Inside a centuries old tomb situated beneath the now crumbled ruins of what once was the infamous castle Doom, known the world over as being the home and lair of international supervillian Dr. Doom, AKA Victor Von Doom, Latveria's current ruler, the superhero family known as the Fantastic Four stood fighting bravely against a seemingly limitless army of Doombots-Von Doom's personal robotic army.

Mr Fantastic, or Reed Richards to his friends and peers, world renowned scientist and the leader of the Fantastic Four, known for his incredible ability to reshape his body at will as if it were made of rubber, his wife Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman, who possesses the ability to manipulate the various light waves around her to make herself completely invisble,her younger brother Johnny, or the Human Torch, as he prefers, who maintains the ability to generate a fiery plasma from his body that allows him to both control the flames and fly excess the speed of sound, and finally the one and only Thing, pilot Benjamin Grimm, whose skin was composed of an indestructible rocky substance, granting him amazing strength and resiliency. The group fought for not only their own lives, but for the lives of every living being on the planet.

"These guys aren't slowing down Reed!..." the younger Storm sibling cried from above the other members of his family, corkscrewing through the air in order to dodge a barrage of repulsor fire from a group of the green cloaked Doombots that chased him beneath the tomb's low hanging roof, before slinging a flaming ball of plasma behind him and catching one of the robots in the face, melting it like a hot knife through butter and sending it crashing down to the cracked stone floor below in a flaming pile of melted steel.

Mr Fantastic, who had just kicked out with his right leg at a Doombot, stretching his entire leg about ten feet and taking the robot's head clean off, stretched out both his upper body and his arms to catch the legs of two more of the bots that chased his brother in law, dragging them off course and sending one plummeting down into a group of already defeated Doombots, and the other into the underground tombs east wall. "How's that Johnny?.." he called back as the Human Torch melted another one of the robots, who turned to him and gave two thumbs up.

Fantastic reverted to his normal size before having to stretch again, extending his mid-section to the side in order to dodge an incoming Doombot, sending it straight past him and into the waiting fist of his oldest friend the Thing, who tore the robot's head right off and started swinging it's decapitated body around like a club, tearing through hordes of the menacing robots like an adventurer cutting through jungle vines with a machete.

"Let'em keep coming sparky!.." the Thing called out to his flame covered team mate with a gravely laugh. "I can keep going all damn week!" he dropped his makeshift weapon and began using his own boulder like fists to clobber the unrelenting robots, crushing their heads and other limbs with absolutely no effort."You doin' all right over there Suzy?.." the monstrous being called over to the only female member of the group, as he lifted a Doombot over his head and tore it apart at the midsection, throwing the two halves of the still functioning robot at another, hitting his target square in the chest and crushing it.

"I've been better Ben.." the stunning blonde woman replied as she trapped a group of the bots in a force bubble, collapsing it in on itself and crushing them into miniscule cubes of sparking cybernetics."But thanks for asking.." she added to the smiling Grimm, deflecting a barrage of bright red repulsor fire from her left and sending it right back at her attackers."Where's Doom?..." she called to her husband, dodging under one of the Doombot's punches and turning herself invisible, reappearing in front of another so the first would fire it's repulsor at her, then going invisble again and diving out of the way so that the repulsor fire would connect with the unknowing Doombot, blowing it to pieces.

Fantastic flung a dismembered bot's head at one of the oncoming Doombots, and stretched his neck straight up to get a better look at their surroundings.

"Over there!" he called, pointing with an outstretched finger over to a large platform that had been erected on the far side of the tomb, where on top, some sort of machine with three large pylons sat connected to a large computer console by way of a series of thick power cables. The green cloaked Dr. Doom stood at the console, clad in his hand forged suit of armour and mask, gliding his gauntlet encased hands over the various buttons and keys.

"VICTOR!" Fantastic called over the horde of Doombots. Doom payed no heed to him at all. "VICTOR YOU CAN'T DO THIS...THE DEVASTATION IT WILL CAUSE..." Doom didn't even turn, so Fantastic began fighting his way towards the platform, his hands taking on the size of fully inflated balloons, which he used skillfully to pummel the onslaught of robots.

"JOHNNY!.." the fire covered young man swooped down to join his brother in law battle through the horde. "Draw him away from that computer, but don't burn it!."

"Gotcha' Reed." Storm rocketed up above the fight and speed over to the platform. "Oi...Metal head!" he taunted, gliding around the armoured man and flicking a couple of sparks at Doom. The sparks managed to catch Doom's green cloak and set it ablaze, sending the tyrant into a frenzy and making him fall away from the console. His armour must have heated up a bit too quickly.

