Disclaimer: An Adaptation of Lazy Hermit's Kitsune trapped at Yokai Gakuen. Contains many elements from various other adaptations i felt was suitable, among some was Vampire Fox by Pervert-san. Also elements of GunGrave, I do not own anything, not even ideas, I took them from other authors and rewrote them. Naruto = Kishimoto/Rosario+Vampire = Akihisa Ikeda.

Amethyst Love

Chapter 1


One blond-haired shinobi—one who had bright blue eyes', an orange jumpsuit with a bit of blue on it—was walking away from the the Hokage's Tower. He had finished his meeting regarding the circumstances of his 'graduation' and consequences of said graduation, reading between the lines, that meant he graduated by the seat of his pants and the council was pushing for punishment or at least tunt his abilities in any way possible. Naruto had gone to meet the old man to get some 'advice' on how to handle said situation as well as being in a team with the guy with the biggest stick up his arse in the village along with his personal cheerleading squad. Sarutobi had been vague but Naruto deduced by himself that he had to keep his guard up. He wasn't stupid, now that he knew about the Kyuubi he could plan for the future. Before this he didn't exactly have the information, resources or the jurisdiction to do anything about the abuse he received. Shaking his head, he grabbed his stomach as it growled and decided to get some food. It was pretty late out, actually; but, he knew that they would still be open. Well…at least Ichiraku's would be open. They always were, well, for him that is. He was pretty tired, but he was happy none the less. He now knew why people hated him. Although, he hated their prejudiced at him for something far out of his control, he didn't blame them, but he COULD plan for eventualities.

He sighed as he arrived at his favorite restaurant: Ichiraku's Ramen.


Akasha Bloodriver paced back and forth from her palace like home, Issa Shuzen stood beside her trying to comfort her, but to no avail, she didn't even bat her eye at his ministrations once. He knew why his wife was like this of course but didn't want to cause a problem. He was pretty upset as well. Issa Shuzen was a proud and vicious vampire but he DID care for his daughters somewhat. As a father, he didn't approve of them going out to 'gain experience' as Moka put it, as a vampire he fully supported the idea for his 2 youngest daughters to go out and experience the world. Somewhat.

He sighed inwardly at both girls in front of him. "Moka, Kokoa," he paused and brought his thumb and index finger to his nose. "I'll allow you to go there to train-."

The shouts of his younger daughter interrupted his and Moka slapped her in the head so she could shut up. However, Issa could still see the smile on his third daughter's face.

He gave a nod of approval to Moka. "Thank you Moka. Now, as I was saying; you'll get to go there but, you cannot associate yourself with the humans. They're different; believe me." He looked at his wife as she continued to pace back and forth. "I know." He glanced back at them.

Moka and Kokoa nodded. They were both excited but one of them hide it better than the other. "Thanks father," they said together.

Issa nodded and waved them off. They took that as the cue and left.

Issa looked towards his wife again and she stopped. She gave him a glare and looked towards her daughter's retreating forms. "Be careful!"


The blond haired shinobi was the only person left in the small roadside stall, enabling him to at least enjoy his ramen without acting like a ramen vacuum. As he finished his 11th bowl of ramen and was getting ready to start his next bowl when he heard someone scream. He looked up from his position and looked around. He asked the chef and his daughter at the ramen shop if they heard a scream but Teuchi and Ayame looked at Naruto funny and they just shook their heads slowly. Naruto shrugged it off, deciding it was nothing worth his attention at the moment and went back to eating his ramen. His head was full of thoughts already. Adding screaming into his thought pattern would be really condescending. He really didn't want a migraine now. After a few precious minutes of idle chat with the ramen maker and his daughter, Naruto finished his 12th bowl of ramen and paid the bill he thanked both ramen stall owner and left with his usual huge grin on his face. Ramen really cheered him up.

It was the ultimate comfort food, or rather the only food he could get without being charged 10 times more, it was why he would always be faithful to ramen.

As Naruto started to walk back to his house to get his gear to start training, since he was officially a ninja thanks to Iruka-Sensei (his old academy teacher), he heard the scream again. This time, it was far more audible. He looked around and noticed that no one else had heard it. He was confused by that. How could nobody hear the scream beside himself? He shrugged and decided that since no one heard it: investigate it himself to see what it was.

