"So, uhh," he started with a small grin while looking down. "You want to, Bella?"

I knew what he wanted. I mean, it wasn't difficult… we had been, err, heavily petting for a good hour or so now. But this is the way he asks me not only for our first time doing it but also to take my virginity? I found it at least somewhat disingenuous for him to ask me without at least first pulling his finger out from deep inside of me. I was willing to overlook it, though, as I wanted it just as badly if not more than he did.

I sighed. "My dad's home.. we can't," I said timidly.

"What about the field? We've done stuff out there... no one will know," he suggested.

"Yeah, but… I don't know," I said, giving him a smile. "The ground out there… it's not exactly comfortable."

"You can lie on my clothes," he said while feeling the bottom of his shirt. "100% cotton… that's the good shit."

I laughed, but I knew it still wouldn't be too comfy. "Okay… we can go out there... but we'll have to be quiet," I said. "I think my dad might be working on the tractor in the barn."

He grabbed me and led me out to the field so quickly I thought for a second he might have transformed into a Kenyan marathon runner. Before I knew it, we were lying out in the middle of the tall grass, his head between my legs and his hands grasping my breasts under my shirt. I came so quickly I didn't even think about how hard I was grabbing and pulling his hair, forcing his tongue deeper inside of me.

"You like that, huh?" he asked with that seductive gaze.

I simply moaned in response, forcing him even deeper. I reached down with my fingers to rub my clit as his tongue massaged the outside of my quivering lips. "Here… I can do that better," he said with a smile.

He unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down around his ankles while staying low enough not to breach the top of the tall grass. He damn near fell over as he tried getting his boxers down, too, but opted to just leave them down near his knees, instead.

Just as he was about to insert himself into me for the first time, the roar of dad's tractor was so loud that we knew he must be near. Scrambling to get to my feet, I swiftly pulled my pants up, my shirt down, and started running back towards the house. As I turned around to see how closely Edward was trailing me, I saw him stumble over his jeans and fall into the tall weeds. My dad continued on his path, mowing down the blades of grass like it was nothing. He was busy rocking out to Aerosmith on his iPod to notice Edward lying in his path, when suddenly he ran over Edward, chopping him into billions of bits.

Disappointed that I didn't take advantage of the wetness in my panties, I returned home and fucked Billy Black, instead.