"Dammit Storm!..." Doom spat in his deep voice as he tore off his flaming cloak and threw it too the ground, where it burnt up and began a small pile of smouldering fabric. "How dare you!.." he struck out at the flying young man, a stream of energy erupting from the repulsor built into his left gauntlet and knocking Storm out of the air and into a collection of scrap just beyond the machine.

"JOHNNY!.." Invisible Woman cried, fearing the worst when her brother didn't answer. "BEN, HELP HIM!.." the Thing nodded, sticking his shoulder out and beginning a rampage through the Doombots, crushing them beneath his eight hundred pound frame as he barrelled through. Invisible Woman took this as an opportunity to get closer to the platform and began on the same path as her team mate, keeping the Doombots who came at the Thing from behind away.

Thing and Invisible Woman rampaged past Mr Fantastic, who seemed to be holding his own against the waves of Doombots. "Reed?.." the blonde called, getting the attention of her husband, who nodded in her direction and joined his team mates on their path to Doom and his machine.

The three managed to push their way to the front, and the Invisible Woman created a large barrier to deflect any of the Doombots that tried to get close to them. The Thing and Mr Fantastic climbed the half dozen stone steps to where the armour clad Doom was still frantically keying in codes and other information for his machine.

"Victor..please." Fantastic said as the two heroes reached the top of the platform, Thing ran over to check on Human Torch. "Transferring the Negative Zone to this plane of existence will tear the Earth apart..." The Thing bent down on his knees to help up the Human Torch, who shook his head to escape a dizzying haze. Doom turned to Fantastic and began laughing his deep, bitter laugh.

"You don't get it Richards..." the armoured dictator cackled from behind his steel plated mask. "My device won't tear the world apart, it will join it with the Negative Zone, creating a rift that only I will be able to cross freely, between both worlds, and I will be able to release my own armies of the Negative Zone upon the Earth..soon every world leader will beg that I spare them my wrath.."

Fantastic shook his head thoroughly. "No, you can't control the armies of the Negative Zone, no one'll doom us all..."

Doom began laughing even louder. "No Richards...I AM DOOM!" he pulled a large lever and the three energy pylons began surging with power, glowing with a bright blue haze. Fantastic extended his arm in an attempt at pulling the lever himself, but Doom caught his hand and fired a repulsor blast back at the scientist, causing him to have to dive out of the way to avoid it.

Between the three pylons, an orb of pure energy began to form, growing steadily larger with each passing second. The air in the large tomb began to kick up, as if a tornado had suddenly appeared, blowing sand and rubble everywhere, some knocking various Doombots off their feet and blowing the Invisible Woman's blonde hair around.

"WHAT"S GOING ON!..." she called, still trying to keep up her barrier against the Doombots and their fire.

"HE'S CREATING A PORTAL BETWEEN EARTH AND THE NEGATIVE ZONE...EVRYONE TRY AND STOP HIM!." Fantastic cried, dodging more of Doom's repulsor fire. Thing and the Human Torch both nodded to each other, and the two took off to take out the tyrant, who began firing a second repulsor ray from his right gauntlet at the two, picking his shots carefully as the HumanTorch took potshots at him with balls of glowing plasma.

Meanwhile, the portal had begun to form, and Mr Fantastic, who had managed to make it to the three pylons in an attempt at disrupting the power cables, saw the yellow skyed space of the Negative Zone. "IT" TOO LATE RICHARDS!..."Doom called as he fired a series of blasts into the face of the oncoming Thing, giving the tyrant time to dive out of the way of the rock man's rampage. "BOW TO ME NOW, AND I'LL LET YOU LIVE LONG ENOUGH THAT YOU'LL GET TO SEE THE QUEEN HAND ME HER CROWN!"

"NEVER VICTOR.." the rubber man called back. "JOHNNY...MELT THE POWER CABLES!" the Human Torch stopped in mid air, and began a swan dive down towards Fantastic and the machine, where he flung a series of fire balls at the thick cables in quick sucsession. The plastic casing that held the various wires melted and the fire burnt through the cables interior within seconds. Fantastic could already feel the wind slowling down.

"NICE TRY RICHARDS, BUT YOU FAIL...!" Doom dived to his console and pulled a second lever, and the machine powered up again, the portal to the Negative Zone bursting to life.

"No.." Fantastic said to himself, trying to find the secondary power source. He couldn't find one. "BEN..." he called, catching the giant's attention. "DESTROY THE PYLONS!."Thing smiled and turned away from Doom, basically leaping the distance between him and the machine, quickly taking a grasp on one of the towering pylons and digging his baseball bat sized fingers into the metal, tearing it up from it's fixture with little to no effort and disrupting the power source.

