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Pairing: Tyki x Ellen (Fem!Allen)

Warning: There is smut in this chapter! (the Authoress is a pervert)

Important Note: In this story Tyki is the Exorcist, and Ellen is the Noah.

Timeline: When the Cross Unit set out from China by boat to reach Edo.

Anime Episode: 51 - "Departure, to the East"

"This is our little secret. ~"

This was his sin.

There was something about the taste of her skin, something about how her slender and petite frame pressed up against his larger and broader body. That lust and that endless hunger was twisting and burning within him. That feeling of want was calling out to him, twisting and tempting him, and dear lord he couldn't seem to get enough of her.

"Our dirty little secret. ~"

Anytime she spoke the Exorcist could feel his blood surging with desire, he could feel this itching race across his skin to his finger tips. The feelings driving him to touch and to take.

His hands were moving like they had a mind of their own, touching that glowing pale white skin harder then necessary, touching the soft body that lay underneath him in needing and hard caresses. His right hand shaking as it traveled up a smooth bare leg and beneath black lace.

Their bodies flush against the other, their bodies straining to reach the end of this wicked sin. A hard thrust and a blissful moan was filling the small poorly lit room, and god damn it, if she moaned any louder someone was going to hear her.

That devouring pleasure was flashing and burning from all the points of contact of their skin. Though that wasn't every much, considering that they both were basically still fully clothed.

The pleasure of having this young woman once again willing and beneath him filling Tyki with a burning hunger to have more of her. That fire traveling straight down to his hard cock that was buried deep within her deliciously wet heat. That petite skimpily clothed body pushing back against each of his barely controlled thrusts, the young woman letting a sweet whine pass her pink lips, the sound begging him to speed up his thrusts.

"Harder! Oh~ fuck me harder! ~" her enticing voice sang out beautifully.

Dimly the Exorcist wondered if the young woman chose to wear such indecent clothing just to provoke him. That tempting lily white skin was always barely covered. The twenty six year old couldn't believe that she was really allowed to run around in public wearing such clothing.

The thought that she allowed other men to see her dressed so provocatively awoke a possessive streak within him, one that until now, the Exorcist hadn't realized that he possessed.

The young woman was dressed in a white skirt; beneath the fabric of the skirt was a feathery black lace petticoat. The stark white skirt was barely covering anything, the material falling and brushing against the top of her pale thighs. Tyki was positive that it was even shorter then most of Lenalee's skirts.

The young woman was also wearing an equally white corset. The corset hugging her petite and slight frame perfectly; the soft flesh of her breasts straining against the white material with every breath and gasp the young woman took.

The corset was doing just as bad a job covering that lily white skin as her skirt. The young woman's panties were the only article of clothing she was missing. The black laced item having been discarded a while go, the item now laying somewhere on the floor of his room.

The moment that Tyki had opened the door to his room and laid eyes on his guest, the Exorcist knew that this would happen, that he would again commit this sin. That he would be unable to deny this white devil what she wanted.

Because he wanted this, he wanted her, needed her regardless of the consequences. Tyki would be damned if he let her go, let her seek pleasure in another man's arms. He would take what he could from her…

So the Exorcist had simply stepped all the way into his room, Tyki closing and securely locked his door before advancing on the one sitting on his bed. The young woman smiling alluringly and rose up to wrap her arms around his neck. Her soft pink lips meeting his in a passionate and needing kiss.

That kiss, like all the ones before it, quickly led them to this.

Tyki Mikk shuddered as his mouth traveled from her sweet tasting lips to nip at her exposed throat. The Exorcist wanting more of this beautiful young woman that lay beneath him, that was tempting him. He wanted her, needed to indulge himself within her.

He couldn't help himself, he couldn't stop himself, because each time they did this, the more he craved it.

The Portuguese Exorcist couldn't get enough of her, couldn't let her go...

Her chin length white hair was spilling out over the dark colored bed sheets. White locks of hair framing a young face, a pretty pink blush staining her pale cheeks. Her light rose colored lips were pulled into a softly amused and pleasure filled smile.

Her burning golden eyes fluttering open to meet his light brown when Tyki pulled away from her neck to look at her. Those enticing pink lips pulling wider, the smile almost bewitching.

