seal on the scroll to release the objects. This will be completely useless unless you used the previous jutsu, which you didn't right?...after all you would not disobey your Hokage right? Naruto began to sweat "knowing my luck you probably did..damnit..if you are reading this Naruto you are a very bad boy! Listen to your father when he tells you not to do apocalyptic Jutsus!" Naruto would have dropped the scroll right then and there if the whole experience didn't seem so unreal "And if this isn't Naruto FUCK YOU!…you've killed us all… I can only hope that I die before your dumbass used that jutsu"

After getting over his shock and preparing a lot of questions he will want answered when he next sees his pseudo-grandpa, Naruto unsealed the objects which appeared to be a crimson ring and an empty white book.

"Now if you unsealed the object put the ring on your right middle finger and channel chakra into the book. The book will be a strategy guide for you to refer to in your future battles and will help you prepare for each fight that may happen in the future."

"Sothis book can see into the future? That's pretty cool I guess but what about the ring?"

"You're probably wondering about the ring now well after you put it on the ring will not disappear no matter what you do, it has now bonded to you for life. What the ring does is once you snap your fingers you will be able to "pause" reality and gain access to all of the "cheats" available to you. Cheats will give you the ability to do ANYTHING so have fun the rest you must figure out yourself. Goodluck!

"Well I guess it is time to turn the scroll into Mizuki, but I still have a few minutes might aswell find out who I'm fighting first I bet it's Sasuke-teme" Naruto yelled excitedly as he opened the now orange book with his name on it.

Naruto: chapter1:the unveiled secret.


Stats: 500 HP 135Chakra

Skills: windmill Shuriken toss/Taunt

Player support characters: Iruka

Stats: 500 hp 100 Chakra

Skills:Windmill Shuriken toss/Protect

Player: Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze(Naruto rose an eyebrow at that. He is definitely getting answers DAMNIT)

stats: 200 HP 750 Chakra

Skills:Kage Bunshin/regeneration

Advise: it is advised to let Iruka fight until he uses protect, to save the player, which will immobilize him for the remainder of the battle allowing the player to spam clones and finish the battle.

Naruto blinked as he read the page "But that means Mizuki betrayed me, and what's this? Iruka gets immobilized trying to save me..No not this time" Naruto's eyes shone with determination "I won't let Iruka get hurt because of me!" the blonde stated as he raised his right hand.


Everything froze as the blonde was suddenly faced with a list of cheats for him to use. He began to cycle through them and picks the cheats he wants.

Max Charm Check

Max strength Check

Max defense check

Max luck Check

Max Dexterity Check

Max intelligence Check

Max Speed Check

Hp 9999 Check

Infinite Chakra Check

All Naruto's jutsu unlocked Check(yes I mean ALL of his Jutsus and abilities)

Are these cheats ok? YES!


Naruto currently was bombarded with powers and knowledge and when it was done the only three words that would be able to accurately tell how he felt would be..

"OH HELLS YES!" the blonde roared just as Iruka entered the clearing

"Naruto how could you steal the forbidden scroll!"Iruka admonished

Naruto looked towards then above him at the tree branch Mizuki just landed on and smirked.

"Your ass is grass teme and I'M the mower-ttebayo"

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