Fantastic had assumed that the portal would just fade away, but it must have become too stable, as it suddenly grew twice it's size in a matter of seconds and burst into permanent existence. This didn't falter Mr. Fantastic though, he still though he had a chance. "JOHNNY...TAKE OUT THE OTHER PYLONS!" Human Torch nodded again, and rocketed straight through the first of the remaining pylons, then slinging a barrage of fire balls at the second,
causing the portal to disappear comepletely for a moment, making Fantasic believe it was over, but suddenly explode like a dying star, engulfing the entire tomb in a flash of bright light.


Invisible Woman woke up suddenly, with an ear splitting head ache and a series of sharp pains down her left arm. She lay on the ground for a moment, fearing that if she stood up at that second, she'd collapse almost immediately.

Once she was confident she could stand, she rolled over on to her right side and pushed herself up to her knees, careful not to use her left arm, as she was sure it was broken, and made it to her feet. Her crystalline blue eyes took a few moments to adjust to the bright sunlight that blared down on her, and she had to cover her face with her forearm in order to keep the light out of her face.

Blinking a few times, she began looking around at her surroundings, noticing immediately that she wasn't in Latveria anymore. Around her, a thick grouping of trees lined what she concluded was some sort of path, leading off into the tree line in both directions. The sky was a clear blue," It must be summer.." she thought to herself, thinking of all the places on Earth that it was summer around this time of year.

A faint chirping of birds from the sky above gave her an idea,that it would be best to head North.

She used a trick her husband had taught her, taking a stick and placing it in the ground, using the placement of it's shadow to determine the correct direction, before heading off towards the tree line, hoping that it would lead her to some sort of settlement.

Ten or so miles down the path, Sue had come to the conclusion that wherever she was, it wasn't any place she'd ever been, and she'd been on every single continent on Earth. She'd never seen forests like the ones that surrounded her, the trees were much to big for the Amazon, plus it wasn't dense enough. It was like the forest out of a fairy tale, with birds of every colour flying here and there, and deer and other creatures scattering as they alerted to her presence.

She came out the other side of the forest into a small mountain range, where she hoped that a village or something would have been set up for wary travellers like herself. It took almost two hours of climbing the various stone faces and jagged rocky peaks to get to the top, even though it felt like much longer with the constant surge of pain streaming up and down her broken arm, and found herself looking out over a large village that seemed to be hidden within the forest's trees, as if it were made as such on purpose.

A massive wooden gate surruonded the village, boxing in dozens of old metal towers and other structures, as well as what seemed like a lake in the dead center. Right beneath her, underneath the rocy mountain where she stood, a gigantic tower that seemed to dwarf every other building in the village stood.

Sue knew that this was her best chance at finding aid, and began looking for a way down the hillface. She found a small path a hundred or so feet along the top of the mountain that lead her almost straight down, with the occasional back track to keep the path from becoming too steep. It brought the woman out at the very base of the mountain, right next to the wooden fence that surrounded the village, which she realised was at least a hundred feet high.

She navigated around the outline of the village, making it to a large arch gate with a leaf symbol painted in a shade of bright red over it. "HELLO?.."
the woman called, pushing her entire five-six frame against the slated wood. It didn't budge.

"HELLO, IS ANYONE HERE?..." she cried again. "I NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION!." she began banging her thin right arm against the wood, praying to god that someone could here her, and was relieved when the sound of gears grinding to life began, and the large doors opened, revealing what must have been a hundred or so men and women in various forms of dress, each wearing a headband with the same leaf symbol as the door on some sort part of their body.

"Hello." she said after a moment. It was the only thing that came to mind.

"Who are you?.." one of the men called out in a serene voice. He was dressed in a pair of brown pants and a white Gi like shirt, and he had long brown hair that hung elegantly down his back. His headband was wrapped around his head, and his eyes, which shocked Sue, had no pupils, but were reminiscent of flawless pearls.

"My name is Sue Storm...I'm a member of the Fantastic Four." the blonde replied, looking over the wave of soldiers that stared he down.

"Who or what is the Fantastic Four?.." the pearl eyed man asked.

"What do you mean?'ve never heard of us?" the pearl eyed man shook his head. "No Invisible Woman? Human Torch?" the pearl eyed man shook his head again. "What about the Thing, every one has heard of Ben."

"We have never heard of your squad,stranger. We have orders to take you to the Hokage." he said, approaching Sue with caution. "No harm will come to you if you comply."

Sue told herself that is was best not to fight an army with a broken arm, so she nodded, holding up her non-injured hand to show she meant no harm.
"Understood, but I must ask..Where am I?"

The pearl eyed man wrapped a steel cuff around her wrist. "You're in the village hidden in the leaves, you're in Konoha..."