Upon the young woman's brow lay seven stigmata crosses.

Marking her as his enemy.

A Noah.

But that only made the whole affair even more thrilling for her. A Noah laying within the bed of her enemy and luring him to sin. A beautifully blood stained devil tempting him to give in, to surrender to her seductive charm. It made him wonder if she used this kind of tactic with the other Exorcist's that she had killed.

Tyki wandered darkly if this was how she had gotten Suman Dark to betray the Black Order.

This was his sin, but then, it was more then that.


It was a betrayal, every time he let her tempt him like this, every time he fucked her…

It was a betrayal to those that had taken him in. It was a betrayal of God's Holy Black Order and all those that had died in the name of the cross. Though Tyki truly didn't care about 'God' or any kind of 'higher power'.

The Portuguese Exorcist believed in his own power, believed in his own power to choose the course of his own fate.

Either way it didn't sit well with him, but then Tyki still couldn't find it within himself to pull away, to disconnect himself from her. The first time that he had taken her, the first time that he had tasted this sin…

He had known that he would never be able to get enough of her. Tyki Mikk knew that he couldn't resist her then, and neither could he deny her now. Ellen Walker, the Fourteenth Noah, the Musician, she was his temptation, his sin.

Tyki Mikk just couldn't stop himself from falling deeper into this horrible, and most likely deadly, little game of hers. Because this was all a game to her, that was a truth that Tyki Mikk couldn't allow himself to deny. This meant nothing to the Noah, he was just some human to amuse herself with.

And still, the Exorcist couldn't deny her, couldn't stop himself from taking what was being so blatantly offered. Even the fact the she tried to kill him once didn't cool that lust and that desire within him.

Ellen wouldn't let him stop, because she just kept coming back. She was always there, everywhere he went, calling to him to once again sin with her.

It almost seemed like the Noah was following him on every mission now. After said mission was over Ellen would be waiting for him, sitting within his room and on his bed. That enticing smile upon her soft pink lips and her burning golden eyes calling him to come closer.

It was almost like a prize that he had won, like he was being rewarded for killing and winning whatever battle he had just fought. It was almost like Ellen was offering herself to him as his trophy for showing his power and enduring.

And the Exorcist couldn't deny that he looked forward to their little encounters.

He was rarely ever at the Black Order HQ longer then a few days at a time anymore. Ellen Walker never came to the Black Order. The only time he ever saw the Noah was when he was out on missions to collect Innocence.

It had gotten to the point that Tyki was asking for, almost demanding, missions now. Tyki making sure that Komui assigned him missions on a regular basis. It had even gotten to the point that on those missions Tyki was heading to his room an hour earlier every night.

People had even started to notice, or more precisely, Lavi and Lenalee had noticed his changing behavior. Kanda didn't care in the slightest what Tyki did, just as long as it didn't involve him.

On some nights Tyki would return to his room only to find his room empty. On those nights, when Ellen wasn't in his room waiting, Tyki would find himself frowning rather darkly at his bed for hours.

Thoughts of the young woman rising unbidden, the Exorcist's mind pulling up images of the Noah in the arms of some other man. Even the fact that he had been the one to take her virginity did little to easy such thoughts.

On those nights that Ellen didn't come to play, Tyki was left with nothing but the cold truth, with the reality that he was being used.

But that didn't matter.

It didn't stop that burning jealousy. Those moments of 'truth' didn't stop those thoughts from invoking that deep and dark boiling rage. That darkness threatening to swallow him whole, and sometimes (though he wouldn't admit it to anyone), Tyki could swear he could hear this malicious whisper hissing in his ears.

Morning always found the Exorcist with a horrible headache and aggravatingly frustrated, the equipment type Exorcist in a foul mood and looking for a fight.

Usually Kanda was his target, sometimes (when Kanda wasn't his partner for what ever mission he happened to be on) Tyki's target was the red haired Bookman. Though these days found Tyki more then happy to pick a fight with any unfortunate Exorcist that he happened to be pared with.

And if he happened to be on a mission alone, he would head to the nearest bar, picking a fight with which ever poor fool rubbed him wrong first.

