Danny Phantom & Fullmetal alchemist


The Philosopher's Stone Chapter 1

Danny 15

Sam 15

Tucker 15

Jazz 17

Edwards 15

Al 14

Winry 15

takes place sometime after Phantom Planet and during Road of hope.

Alchemy: the science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all-powerful art; it is impossible to create something out of nothing. If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. This is the Law of Equivalent Exchange, the basis of all alchemy. In accordance with this law, there is a taboo among alchemists: human transmutation is strictly forbidden - for what could equal the value of a human soul.

A young man with golden eyes and blond hair was standing on a hill overlooking the village of Resembool where he grew up. The young man's name is Edward Elric…mostly known as the fullmetal alchemist. Every state alchemist is given a code name.

Ed joined the State Military after Roy Mustang came to see him. Alongside him was his brother Alphonse Elric who's soul is trapped in a suit of armor after trying to bring back there dead mother. Ed lost his left leg ,his brother lost his entire body. In a desperate effort to save his brother, Edward sacrificed his right arm to affix Alphonse's soul to a suit of armor. Since then they have been looking for a way to get there body's back. Winry Rockbell and her grandmother Pinako helped give Ed an auto mail arm and leg to help him on his journey.

Edward and Alphonse returned to Resembool to see Winry and to get Ed's auto mail fixed after Scar attack him and destroyed his auto mail. Winry about killed him when she seen that her auto mail was destroyed. Winry told them it would take three days to rebuild his arm and leg. Al would have to wait for now, until Ed's auto mail is fixed. With the help of Alex Armstrong, Al could come with Ed to the hill to look over Resembool.

Al looked over at his brother and asked… brother do you miss being here?

Ed just looked at him and said …yes Al I do.

Al then looked at up and saw something bright green falling from the sky.

In a different dimension

A young man with baby blue eyes and jet black hair was inside a lap. The young man's name was Danny Fenton (mostly known as Danny Phantom) Danny has ghost powers, thanks to his girlfriend Samantha Manson and his best friend Tucker Foley.

The whole world knows about Danny's powers, after he saved the world from an asteroid. Since then, Danny has been relaxing in the lap, working on mapping out the ghost zone. A world filled with ghost.

Danny's two parents Jack Fenton and Maddie Fenton are Ghost hunters. They hunt down ghost and study them. One day they built a ghost portal to get to the ghost zone. It did not work so they just quit. When Danny and his friends Sam and tucker told him to go in… Danny at first was like no way I'm not going in there, until Sam told him about all the things that could happen. That's when Danny put on his suit and walked in to the portal and he hit a button that turned on the portal. It infuses his DNA with ectoplasm. Transforming him into a half ghost boy nicknamed "The Halfa" by the rest of the ghost community.

His sister Jazz Fenton (short for Jasmine) has all ways been there for him. She was walking down to the lap to check on Danny. With her there was Sam and tucker. There they saw Danny on the computer. They walked over to him

Danny looked behind him and saw Jazz, Sam and tucker. Hey guys what's up? Danny asked.

We were looking for you. Sam said while looking at him.

Well you found me. Danny said while smiling at them.

Just as Sam was about to say something the computer screen started beeping CODE RED! CODE RED!

Danny looked at the screen and started typing away at it.

Danny what's going on? Sam asked.

It's saying there is something fast moving our way. Danny said still looking at the screen.

Well can you tell what it is? Tucker asked.

Danny just kept looking at the screen typing away I got a lock on it. Danny said. But I'm not getting an ectoplasm reading on it. Danny said.

What do you mean it's not picking up ectoplasm on it? Jazz said.

Danny started running to the portal to shut it down, but it was too late. It was all ready there.

There stood a pure white, nearly formless figure.

Danny hurried up an tuned ghost, ready to fight.

Danny asks… who are you?

It looked at him and said… I am the one you call the world, the universe, God, truth, all, one, and I am you. It said pointing to Danny.

Danny just looked at him. What do you want? He asked.

It looked back at him with a big smile on its face and said I want you.

Danny got ready for the fight, but it wasn't moving. Danny just stood there waiting.

Sam and Tucker didn't move. They felt if they moved it might attack them.

It looked at Danny and said… I wish not to fight young phantom. All I want is you to come with me.

Danny looked at Sam and them and back at it and said why do you want me to come with you?

It looked at him and said …I need you to come with me .I can't tell you why.

Danny said… sorry no deal! If you won't tell me I'm not going.

It looked at Danny and said… you don't have a choice.

Just then a door opened up behind Danny and sucked him in. Sam, Tucker and Jazz were sucked in as well. It just smiled and faded away.

Danny felt his body being ripped apart. He could feel it ripping, it hurt! Danny couldn't take the pain, but just as the pain had started, the pain just stopped. Then he felt himself fall into blackness.

With Ed and Al

Al looked over at his brother and asked… brother do you miss being here?

Ed just looked at him and said… yes Al I do.

Al then looked up and saw something bright green falling from the sky.

Brother do you see that? Al asked.

Ed looked up and seen what Al was talking about. Yeah Al I do! He said.

Just then, the bright green light landed right next to them. Ed pushed Al out of the way, so he would not get hit by the green light. Al was still in his box while Ed went to look at what fell out of the sky. There was a boy who looked like he was hurt! He yelled out telling Al what he found. Ed walked back up to Al and dragged him with his left hand, to bring him to the boy. Who fell from the sky.

