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Important Note: In this story Tyki is the Exorcist, and Ellen is the Noah.

Timeline: This chapter takes place BEFORE the first chapter, a little back tracking going on...

Episode Timeline:

First half/Ellen's Pov: Episode - 07 titled "Tombstone of Memories", Episode - 06 titled "That Which Calls Forth Disaster"

Second half/Tyki's Pov: Episode - 21 titled "Krory Attacks", Episode - 24 titled "Krory's Journey"

*** Ellen Walker's Pov ***

Episode - 07 titled "Tombstone of Memories"

Episode - 06 titled "That Which Calls Forth Disaster"

The Fourteenth Noah waited, she waited and waited…

Ellen Walker, the Fourteenth and Musician of the Noah, sat within a large dark room. An old wooden rocking chair sitting empty behind her, the Millennium Earl leaving her to answer the phones in his place and her beloved father wouldn't be back for another few hours.

Ellen sat on the white and black checkered floor, the young noblewoman wearing a nice dark blue dress made of fine satin. her long light drown hair curled and tide up with a red silk ribbon. Ellen's silver eyes watching the clock, that seemed to just be floating in mid air, tick tock in boredom.

There should've been at least one phone call by now, the phones were always ringing, so why is taking so long..?

The young woman's right gloved hand rose and gripped at her covered left arm, pulling the limb closer to her body. Ellen's pink lips threatening to pull down into a deeper frown.

Her Innocence, her Crown Clown.

Her family loved her without limit, loved her regardless of the Innocence within her left hand, they loved her and looked after her like she was a child…

But Ellen wasn't a child anymore, she was an adult, she was fifteen years old. Her family didn't need to coddle her like she was seven anymore.

Ellen would show her family that her left arm didn't make her weak, she would show them her Innocence was worthy of the forgiveness that her beloved family had given. All the young Noah needed was one phone call, then she would be able to prove that she wasn't weak.

Ellen Walker would make her own Akuma, the Fourteenth would have it level and become strong, then she would take it and kill one of 'God's' holy Apostles.

The Fourteenth would kill an Exorcist.

Ellen Walker would bring her beloved foster father the silver lined coat of one of God's bloody lambs, using the power of her Crown Clown and her own Akuma. She would show her family that Ellen Walker could do much more then just answering phones.

One of the many gold colored phones started to ring, snapping the young brunette out of her thoughts, Ellen quickly snatching it up and eagerly answering the call.

The broker on the other end telling the young woman that he had another client for the Earl, but what the poor human didn't know was that Ellen wasn't writing the information down.

Though it wasn't like the human really cared, just as long as he got paid…

Yes, this message the powerful Millennium Earl wouldn't be receiving anytime soon, because this client would be Ellen's.

The Fourteenth giggled in glee when she hung up the phone, the Musician smiling in excitement and practically ran out of the room after learning what she needed to know.

It was so simple for her to acquire an Akuma skeleton soon after, the Skull's not asking questions when she had entered the room were her father kept his Akuma Factory. All that Ellen had to tell them was, "My father needs another Vessel..."

The Earl's mages had simply nodded and started preparing another Akuma Skeleton. After a few moments Ellen was handed a red ticket with a black pentagram star embossed on to the front of it. The ticket would allow her to summon the Vessel when she was ready for it.

Ellen was quick to thank the Skull's and be on her way after getting what she needed. The Fourteenth then used the Ark to get to her destination. The young woman finding a young dark blond haired boy weeping over a new grave stone…

Ellen took a deep breath and steeled her nerves, the young woman had seen her father do this a hand full of time over the years, and it hadn't looked all that hard. The young Fourteenth could do this, she just needed to relax and do what she had seen her father do.

With a firm nod Ellen Walker approached the boy, her pink lips pulling into a fake concerned smile. "Hello." she greeted the human child politely, her voice smooth and soft. Ellen's silver eyes watching as the boy jumped and turned wet blue eyes to look at her.

"Who're you?" the blond haired child asked, his voice shaking and raw with beautiful sorrow. Ellen fought to keep her smile from pulling into a devious grin.

