I Got Nothing…

Summary: **Part of 'The World(s) According to Faith' series** Faith is speechless for once.

Challenge: none, just Musie's sick humor again.

Timeline: After Faith and Buffy leave the HP'verse.

Warning: the fictional killing of a great singer and his real life wife.

Thanks to my betas: hmm, none this time.

Disclaimer: BtVS and AtS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission. Music video described is 'Haven't Met You Yet' by Michael Bublé. The scene starts at 3:05 in the vid.

http:/ www. youtube. com/watch?v=1AJmKkU5POA

Parking lot of a grocery store

They were just getting out of their car – which they 'borrowed' once they landed in this 'verse – to grab some food from the store. Where did they get the money to pay for it? Well, they relieved some misogynist pigs of the cash when the idiots kept insisting they couldn't be as strong as they claimed. You'd think the men would learn after the first couple guys, but noooo…they all had to get their asses kicked by the Slayer duo to believe.

No skin off Buffy and Faith's noses. It got them some money a semi-honest way that didn't embarrass the blonde Slayer for once. Faith had no problem with the mudwrestling or stripping, but Buffy was still modest enough that she blushed every time – which actually worked in her favor, ironically.

Suddenly the area lit up with search lights, causing the Slayers to fall into a defensive stance. Then a crowd of people swarmed into the parking lot from both the store – Killarney Market – and literally out of nowhere.

To make matters freakier, there was confetti everywhere and music blaring without using the PA speakers on the light posts. In the center of it all, a cute guy and an equally cute blonde chick were holding hands while he sang, "You know it'll all turn out…"

Then the crowd did some creepy synchronistic dancing that reminded both girls of zombies. Their Slayer sense was screaming at them that this wasn't natural. By mutual, unspoken agreement, they reached for their daggers, Faith getting the girl in the heart and Buffy taking out the guy. One of the two had to be the zombie master. Sure enough, everything disappeared, even the bodies of the couple.

Buffy looked at Faith, waiting for her usual line, but Faith simply shook her head and shuddered, "I got nothing for this one. This was like some seriously freaky-ass shit. Like if Dawn of the Dead had a sick love child with Glee. That's just so freakin' wrong on so many levels."

Although she agreed whole-heartedly, Buffy couldn't help but tease her sister Slayer, "What do you know about Glee?"

A/N: Don't get me wrong, I am so totally in love with Michael's singing, but that scene in the parking lot hit me as the perfect setting for a musical zombie ficlet.