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Years after the Journey for the Arcana Force The X7 army has grown as more and more heroes joined their ranks, but soon a new threat comes to the multiverse can our heroes stop it!?

Who will defend multiverse?


"Ninja..." The blonde said coldly from behind Rebuke.

"KYAAAA!" Rebuke shouted as he leapt away from the ninja, who was laughing his ass off.

"Oh kami, you screamed like a bitch! HAHAHA! I'm dying!" Rebuke glared at him before dialing another number.


"I am sick and tired of all these mother fucking people joking about my single mother fucking attack!" Ichigo roared as he flung Zangetsu.




Paragon Action

"Alright here's the plan." John began as he looked at the assembled heroes. "First we'll-"


"Alright fuck the bullshit, let's do this!" Jane shouted as she charged forward leaving a group of gaping heroes behind.


The men looked at each other for a bit longer, when suddenly a large crystal rose pattern filled the room.

"KYAAA!" The room shouted in fear as lightning appeared on Odin.

"Wow, a room full of pansies...why am I not surprised." Lightning drawled as she slid from the top of the horse, and de-summoned it.


"I swear I better get laid for this!" Rebuke shouted as he ran at the goddess.


Waking up tiredly, a confused as hell Rebuff gaped as she turned to see a snoring Rebuke next to her, both stark naked.

"You son of a bitch." The woman muttered as Rebuke woke up suddenly and stared at the glaring woman, positive that he was about to die.

"Doesn't matter, had sex." Rebuke stated simply before going back to sleep.


"You know speaking of missing ANBU there is a group of rampant ninjas that watch people masturbate running around." Jorn said seriously. "I seem to be their main target I killed three more yesterday."

"So that's where root went!" Naruto said as light bulb seemed to turn on his head. "By all means, keep killing them."

ROSE? Wait what the hell?

"Hold up let me get this straight…you WEREN'T the original leader of X7?" Jorn questioned with wide eyes as he looked at a wide eyed Rebuke, who was still gaping at the long black haired woman who had blazing red eyes.

"Rebuke, love,…why is this brat wearing my jacket and using my gun?" Rose questioned as she pointed at Jorn.

Shit is about to hit the fan in LIAG MOVIE 2: Legacy of Rhen! Coming soon to a RebukeX7 or 117Jorn profile page near you!

-lack of Spider-Man or Natsu will be explained in the movie-

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