He walked around the outskirts of town as he continued to hear crashes. He saw a few of the trees in the secluded area behind the mountain—that the Hokages' faces were carved in—had started to fall.

Now he was curious. He made his way towards the monument until he finally arrived.

Naruto quickly hid among the branches of one of the trees surrounding what he presumed was a battlefield. He looked down intently to see something that completely shocked him. There were craters everywhere and tons of trees that had been knocked over, but what truly shocked him were the two girls in one of the craters. 2 small girls with enough strength to create craters?

The smallest one had orange hair tied up in two pig tails with emerald green eyes. She had a one-piece red dress on and it looked really expensive. However the cuts and smudges on the dress made it look like a rag. The bruises on her body thought were another matter. She was on her knee and was leaning on one knee. Naruto figured she was probably a few years younger than him.

Then he turned his attention to the other one.

She had long silver hair with red eyes that had black slits in each. She had a one-piece dress as well but it was silver lie her hair. However, unlike the younger one, she didn't have a scratch on her. His heartbeat skipped a few beats all of a sudden and Naruto couldn't stop staring at her. He thought she looked absolutely beautiful in his eyes. An immediate attraction was clearly visible in his eyes'. She looked unique. He'd never seen that shade of royal silver and crimson red before. Maybe that was one of the reasons why she stood out? He found himself drawn at the way her hair waved. He was mesmerized. He shook his head. However, before he knew it, he started tree jumping toward them just to get a better perspective.


"Sister, one more round please." Kokoa begged.

Moka rolled her eyes'. "No Kokoa you already can barely stand, take a break for awhile then you can try to attack me again." Moka glared at her sister to add more affect.

Naturally It didn't work.

Kokoa started to get up, ignored what her sister said, and charged forward to hit her in the head with a straight punch.

Moka got angrier that her sister had just ignored her, ducking the punch, the silver haired vampiress kicked Kokoa in the stomach to the point where Kokoa went flying and crashed against a tree with a load crack and thud when she hit the ground.

Kokoa, barely conscious, leaned against the tree holding her stomach. She tried stubbornly to get up but was scared at what her sister was going to do next since she disobeyed her.

Moka started to walk toward Kokoa when all of a sudden there was a thud and a yell of pain as something fell out of the tree right behind Kokoa. Startled by the sound, Moka quickly turned around in a stance to attack. What she saw was a blonde haired boy with three whisker marks on each cheek with sky blue eyes, and an orange-blue jumpsuit. He had a huge grin on his face, rubbing the back of his head where it had impacted sea level—but looked quite nervous—and was staring at her more then a little intensity that she was used to seeing. She blushed a little at his look—his look looked so strong—and averted her eyes. She quickly shook it off though and got back into her fighting stance.

Kokoa ran up behind her sister and yelled at the blonde: "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?" She was mad that someone had stopped her and her sister from their fighting session.

Naruto put his hands behind his head and started to walk toward them. He just ignored her and asked: "Who are you guys? I've never seen you guys on the village before. Are you two new?" He smiled at them again.

Moka looked at him for a second and wondered if she should tell him. She came to a decision at the end and replied: "The names Moka Akashiya." She bowed a bit, it wouldn't hurt to be polite to the natives. She gestured to her sister next. "This is my little sister Kokoa Shuzen." After her bow and introduction, she slipped back into her fighting stance. Her father always told her to be on guard.

"Moka-Chan that's a really cute name… and the names Naruto" Naruto smiled a bit wider. "Ah, but you haven't told me if you are new or not."

Kokoa was starting to get even madder at how this 'Naruto' had just said her sister's name so casually and intimately without getting kicked in the face. However, Naruto noticed Kokoa getting mad.

He smiled at her glaring form. "What's wrong Chibi-chan?" That comment really pissed her off now. She ran at him. She was going to introduce her fist to that infuriating smile on his face.

She jumped in the air and brought her fist back and brought it back forward with as much strength that she could muster.

She smirked when she heard a nice crunching sound between her fist and Naruto's cheek. Both of the girls were shocked, however, when Naruto went up in poof of smoke and was replaced by a log. They started to look around until they found him leaning casually on a tree behind them. "That's not very nice Chibi-chan." Naruto didn't have a scratch on him.

Moka saw his unscratched form and smirked a bit. She miss judged him. At first she thought that he was a weakling but taking her little sisters fist head on unharmed meant something. Especially if that said person comes out of it without a bruise on him.