Sorrow made one desperate and blind. Death brought sorrow, sorrow gave birth to Akuma, Akuma brought the cycle full circle by bring about even more death. The Noah of Destruction's pink lips twisted into a wide and gleeful smile, her silver eyes half lipped as she sang out. "Me? Oh, I'm just someone that what's to help ease your pain and sorrow. ~"

The boy slowly pushed himself to his feet, his blue eyes dull and his mouth whispering out, "Ease my sorrow?" the human child blinked and seemed to be looking her over with a look of confusion. "Your…? You don't look like the Earl…" the blond haired boy mumbled softly, so softly that Ellen almost missed it.

The young brunette tilted her head to the left, her silver eyes blinking, but Ellen quickly put the child's words out of her mind. It didn't matter, only making the deal mattered.

The Fourteenth slowly bent at the waist, her white gloved right hand raising and patting the boy on the head, "I want to ease your sorrow by bringing your mother back to you child, how does that sound? Would you like to have your mother back? ~" Ellen sang out sweetly, her smile twisting wider when the boy thought about her words for only a moment, then he was nodding his head in agreement…

It had been easy, once the whole thing had been finished, the young fifteen year old Noah proud of her first successful binding. Tryde and her father made it sound like it was much more complicated then it really was.

The young brunette was so thrilled, her smile full of pride for her first Akuma. The young woman quickly giving her new toy its orders, then Ellen giggled and summoned an Ark gate to return home.

The Fourteenth returning back to the Ark and finding that no one had missed her, Ellen's father and the others none the wiser, Ellen's little plan had worked perfectly.

And it wasn't like Ellen wouldn't tell her father about what she had done, Ellen just wasn't going to tell him right now. No, the young woman wanted her Akuma to level and become just as strong as any of her father's or Tryde's.

Ellen would kill an Exorcist with the aid of her Akuma, and then her father would have to let her help in the war.

The young Noah could do much more then playing her role as a Duke's daughter and the Millennium Earl's receptionist.

The Earl's receptionist.

It was a horrible title that Devit and Jasdero had fondly given her a while ago, when Ellen had first come to her father begging to be allowed to help him in his work. Mana deciding that a 'good job' for her was answering the phones, that taking messages from his brokers when he was away would be the perfect way for Ellen to help.

The twins had found it to be absolutely hilarious and had made light fun of her 'important job', the two giggling as they teased her. The Fourteenth huffed in embarrassment at the memory, Ellen would show them and the rest of her family that she could contribute more then they thought…

Her Innocence didn't make her an invalid, it didn't make her weak. The Fourteenth didn't need to be coddled and didn't need to be fussed over. Yes, Ellen knew that her family loved her dearly, and she loved them too, but…

Crown Clown wasn't weak, it was powerful, and so were her powers as the Fourteenth Noah.

Ellen shook her head clear of thought and headed off, it was just about time for Ellen to practice the musical piece that she would be playing for the up coming ball…

It took a few moments to exit the Ark, the young woman stepping out of the gate and into the large ballroom that was part of the Kamelot Mansion. The young woman's pink lips fighting to pull into a confused smile, her silver eyes spotting a very familiar form already sitting at the black piano.

The Ninth Apostle of Noah turned her smiling purple eyes to meet Ellen's silver, Road Kamelot giggling as the younger Noah joined her on the black wooden bench. "I hope you don't mind me listening to you play!" The twelve year old said happily.

Ellen offered the Noah of Dreams a truly happy smile, the Fourteenth loved to play for her family, Ellen always playing her best when she was performing for them. Her gloved fingers rose and settled daintily upon the piano's ivory keys. Her silver eyes fluttering closed as the first key strokes filled the empty ballroom…

Calm and glowing happiness was blooming within her as the Musician wove her melody, her body swaying gently to the beat of the music. Her pink lips parting to hum along as her fingers moved with very little thought, the words to the song leaving her lips in a smooth and flowing tune.

"I know that your hiding things…

Using gentle words to shelter me…

Your words were like a dream,

But dreams can never fool me,

Not that Easily…

I acted so distant then,

Didn't say goodbye before you left,

But I was listening…

You'll fight your battles far from me,

Far to easily…"

It was not the song she was supposed to be playing, but it was one of her favorites and Ellen knew that Road would like it over the other melody. Ellen's simple bliss was sort lived as her skilled fingers played out the final notes to the melody, the her voice fading as she song the last line, the song coming to an end all to soon. Ellen smiled as Road gushed that the song was beautiful, the other Noah prodding her to play another song.

