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The human body is made for excessive wear and tear. I have been told it and thus, I have come to believe it. Human beings are meant to break. Their bones are meant to snap. They're as delicate as a bunch of roses, yet they carry an aggressive bite. They are the stubborn thorn that tends to stick in one's side. Both the eradicated S.T.A.R.S. and the BSAA are all too reminiscent of that.

Troublesome by nature, S.T.A.R.S. refused to back down. I was chosen by Umbrella to dispose of the potential threat. Their curiosity and justice-ridden behavior brought their very undoing. Thus, they were to be taken care of at the Spencer Mansion within the Arklay mountains, but you needn't know this. You needn't know any of this. The truth is stowed away in the archives. How unfortunate that a great deal of those files were burned due to the mansion's self-destruct system.

I needn't dabble in the past for what good will it do me? As of now, I am moving forward towards a glorious fate. The right to be a God will soon be mine and mine alone. In that bright future, I will be the helping hand towards the remnants of a new humanity. Like sheep, they will flock to the wolf, guised as the shepherd. From the wreckage, a civilization of perfection will emerge. There will be no room for the weak, only the strong.

I have grown to loathe humanity.