She stepped forward, drawing attention back to her. "Would you fight me?" She asked seriously. a hint of arrogance was found behind her eyes'. It almost pissed Naruto off since he'd seen it enough times on Sasuke but he calmed himself, it wasn't the same, he could detect it was a gentler arrogance. Wow, learning about the Kyubi really mellowed him out, he mused to himself inwardly.

Kokoa, however, stared at her in shock. There was no way this 'Naruto' could stand a chance against her sister. There was also the fact that her sister challenged him but she shook that off. she almost laughed and looked forward to seeing this 'Naruto's future beaten body.

Naruto's grin got even bigger than before. He found himself excited. He almost felt like shouting. He felt warm and fuzzy. This was actually the first time somebody-other than the Hokage and Ichiraku-had acknowledged him. He felt something akin to friend develop between him and her, maybe though. A thought went through his head at that. "Sure, but if I win, you have to be my friend."

Moka smirked at that but on the inside she was a bit confused. She never had a friend. The only interaction she had in her life was her family. Friendship was a foreign concept to her. "Sure," she arrogantly stated. "But that's only if you can be beat me." She started to smile. A devious smile. "However, if I win, you have to teach me how you just did that thing when Kokoa punched you." She already knew she was going to win there's no way this boy could beat her.

As they both got into their fighting stance, Naruto narrowed his eyes and watched carefully he had already noted the strength behind the punch, and considering the state of the battlefield, as well as the fact that the older sister seemed a lot stronger then the younger, he came to the conclusion that getting hit was going to be costing him a lot more than just brain cells. Watching each other they waited for Kokoa to tell them the battle had started. As soon as Kokoa said start, Moka ran at Naruto. Naruto started doing his hand signs before she reached him though. "Shadow Clone Technique!"He exclaimed. In a poof of smoke, four other Narutos appeared. That shocked Moka out of her attack and it shocked Kokoa even more.

The four clones took advantage of Moka's shock and started to circle around Moka. Moka snapped out of her shock and eyed her opponents. She latched out to one quickly though. She did a round house kick and managed to hit two clones by the time her kick subsided. They disappeared in a poof of smoke. She smirked at how easy they were to destroy. This is going to be easy, she thought.

However, she was surprised when a twig next to her exploded in a puff of smoke. The smoke died down, but before it did, a replica of Naruto jumped from the smoke and Moka took an uppercut to the chin and held the slightly dazed Moka in place as he called the original out. He told him to attack.

Moka tried to get out of his hold but found the clone strong. she managed to shake him off by a well placed kick to it's stomach, distracted by the smoke in front of her face, she was soon rewarded with a kick to the face.

The 2 blows she received to her face hurt. she knew it hurt. she could feel herself getting dizzy.

She rubbed her bloody nose and glared at Naruto. She ran at him and tried to hit him, but he dodged and tripped her with a sweep kick.

She fell to the ground but showed athletic ability when she placed her right hand in front of her and pushed herself away from the ground at the last minute. She flew in the air and did a front flip before landing gracefully on the ground.

Naruto stood awestruck at her display and it almost cost him a hit. He narrowly dodged a kick aimed at his chest and countered with a right jab. Moka dodged as well with a tilt of her head and sent her own jab. Naruto dodged again and this time tried another leg sweep but she jumped and planted her feet onto Naruto's chest. Certain of her victory she shouted, "KNOW YOUR PLACE!" as she used the momentum and used his chest as a spring board to snap a kick to his chin with her other leg.

Naruto caught her rising leg to avoid a concussion and punched her kneecap as well as push himself away from her. However, Moka did manage to hit him in his arm with her other leg. But when she landed on the ground it was not as graceful as the last time.

Naruto winced at the pain in his arm and shrugged it off when he saw her land on the ground. He rushed at her and tried an axe kick but she rolled out the way. she rolled a few meters away before she hit something hard at her side. She looked out to see another Naruto.


The clone Naruto brought his fist down and managed to hit her in the face. Since her body was already on the ground, Naruto's fist managed to do more damage.

The ground shook, and so did Moka's body.

What she didn't know was that Naruto applied chakra into his muscle to make the attack cause more damage. It worked, but he felt his muscle on his arm tear a bit. He winced but shook it off. He didn't want to show weakness.

Moka groggily tried to stand up but the clone Naruto kept her in place as he grabbed her by her dress and roughly threw her to the original with a Judo throw. The clone dispersed as Moka went airborne to the real Naruto.