The Musician was more then happy to obey.

The Fourteenth Noah giggled halfway through the next song however, her thoughts returning to her little heist that she had gotten away with. Road blinked and poked Ellen in the arm, her lips twisting into a curious smile. "What's gotten you so happy?"

The young Fourteenth paused in her playing of the piano, her silver eyes blinking in confusion. Then an oh so innocence smile fell over Ellen's pink lips, her silver eyes only glancing at the young looking girl sitting on the bench next to her. "Nothing at all. ~" Ellen answered with a smooth musical pitch to her voice, her smile pulling wider.

Road's smile seemed to wane, the Noah of Dreams purple eyes narrowing, but then her smile was pulling her mouth into a wide and devious grin. "Really? I think your up to something. ~"

The Noah of Destruction didn't pause in her playing this time, her fingers gliding over the white and black keys effortlessly, the young woman's skilled fingers making no mistakes in the melody. "I don't know what your talking about, Road." Ellen said softly.

The Ninth Apostle giggled and poked her arm again, her purple eyes flashing with mischievous intent. "Could it be that your happy about your newest suitor?" Road purred out sweetly, her smile pulling even wider as Ellen's pale cheeks flushing a light shade of pink. Road's glancing over to watch as Ellen continued to play the piano without making a single mistake. "Lulubell said he's very handsome."

Ellen pouted at the light teasing, but continued playing like she hadn't even heard the other girl speak. Then Road sang out, "I heard that Mellenie was considering an engagement deal with him. ~"

Ellen's silver eyes widened in horror, her head snapping to her left to face the other Noah, her fingers missing the next set of keys horribly. The young woman's voice high in pitch when she hissed out her reply to Road's words, her cheeks burning. "What! Mana wouldn't -!"

The Fourteenth's horror and panic was quickly giving way to rage filled embarrassment, when the Noah of Dreams broke out into a fit of laughter. "You should see your face Ellen!" Road laughed out, but then her purple eyes were filling with devious mischief a moment later.

"Or maybe your so happy about the Amkua Skeleton you stole." The young looking girl said in hushed tones, before sliding from the black bench and racing for the door, the other Noah calling over her shoulder, "I think I'll go ask Mana if he's notice that he's missing anything!"

Ellen was also standing then, dread twisting with in her heart, the young woman giving chase. The Fourteenth having to take fist full's of her Victorian stile dress and lifting up the skirt slightly so she could run, though the weight made it so the brunette wasn't running anywhere close to her full speed.

Damn it!

The Fourteenth cursed when she reached the door of the ballroom, only to find that Road had already made it to the end of the hall. It was so unfair that Road didn't have to wear long dresses like she did, just because she looked twelve! The Noah of Dreams was well over ninety years old!

It wasn't fair!

"Don't you dare tell father Road!" Ellen shouted down the large hallway, the Fourteenth yelling so loud that she just knew everyone within the horribly large mansion must've heard her. Road paused and turned to grin at her maliciously, the girl sticking out her tongue.

"I'm so going to tell Millenie that you stole one of his Akuma Skeletons!" Road called back to her as the twelve year old bolted around the corner, the girl's next words making Ellen's heart freeze in her chest even more. "Unless you can offer me something for my silence-!"

That little brat! She should have known that this was all about getting free sweets!

The Fourteenth ran down the hall full tilt, the young woman not caring that she might rip her new dress if she wasn't careful. Ellen rounded the corner, her intent of catching the other Noah and bribing her with the promise of a lots of candy the only thing on her mind.

Ellen rounded the corner only to freeze in her tracks.

Mana Walker stood just around the corner, Road also having come the a stop just before running head first in the Patriarch of the Noah family.

The Noah of Dreams glanced over her shoulder with an apologetic smile, Ellen understanding that Road hadn't known that the Earl was standing just around the corner and having no doubt heard every word. "Please excuse us Road." Mana said in a plain tone, the man's poster and voice showing no emotion.

And that only told Ellen just how mad her father truly was, Mana only even made that face when he was really mad.