The next time that the Fourteenth Noah decided that she wanted to play with him, the sex would be rough and heated. By the time he was done with her, Ellen would be far to tired to leave his bed. The Noah would fall asleep and Tyki would watch her for hours before allowing himself to succumb to his own fatigue.

Those nights were by far the most addicting, because Ellen allowed herself to be so utterly defenseless around him then, because she would sleep until early morning in his arms. On those nights, the Portuguese Exorcist felt like she was truly his.

His alone.

Maybe his possessiveness over the young woman had to do with his training days with General Cross Marian. Tyki dreaded the day that the Cross Unit found his old master. That drunken womanizing bastard, the Portuguese Exorcist was planning on decking him one the next time their paths crossed. But then, Tyki wasn't like Cross, not when it came to Ellen.

The Fourteenth Noah was more then just some woman for him to screw and use as he wanted, she was more then a warm body for his bed. Tyki could try and delude himself in thinking that he didn't feel anything for her. He had been a fool to even try, in the beginning, but again Tyki couldn't ever find it within himself to deny her.

Tyki Mikk was in love with Ellen Walker, the Fourteenth Noah.

The dark purple haired Exorcist couldn't deny that he was in love with her.

This was his true sin.

His sin was not that he was having sex with his enemy, that he was betraying everyone that he knew. No, it was the fact that he had let her steel his heart. That she would be his undoing in the end, it was the fact that he was unwilling to stop this little affair.

A lustful and needing moan past those pretty pink lips when the Exorcist thrust just a little harder. The pleasure filled sound snapping Tyki out of his thoughts.

Slim hands were sliding their way up and under his black and silver lined Exorcist coat. Those soft hands sliding underneath his black shirt and running over his lightly tanned skin oh so softly. A hungry growl was torn from his throat as soft lips ghosted across his teasingly.

The young woman was moaning rather provocatively when he jerked his clothed hips forward hard, Ellen's slight frame arching beneath him in bliss as her orgasm ripped through her. Tyki groaning rather hotly against the Noah's lips as her hot and deliciously wet inner walls pulsed around his hard erection.

A spike of burning hot pleasure in his cock telling Tyki that his end was near, the Exorcist preparing to pull out of the young woman he was fucking. Every part of the twenty-six year old wanting nothing more then to find his fulfillment within this sly little temptress, but then Tyki knew that he couldn't take that kind of risk.

They weren't using protection, they hadn't been using protection since Tyki had run out about two weeks back, shortly after he had left HQ to start looking for Cross. Time hadn't allowed him to pick up anymore either, the Exorcist never having a moment to leave the group to do so.

If Tyki tried to just sneak off, well Lavi and Bookman were just to observant. They would notice and the stupid rabbit would start asking questions…

And if the Exorcist did manage to knock up his enemy, Tyki wouldn't be able to stay at the Order. The Earl would definitely use the situation to his advantage, his flesh and blood would just become another weapon to use against him and the Order.

And worst of all, these little encounters would no longer be 'their dirty little secret'.

Though, if he did get Ellen pregnant then…

Then she wouldn't be able to seek pleasure in another man's arms. The Noah would be his and unable to deny otherwise. A dark wicked hunger rose within him at that thought, the desire to have her, this Noah, his enemy burning away his doubt and his reason.

Tyki groaning darkly, his control slipping, the man only having a moment to realize that he wasn't going to last much longer, maybe two or three more thrusts. The Portuguese Exorcist hissed through his teeth and made to pull out, but then the Noah was suddenly pulling him closer. Ellen refusing to allow him to withdraw from her.

"No, come inside me this time. ~" Hot breath purred into his ear, warm and soft lips brushed against his scared left cheek. The Exorcist shuddering as the darkness behind his eyes twisted and rose, that lust eating away his restraint. Three more hard, barely controlled thrusts into that warm wet and willing body beneath him and Tyki's pleasure was reaching its peak.

He came, the man lost within his pleasure and his dark desires. The Exorcist completely uncaring of the consequences in that one blissful moment. Tyki Mikk's hips jerking sharply against that deliciously tempting body he was taking pleasure in, the man's seed releasing deep within that hot, wet and welcoming heat.

That pleasure filled high fading a few long moments later however. The one candle on the old wooden dresser sitting at his bedside flickering, the only sound within the small room was of the two trying to regain their breath.