Naruto caught Moka with a lariat, and turned just in time to see her body back flip to the ground with a hard thud.

He walked over to her form, breathing hard, and checked the down Moka. He grinned to himself when he caught her bruised and unconscious form.

"What? H-how?" Kokoa asked from behind, wide-eyed. she turned her attention to Naruto and nervously shifted her eyes' between the downed Moka and the grinning Naruto. "How? Wa, What are you?"

Naruto grinned at her question. "I'm-."

A groan interrupted his introduction. Both saw Moka stand up from her position. she was clutching her head and walking in a little in circles. "Sister!" Kokoa cried genuinely concerned. "Are you alright?"

Moka stopped herself and looked a round until she spotted Naruto. She growled a bit and glared. "What are you?" She demanded with as much authority she could muster.

Naruto winced at the reminder of his…prisoner and pretended to look confused. "What do you mean, 'what am I?'"

Moka narrowed her eyes'. "I mean what kind of monster are you?"

Kokoa's and Naruto's eyes' widened. Both for different reasons. Kokoa's eyes' widened due to the fact that her sister was wondering what he was; normally, she wouldn't care. However, Naruto's eyes' widened for the fact that Moka called him a monster, did she know about Kyuubi? He felt a bit betrayed but he kind of expected that.

"I-I'm human," he replied solemnly. "I'm no monster."

Moka heard his voice but didn't waver. However, she saw his face and she almost felt guilty, the look in his eyes were almost haunted. He was filled with a lot of loneliness. "I want to know what kind of monster you are; whoever you are! I know that humans don't have this kind of strength!"

Naruto took a step back. He really didn't know what to do now. But when he heard how she said the word 'human' he grew a tiny bit suspicious. "What do you mean?"

Moka was getting agitated. She started to walk towards Naruto until she was a few inches away from his face.

Naruto tried hard not blush at how close she was but found it hard. He grew nervous and felt self-consciously warm at the moment. "Wh-What are you doing?" he asked.

Moka continued to look at him until she finally asked: "since you won't tell me what you are; you might as well tell me whoyou are." She was about to back away from him but found something hit her nostrils pretty hard. She smelled the air and found the smell intoxicating. she gave a few more sniffs before she felt drawn to the scent of crimson liquid coming from the boy in front of her.

She didn't realize Naruto grin at her when she asked her that question.

When Moka finally found the scent, on Naruto's lower lip, she drew a bit closer to him than usual.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki! And I'm going-hey... what... what are you-."

Moka finally stopped at the sight of the blood, not even realizing what she's doing, and licked it. She licked it once and drew her tongue back to her as though to taste the blood.

"Nee-sama! What're you doing!"

Moka ignored her sister and found her tongue at the blood again. This time, however, tracing the blood all the way up until her tongue tasted something soft and bit on it, suckling gently. Her bearings finally returned and she saw blue-eyes looking at her wide-eyed. She looked down and found her tongue still attached to Naruto's lips. And right in between, too.

She blushed, immediately took her tongue back, backed a few inches away, and turned her head to hide her embarrassment. She realized what she did and couldn't help but blush harder. I-I revealed my existence and touched his lips with my t-t-tongue. I-is that a k-k-kiss? M-m-my f-first k-kiss? She blushed even harder. One for her stutter and the other to her thoughts.

Naruto though, was surprised, confused, and... happy? He traced a hand subconsciously at the spot where Moka had bit him and her tongue touched is lips. What-what was that?He felt giddy. He felt good. He felt alive. What's wrong with me?

He finally found his voice to ask. "M-Moka w-why did you do that?"

Moka turned to face him and turned away shyly. Naruto looked even more confused. Sure, he was blushing, but Moka's attitude confused him, too, much now.

But, he did hear her mumble a few words that he didn't catch. "What was that?"

Moka turned to look back at him. "... vampire," she mumbled.


"I'm a vampire."

Naruto looked at her blankly. He wasgoing to call b*lls**t but he remembered a few things that made him stop.

The word humancame to mind. The power that she showed, but that could of been anything! However, he remembered her looking at his face when... the blood!


Moka nodded a little.

Naruto turned his attention to Kokoa who was just looking at the scene with a 'what the f**k' expression. "Is she a vampire, too?"

Moka nodded again.