So brother… what are we going to do with him? Al asked, while looking at his brother.

I don't know. I can't leave you here by yourself. Ed said ,while looking at Al.

Just when Ed said that… Alex came running towards them. Once he saw them with the boy on the ground. He asks… what happened here?

Well, you won't believe us, but he fell out of the sky. Ed said to Alex.

Alex looked at them. Ed, tell the truth. He said to Ed.

Ed got really mad…I'M TELLING YOU THE TRUTH!

Al looked at Alex and said…it's true! We saw a bright green light coming towards us! It landed here and we found this boy knocked out! Al said to Alex.

Alex just looked at him, still not believing them. Well let's get him back to the house. He said looking at the boy.

Ed stood up and started walking back to the house, when Al said… umm brother what about me?

Ed froze in place. He forgot to get Al and with a leg that's not auto mail and only one arm, how is he going to bring him back.

Alex looked at them and said…don't worry boys. I brought back a wagon with me. I can pull the boy and Al. You can help me pull it Ed. He said, while ripping off his shirt and flexing his muscles. Ed just stood there feeling sick, but Ed just went ahead and got ready for the long walk back to the house.

Once there they placed the boy on the couch. Winry went to get him a wet rag.

Ed was writing in his journal about what happened, when he saw winry walk back in with the wet rag. She was giving him death glares… Ed looked at her.

Why are you looking at me like that? Ed said.

Winry walked over to the boy lying on the couch. She put the wet rag on his forehead .She then got up. Walked over to Ed and wacked him in the head with her Wrench. Ed jumped up and started yelling…WINRY WHY DID YOU HIT ME!

Winry, still standing there with her wrench in hand said… I bet you did this to him didn't you?

Ed jump up! No! Why would I hurt him? When, I don't even know him?

Al stepped in (well if you count him sliding over) Brother didn't touch him! He fell out of the sky like we said! Al said to winry as her grandmother walked in.

What's with all the noise? Pinako said, while walking in.

Ed and Al found a boy lying in the field, but I say Ed hurt him. Winry said to her grandmother.

Well keep it down. Some people are trying to sleep. Pinako said to them. She then walked over to the boy.

Ed walked back to the chair he was sitting in, before winry hit him. He also took her wrench with him. He sat back down taking out his journal placing it on his lap and started writing again. Winry came up to him, looking over his shoulder seeing what he was writing. What she seen made her laugh!

Ed heard her laugh. What's so funny? Ed ask her.

Your hand writing is funny! You use your left hand. She said, while still laughing.

Well, you try writing with your left. Ed said.

Winry looked at him, grabbed his journal, took his pen and started writing with her left hand.

Turns out she can't write with her left hand. She then gave his journal back and said… see I can write with my left.

Ed just laughs. Not wanting to get hit with her wrench, that he noticed was in her hand again.

Then the phone started ringing. Winry jump at the sound of the phone! Who could be calling this late at night? She said, while looking at the phone. She walked over to the phone picks it up… Hello Rockbell resident, Winry speaking, how can I help you? She said on the phone.

Hello, I'm sorry for calling so late, but I'm looking for Major Alex Louis Armstrong? Said, the voice.

Yes, just one sec. Alex! The phone is for you. Winry said.

Alex got up walked over to the phone, after thanking her he took the phone. Hello, this is Major Alex Louis Armstrong.

Hello Major. This is Major Blaze. I have orders from, Colonel Roy Mustang to help you keep an eye on the Elric brothers. I will also be bringing someone else with me. Major Blaze said on the phone.

Ah, sounds good to me. I could use some help. Alex said on the phone. When will you be here?

Sometime tomorrow night, my train won't be leaving until noon. Blaze said.

Alright see you tomorrow night Major Blaze. Bye… Alex said.


They both hung up the phone. Alex walked back into the room with everyone. Ed asked… who was that?

Major Blaze. He was telling me the Colonel is sending him. Alex said.

Ed shot out of the chair… WHAT! I don't need any more bodyguards!

Al just shook his head. Wirny wacked him in the head with her wrench, for the second time that night.

Ed jumped back up off the ground… WHAT WAS THAT FOR WINRY! He said yelling his words.

Danny P.O.V

I could hear someone yelling. I could feel a cold rag on my face. I felt like I was going to puke.

I opened my eyes to see an old lady. She then yelled, saying the boy is awake!

I was still in a daze from what has happened, but I could see what looks like a girl, with long blond hair. She was walking over, with a short guy, with a red coat on and a big muscle man.

I tried to remember what happened.

I remember being in the lap with Sam, Tucker and Jazz. There was a code red. I went to close the portal…then that thing come out of the portal.

The last thing I remember was… it smiling at me and then I felt my body go into this wired door. Then that's it… Now I'm waking up here?

The short blond guy started talking. He asked me if I was okay.

Well, I don't feel any broken bones. I'm still a little bit tired. I answer back. Yeah, just a little tired. Then I asked where am I?

The short blond boy looked at me again and said… you're in Resembool.

I looked… then I started getting up, it hurt like heck, but I needed to get up. I have to find Sam, Tucker and Jazz.

That's when the big muscle man started pushing me back down, telling me to get some rest.

I did as i was told.I just hope sam,tucker and jazz are okay.

To Be Continued