Tyki grit his teeth and pulled away, the Exorcist rolling onto his back next to the panting Noah, his right hand covering his eyes as he simply lay there. Tyki for the moment unwilling to get up and clean himself off or to refasten his pants.

Only one word spinning within the Portuguese Exorcist's mind.

"Fuck." Tyki found himself muttering, his tone raspy and filled with the realization that he couldn't keep doing this, that he had just crossed a line, and fucking hell

Tyki found himself more then willing to do it again.

That dark whisper was once again hissing in his ears then, giggling and seething in pleasure over the fact that 'hadn't that felt good?' and that 'He needed to given in to his desires more often, just think of the pleasure to be had if he simply gave in!'. That fucking voice wouldn't shut up, Tyki grit his teeth and did his best to ignore it.

The bed sifted as the Fourteenth Noah moved to press up against his left side, her flushed right cheek now resting again his clothed left shoulder. The young woman giggling sweetly, the sound soft and sounding like a flowing melody.

Slim black as night fingers slowly trailing a path down his chest. The young woman completely uncaring about the slick mess between her thighs.

Her left arm…

The skin was black all the way up to her mid upper arm. Odd designs decorating pale white skin up to her left shoulder. The Exorcist had always found it odd, but had never asked the Noah about it. Just like how Tyki never asked why her skin was pale white and wasn't dark grey like the other Noah.

Just like how she had never asked about the pentagram scar just above his left eye, and the scar running the length of the left side of his face.

"Ellen, this has to stop." Tyki forced himself to say, the Exorcist knowing that he needed to stop this game of hers, that he needed to end this before it was to late.

Because Ellen Walker was his temptation, his sin, and he couldn't keep doing this, but then the Exorcist knew that he didn't mean his words. Tyki knew that if Ellen came back tomorrow night, then he wouldn't be able to turn her away.

The Musician giggled softly again, golden eyes no doubt watching him in amusement. Then the pale skinned Noah was moving, the young woman straddling his broad hips. Tyki frowning at the stray thought that she was now making a mess of his pants. "Why?" She breathed out, her voice soft and barely above a whisper. Tyki's mouth twisting into a deeper frown, his hand falling away so he could meet her amused yet confused golden eyes.

The young woman's hands were suddenly resting softly against his cheeks before he could answer. His almond colored eyes narrowing as the Noah slowly leaned down, her smiling pink lips brushing gently against his mouth. The Exorcist not understanding what was happening until it was to late and even then he wasn't quite sure what the Noah had done.

First there was the feeling of fire burning its way across his brow, then blinding, stabbing pain.

His hands were taking a hard bruising hold of Ellen's upper arms, the man pushing her back, breaking the light connection between their lips. The Portuguese Exorcist's vision was swimming and blurring. "What-?" Tyki hissed out angrily, the twenty-six year old gritting his teeth as he slowly started to regain his sight and that horrible pain started to fade.

Ellen simply smiled softly at him, her head titling to the left as her golden eyes narrowed and flashed with this odd kind of delight. When she spoke it sounded soft and light, like a flowing melodic tune meant only for his ears to hear. "I give to you my License to the Box, Tyki Mikk, Exorcist of the Black Order. Just incase you get caught up in my fathers plans. ~"

Tyki's light brown eyes narrowed in confusion, the Exorcist not understanding what the Noah meant by her words.

What the hell was the 'Box', and what the fuck did she mean by a 'License'.


"Your fathers plans?"

Ellen's smile was then twisting into a impish little grin.

"Yes, The Earl's plans. This ship is heading to Edo right?" The Noah asked, Tyki's hold on her arms loosening just a little, his eyes narrowing even more. The fact that Ellen knew that the Cross Unit was heading to Edo didn't really surprise him, but then, Tyki Mikk didn't really hear that part.

"Your father is the Millennium Earl?" Portuguese Exorcist found himself hissing out darkly, Tyki's brain slow to process just what that meant.

The Fourteenth Noah smiled wider and Tyki could feel a headache coming on. Not only had the Exorcist been having sex with his enemy for months, but now he was finding out that the Noah's father was none other then the Earl himself?

He was so screwed.

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