Naruto opened his mouth and Moka closed her eyes' a little.

She already knew the answer. He was going to run away and call for help. He was going to try and kill them. He was going to call her names until they left. she knew it. Her mother and father told her that. she had no reason not to believe them. But, she didn't, for some reason, have the heart to hear his answer. For some reason, when she thought about his possible answers' she felt the need to run away. But why?

"That's awesome!"

Moka snapped her eyes' in shock. "W-what?"

Naruto had stars in his eyes'. "so, you guys are super strong, awesome, cool looking vampires?"

Moka and Kokoa nodded slowly. Both, too, shocked to even register everything he was saying by now.

After a few minutes of him talking, Moka and Kokoa got over their shock.

"So, you aren't afraid?"

Naruto shook his head, "Nope. Why should I?" He grinned. "Besides, I can brag that I beat a vampire."

Moka growled at him. "So!" She huffed. "Besides, I think you only beat me because you have an even stronger monster blood in you."

Naruto stood still. He recalled a few moment back when she said that to him. At first he felt hurt, but now with the revelation, he understood. A smile came to his face. "I'm human."


"But how can you be human when you're so strong Nii-sama?"

Naruto did a double take on Kokoa when she called him Nii-sama. He chuckled, it felt nice, but didn't answer.

However, Moka was a different matter. "What? I lost to a human?"

Naruto's smile grew larger and more real. "Yep!"

Moka growled again while Kokoa admired Naruto.

"And guess what Moka-chan?"

"w-what?" This time she stuttered at the chan suffix.

"You're friends with one, too."


Moka and Kokoa finally stepped out of the portal. They both were excited. This time, however, Moka was more excited than Kokoa. she felt... attached to her new friend: her first friend actually. She felt a connection. An individual connection. The only problem though would be how her mother and father would react. She thought about it and frowned as she realized that they would probably take it negatively, in fact she had a feeling her father would start a war when he found out a 'human'...defiled his daughters. She shook her head and looked at her half-sister.

She looked excited and looked ready to tell mother and father about her new found 'Nii-sama.'

Moka had other plans though.

"Kokoa," she spoke lowly. She felt her parents leaving the castle already. She could feel their power coming already, too. "Don't tell mother and father about Naruto. I don't think they'll like him very much."

Kokoa looked confused and a bit upset. "But why Nee-sama?"

"Because. I think father and mother hate humans. I don't want them to hate our new friend, alright?"

Kokoa looked downhearted but nodded. "OK."

Just then, Issa and Akasha arrived. Both looking worried and pale as ever. They found their older sister their trailing behind them as well. "Moka/Kokoa! Where have you been?"

Kokoa and Moka looked at each other then at their parents. They flinched a bit at their stares and replied.

"H-Hello Kaa-sama, Otou-sama; we're very sorry for being so late, but we got a little sidetracked while we were…fighting," Moka explained nervously.

Issa scowled and it deepened while her mother frowned. "Very well, I shall let it pass this ONE time. Should you do this again you both will be grounded for a month if not more," her father, Issa Shuzen, said. "You should not make us worry like that."

She nodded in understanding, but was inwardly dancing since her papa or mama had not smelled Naruto's scent.

"By the way, what is that horrible smell on you? It smells like human and…ramen?" Issa asked narrowing his eyes in suspicion.

Kokoa looked at her sister in horror knowing what her papa would do to Nii-sama if he found out about him; especially if he found out Nii-sama was able to beat Nee-sama in combat. Neither Moka nor Kokoa could come up with a suitable response.

"Oh let them be dear," their mother, Akasha Bloodriver, said. "I'm sure they just happened to upon a few humans while training; there are humans on the other side of the portal after all."

"Alright, I'll let it slide this time, but I want both of you in the shower to get rid of that horrible stench," Issa told them sternly. "Oh, and go tell Kalua that you're back, you know how she worries about the two of you. She was nearly in tears and I do not want to have to replace some of my servants at the moment."

"Hai Otou-sama," the sisters said bowing before running to the mansion to take a shower. An hour later the two sisters were ready for bed.

"Can I sleep with you tonight Nee-sama?"

Moka sighed knowing that when Kokoa asked this it meant that even if she said no, she would just sneak in. "Fine, but tonight only."

Kokoa jumped for joy and hugged her big sis before pulling the two of them to Moka's room. Moka would have yelled at her little sister, but her thoughts were more than a little preoccupied with another person, hint; the person had blonde hair. The more she thought about him, the more she blushed.