The Ninth Apostle of Noah offering the Fourteenth another sympathetic smile, before she was running off down the hall. The older Noah trying to convey that she hadn't really meant any harm. That all she wanted was to play with Ellen a little and maybe get some free candy…

Mana's grey eyes narrowed the second Road was out of sight, a stern look twisting his features. The young woman giggled nervously and was quick to offer her unset father a sheepish smile. "Ellen Walker," Her father said in a disproving tone, making Ellen flinch. "What were you thinking?"

The young Fourteenth wilted and her face twisted into a doleful look, the brunette's silver eyes falling to the floor in guilt. "I just…" Ellen mumbled out softly, the fifteenth year old fiddling with her left glove. "I can do more…" The young woman's gloved hand fisted into her gown, her voice just below a whisper. "I'm not a child father, I can help you…"

A heavy sigh from her father made the rest of her words die on her tongue. When the man spoke his voice was tired, but still held an angry undertone. "You could've gotten hurt Ellen, going off by yourself like that…"

Another heavy sigh and Ellen chanced a glance up. "And what would've happened if your binding failed or was flawed? Akuma are not toys Ellen, their weapons loaded with strong dangerous magic and dark matter."

"And what would you have done if he had found you?" The young Noah hearing the fear and the worry in her father's tone when he had spoken, Ellen's guilt growing even more. A cold icy fear crawling across her skin at the mentioning of him.

The thing that had almost taken her away from her father a little over three years ago…

That monstrosity was the true reason of why Mana didn't like her going anywhere alone.

"We'll discuss your punishment when we get back." Mana said in a voice that left little room for argument. Ellen following her father without question when he walked passed her and towards the ballroom.

It took them reaching the ballroom doors for Ellen to speak again, her tone soft and confused. "Where're we going..?" The Noah of Destruction asked, the brunette watching her father summon an Ark gate.

Mana Walker turned his head to look at her, his grey eyes telling the young woman that he was still slightly displeased with her. "We're going to retrieve the Akuma you made."

Ellen's posture deflated even more.

Her father had donned the disguise of the Millennium Earl right before they entered the Ark. The man closing his eyes once they were standing within the grave yard that Ellen had made the deal in.

Her father focusing and watching things through the Akuma's eyes.

The ever present smile of the Earl's face pulled even wider, his gold eyes opening and flashing from behind his round glasses. "Interesting…" her father muttered after a long moment, the man's eyes set on the open steel gates of the grave yard. "Go and find a place to hide Ellen, we're going to have company."

The Fourteenth Noah looked confused and hesitated, but then her father was fixing his narrowing golden eyes on her. The look on her father's face telling the young woman that she needed to obey, now.

Ellen's pink lips twisted into a confused frown, but she heeded the warning look within the Earl's eyes. The young fifteen year old woman quickly moved and hid behind an old dying willow tree. Her pink lips parting and her silver eyes narrowing as she saw her Akuma and a young brown haired boy enter the graveyard.

Her father confronting the new boy about being quite the thorn in his side...

That was when Ellen saw her first Exorcist, her family's enemy. The male Exorcist coming to save the boy when her father ordered the Akuma to kill the child. The young Noah could feel her heart flutter within her chest, the Fourteenth hadn't ever thought that an Exorcist could look so…

So dashing.

*** Tyki Mikk's Pov ***

Episode - 07 titled "Tombstone of Memories"

Episode - 06 titled "That Which Calls Forth Disaster"

Tyki swore as he was sent crashing through a hard stone wall. The twenty six year old growling and narrowed his light brown eyes, quickly dislodging himself from the debris and stone, pushing himself to his feet.

His back aching from the force that he had been thrown into the wall with. Though the pain didn't last all that long, the Exorcist always did heal abnormally fast for a human, though not anywhere close to Kanda's healing ability, Tyki thought sourly…

A growl from just outside the rather large hole that he had made, snapping Tyki out of his musing. The 'Vampire' like man narrowed his sharp black eyes at him, the others frustration clearly written all over his face. Tyki smirked and held out his right hand, the hand and arm that wore his metal gauntlet.

The green crystal imbedded on the back forearm of the gauntlet pulsing with power as the Exorcist prepared to re-invoke his Equipment Type Innocence. "Is that all you got Count?" Tyki hissed out, his light brown eyes burning with the thrill of the fight.

"Why can't you just leave us be?" the Vampire roared in rage, his cold black eyes flashing with the man's anger.