Sure he was crass and unrefined, but he was also really strong and kind. Not to mention cute.

'Stop thinking that stupid!' Moka berated herself not noticing Kokoa trying to get her attention.

"Nee-sama!" Kokoa screamed finally.

"What?" Moka yelped angrily since Kokoa screamed right in her ear.

"I've been trying to get your attention for the last five minutes," Kokoa said pouting. "What ya thinkin' about?"

"N-Nothing!" Moka denied a little too fast as her face lighted up.

"Hehehehe, I bet you were thinking about Nii-sama," Kokoa snickered slightly.

"I-I was not!" Moka denied while blushing.

"Yes you were," Kokoa said knowingly before grinning triumphantly. "Nee-sama likes Nii-sama, don't ya?"

"Wha?" Moka said stupidly before what Kokoa said registered. "KOKOA!"

Moka angrily punched Kokoa in the face sending her flying into the wall with a huge crash.

"Good night Kokoa," she huffed before going to sleep. Kokoa grinned and staggered back to bed happy that her big sis fell for someone strong like big brother rather than some wimp she would always have to protect. And when they got married, Nii-sama would be her REAL Nii-sama.


Naruto woke up the next morning with a huge smile since he somehow knewthat Moka would keep her word and come today. He hurriedly got dressed and rushed out the door only to realize he forgot his forehead protector. Phew, don't want to forget this!Naruto thought as he rushed back out to get his morning ramen.

He took his usual seat at Ichiraku's and said, "One order of Miso Ramen and make it fast! I'm in a hurry today!"

Teuchi shot Naruto a questioning look. "Now that's unusual, normally you'd have at least ten bowls before leaving."

"Not today old man, I made some new friends yesterday and we promised to meet up soon," Naruto said grinning and quickly slurped his ramen down.

"Glad to see you made some friends," Teuchi said happily while taking Naruto's money. "You really deserve them."

"Thanks old man," Naruto said a bit shyly and walking out.

Naruto sat under the tree that the three sat under yesterday and wondered what they would do today. I hope they show up soon! Moka and I can have a little spar and then maybe I can teach them some ninja techniques! Moka did want to learn and I bet Chibi-chan would want to as well. Naruto thought before falling asleep.

Ironically, Moka and Kokoa walked out of the portal just a couple of minutes after he started his little nap. Moka sighed annoyed, "He fell asleep."

Kokoa grinned a little mischievously. "Why don't we pay Nii-sama back for this?"

"How?" Moka asked wondering where Kokoa was going with this.

"Prank him!"

Moka smirked down at her sister. "You know what Kokoa? I like the way you think sometimes."

Little did they know that they were being spied on by some kids who had heard Naruto say he had some new friends. They didn't really know what was wrong with Naruto, but they figured it must be terrible if all of the adults were calling him "demon child" all of the time. Quickly, the four kids ran back to town to tell the adults that Naruto made some new friends with people who weren't of the village and, in their opinion, actually looked like demons. They remembered the prank Naruto pulled on them the other day though (paint should never end up in places like that) and they decided to embellish a bit.

"HELP THE DEMON CHILD HAS MADE FRIENDS WITH DEMONS AND IS HOLDING MY FRIENDS HOSTAGE!" Yelled the oldest boy (one in Naruto's graduating class) looking terrified, but snickering on the inside. He didn't expect the reaction to be as bad as this was.

Everyone nearby, civilian and ninja alike, pulled out whatever they could for weapons and charged to where Naruto was last seen heading to.

"I knew we should have killed the demon child all along!" One of the men yelled.

"I knew this would happen if we let him live!" Another man yelled.

Naruto suddenly jerked awake when he heard loud guffaws under him. For some reason he felt a strange sense of vertigo before realizing that someone had tied him up with rope and hung him upside down. Looking down he saw something that made his blood boil, Moka and Kokoa were laughing so hard they were on their stomachs. They pranked him! Him! The prank king!


The girls both jumped when they realized Naruto had woken up. Kokoa laughed even harder when she saw the look of indignation on his face while Moka just smirked at him. "Maybe that will teach you to fall asleep while waiting for someone."

"I'll have my revenge! You hear me? I'll get you two so bad you won't even know what hit you!" Naruto declared as he wiggled out of rope before falling with a thud. "Ow! That freakin' hurt!"