The grin that pulled across Tyki's face was challenging and just as cold. "Ah, sorry Count, but I can't do that." The Vampire hissed and was moving forward. Tyki's grin widening as his weapon took form. A bright flash of purple light and his energy sword formed over his gauntlet and hand. Tyki charged forward, intending to meet the Vampire head on, but at the last second his opponent dodged his blade.

An irritated hiss escaped through his teeth. Tyki growled and twisted, barely blocking the man's attack aimed at his back. Fucking hell, this bastard was fast. "Fire Seal!" A voice called out from the opening in the stone wall.

Deep red burning flames twisted around him, striking the man intent on killing him. The Vampire was hit dead on, the man sent crashing through the other wall and disappearing from sight. Tyki heaved and heavy sigh as his red haired comrade ran past him, chasing after their Vampire friend.

"You just sit back and let me handle this Romeo!" Lavi called back to him laughing, the red head was then jumping through the hole that their opponent had made...

Tyki's left eyebrow twitched, his mouth twisting down into a deep irritated frown, like hell he was going to be shown up by that red haired moron! Tyki growled and followed after the Bookman…

The dark purple haired Exorcist landed on his feet next to his partner for this rather stupid mission. The two Exorcist now within what looked like a ill kept ballroom. The Vampire, or rather the Accommodator, was in the middle of the large room…

And in the arms of the Akuma that was posing as a helpless human woman. As soon as his eyes fell on the Akuma, his left eyes activated, the silver monocle taking shape and allowing him to see the twisted soul that was attached to the Akuma.

Lavi gagged, then swore and fixed him with annoyed look. "A little warning first please!" Tyki only chuckled, though the sound held no amusement. There was nothing funny about being able to see such a horrific sight, there was nothing amusing about being able to see the twisted soul of an Akuma…

Tyki gave an uncaring shrugged, "I'll try to remember next time." the Exorcist said in a board tone, not taking his eyes of the two in the center of the room. By the rather violent gasp from the Vampire, the Portuguese Exorcist knew, without a doubt, that the Count could see the Akuma's mangled soul also.

"Wh-what is that?" Count Arystar Krory (the Vampire) choked out. His dark eyes fixed on the twisted soul so close to him. The man looking to have frozen to the spot, the blonde woman's red lips twisted into a deep frown at the look in her 'lovers' eyes. The Akuma no doubt realizing that there would be no more hiding.

That her little game was up.

Tyki's mouth twisted into a cold smile, his almond colored eyes flashing as he readied himself to attack. His narrowing eyes fixed on the soul that he could see writhing in anguish.

The Bookman beside him also raising his own weapon.

The two Exorcists were just about ready to charge, but before either could take even one step forward the floor shook. Tyki stumbled as some of the floor cracked and then gave way, those huge ass man eating flowers braking through the stone.

Tyki dove to the right as one attacked him, his glowing dark purple energy sword slicing through the plant like it was nothing. God damn it! This just had to be a fucking pain in the ass didn't it? Why couldn't he ever get assigned an easy mission?

This was all fucking Cross's fault, and those god damned villagers…

Tyki sat down heavily in his seat, it had taken much to long to get their new comrade through town. The small group had almost missed their train thanks to his and Lavi's new companion. His light brown eyes opening to watched as Krory opened a window and promptly stuck his head, along with his whole upper body, through the opening.

Lavi, who was sitting next to their very odd new friend, blinked and then hissed. The red head reaching out and taking a hard grip of the Parasitic Accommodator's cape and quickly pulled him back into the train. The harsh treatment didn't seem to detour the Count, his dark eyes turning to look excitedly at the red haired Bookman. "So this is a train?" Arystar Krory the Third asked, his excitement clearly heard in his voice and seen in his excited black eyes.

Tyki chuckled in amusement at how childish the Count was acting. Though, Krory had said that he'd always been confined to that old stone castle. At the time Tyki hadn't quite believed him, but the look of wonderment on the taller mans face quickly convinced Tyki that the Count had been telling the truth.

Not to mention how easily those merchants had conned him…

Tyki was tempted to see if he could convince the Count to play a game of poker with him. It had been awhile since he had anyone to play with, though that was largely his own fault. Everyone at the Order knowing better then to play him in a game of cards, Tyki having swindled anyone who had been stupid enough to play with him.