This only caused a new score of laughter to erupt from the sisters.

Naruto was about to pounce at them when all of the sudden he heard a huge roar and saw a lot of villagers charging at him with weapons drawn. "KILL THE DEMON CHILD! HE HAS GONE TO FAR THIS TIME!"

Naruto froze on the spot realizing that they were coming for him; it was only when he saw the confused and scared looks from the girls did he realize they could get caught up in this.

"Moka!Chibi-chan! Get out of here now! Don't look back, don't turn around! Just head straight home! HURRY!" Naruto shouted causing the girls to look at him. Moka gasped when she saw the look in Naruto's eyes. They showed terror and sadness, but even worse was the resigned look.

"THE DEMON CHILD IS THERE!" One of the women shouted as she saw Naruto standing there with two odd girls, and the mob ran even quicker to catch up to him before he could run. "KILL HIM!"

Moka and Kokoa were terrified; they didn't understand why these people were coming after them. "What's going on Naruto?" Moka asked terrified for Naruto's sake.

"Don't worry about it Moka, just take Chibi-chan and run back as fast as you can! Don't look back!" He demanded while looking at her with a look of sadness that no creature should ever be able to give: loneliness, abandonment, betrayal and resignation all cluttered together. Moka nodded as she felt tears prick her eyes. Kokoa didn't want to leave her Nii-sama to those evil humans, but Moka dragged her with her.

She forcefully pushed Kokoa through the Gate before going against her better judgment and looked back. Naruto was staring at her sadly with kunai stuck all over his body and huge hole in his stomach. Even so, he grinned at her, "I told you not to look back."

Moka watched in horror as Naruto fell to the ground with a great thud, and she was about to go rush to save him when she felt Kokoa pull her. She looked down to see her sister with tears in her eyes as she now pulled her into the portal. She struggled as hard as she could, but Kokoa was always physically stronger than her.

"It was fun playing with you Moka, I really liked you," Naruto whispered, but to Moka he might as well have shouted it with how hard hit her.

She tried to pull herself back through the Gate, but Kokoa was holding her down. "Naruto! Naruto! Kokoa let go! I have to go save him! Naruto!" Moka cried out as tears fell from her face.

"N-Nii sama-said not to…to look back!" Kokoa cried as she held on to her sister.

"No! Let me go! I can help him!" Moka screamed.

"I-I can't!" Kokoa whispered in tears.

"NARUTO!" Moka shouted at the top of her lungs, but no matter what she couldn't beat Kokoa off of her. The idea that her first friend and dare she admit it? her first love was just killed, struck her harder than she ever thought it would.

Moka fell into a small coma from the trauma the next few days, and no matter what anyone asked, Kokoa stubbornly wouldn't tell them why.

She woke up a week later, early in the morning and went straight to the portal to Naruto's home, but it wouldn't open no matter what she did. She did not know that her mother had seen the state Moka and Kokoa had come back from that place in and decided that whatever was there was too dangerous for them; the former Dark Lord sealed the portal.

It never crossed her mind that Naruto might have survived; she knew wounds and knew that there was no way a human could survive them. Moka and Kokoa secretly found a tree that resembled the one where they first talked and became friends. Skillfully, they built a small grave for them to mourn to.

Two weeks later, Akua Shuzen, their eldest sister, was brought to the castle. Akasha knew Akua's true motive and thus placed a Rosario seal on Moka that could only be removed by someone who truly fell in love and cared for her beyond their own life. The Rosario was meant to suppress Moka's memories of her Shinso blood, and the reason to her mother's 'disappearance', to help the manufactured personality integrate better without remembering many of the horrors of watching her mother get sliced in half or of Alucard and being sealed along with the Shinso. However, it also suppressed most of Moka's memories of Naruto. Akasha didn't count on Akua giving up her mission after meeting Moka, but it was too late to stop herself from being absorbed by Alucard. Moka was sent to live in Modern Japan and go to a human school in the guise of searching for her mother. Her current personality simply would not fit in a vampire household where everyone could kill her easily as well as keep her as far away from Alucard as possible. It broke Issa's heart to do so, but it was necessary.

I'm not giving up on my fairy tail/naruto fic. i just thought this had potential and i didnt really have to spend time writing rough drafts on this fic cause most of it is modified form other similar fics, namely :

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