And it was all because Tyki couldn't bring himself to lose in a card game. He had also been known to get a little ruthless, especially when it came to poker. Not to mention Lavi was there, the Bookman would take pity on the Count and tell him that Tyki was cheating. The Bookman Jr could be a real kill joy at times, mostly when the game didn't benefited the red head any.

A smile slid across his face as Krory proudly announced that he was going to look around. The tall man quickly running off, regardless of Lavi's call to wait for one of them to accompany him.

Tyki did laugh at this, his brown eyes watching the Bookman shoot him a dirty look, then move off to follow after their friend. The purple haired Exorcist laughed and leaned back in his seat, content to get a little shut eye while he could.

Lavi could keep an eye on the Count easily enough…

And if Lavi was with Krory, then that meant it would be safe for Tyki to sleep. He really didn't need to be waking up with anymore of Lavi's famous black marker drawings all over his face. Tyki's eyebrow twitched at the memory of the last time that he had fallen asleep on a train with Lavi present…

It had taken hours to scrub away Lavi's fucking scribbles!

The dark haired Exorcist was still plotting his revenge against the red head for that. Maybe he could convince Jerry to spike the blasted rabbits food with hot sauce…

Tyki smirked as he closed his eyes and waited for sleep to claim him, and it wasn't long before the twenty six year old was dozing. Though his peaceful nap was short lived, the hairs on the back of his neck raising, the Exorcist's instincts waking him.

The Portuguese Exorcist awareness came back to him quickly, the man staying absolutely still, keeping up the appearance that he was still sleeping. His keen ears could hear the rustle of clothes as someone moved closer.

His senses completely focused as the person came to stand before him, Tyki could feel it when the person reached out to touch him. The Portuguese Exorcist's hand snapped up and took hold of a petite wrist, a startled gasp and his light brown eyes opened.

Wide startled silver eyes met his light brown, Tyki blinking in confusion.

It wasn't Lavi that had woken him…

The young woman standing before him was beautiful.

Long, slightly curled, lose brown hair framed a round and young looking face, striking silver eyes watching him in startled curiosity. Her skin was a pale milk white, though most of her was covered by her dark red dress and fine white lace. The young woman wearing a gown that easily labeled her as a high class noble.

Tyki didn't even realize that he was still holding the young woman by her gloved wrist until the brunette spoke. "Hello. ~" A soft and melodic voice whispered softly, a pleasant and delighted smile on her full pink lips, her head titling to the left in wonder.

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The Song that Ellen was singing: "A Thousand Words" by Sweetbox, here are the full lyrics...

I know that your hiding things, using gentle words to shelter me…

Your words were like a dream,

But dreams can never fool me…

Not that Easily…

I acted so distant then,

Didn't say goodbye before you left,

But I was listening…

You'll fight your battles far from me…

Far to easily.

"Save your tears 'cause I'll come back"

I could hear that you whispered as you walked through that door.

But still I swore

To hide the pain

When I turned back the pages

Shouting might have been the answer

What if I'd cried my eyes out

And begged you not to depart?

But now I'm not afraid

to say what's in my heart

Though a thousand words have never been spoken

They'll fly to you

Crossing over the time and distance

Holding you

Suspended on silver wings!

And a thousand words

One thousand confessions

Will cradle you

Making all the pain you feel

Seem far away

They'll hold you forever…

The dream isn't over yet

Though I often say I can forget

I still relive that day

You've been there with me all the way

I still hear you say

"Wait for me, I'll write you letters."

I could see how you stammered with your eyes to the floor

But still I swore

To hide the Doubt

When I turn back the pages

Anger might have been the answer

What if I'd hung my head and said that I couldn't wait?

But now I'm strong enough to know

It's not too late

'Cause a thousand words

Call out through the ages

They'll fly to you

Even though I can't see

I know they're reaching you

Suspended on silver wings

Oh, a thousand words

One thousand embraces

Will cradle you

Making all of your weary days seem far away

They'll Hold you forever

Oh, a thousand words

Have never been spoken

They'll fly to you

They'll carry you home

And back into my arms

Suspended on silver wings

And a thousand words

Call out through the ages

They'll cradle you

Turning all of the lonely years

Into only days

They'll hold you forever

Oh, A thousand words…