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Mark of the Dragon

Chapter 1: Worse Day

Yusei thought her day couldn't get any worse when she woke up this morning coughing and still extremely tired from the night before. While at school, this strange man kept following her and he hadn't spoken a word, instead he just stood there without anyone knowing and only Yusei noticing him. After school, Yusei decided to go to the city's gym to box to get rid some of her stress and Carly, her friend, came with her, talking nonstop.

While Yusei was throwing punches at the gym's punching bag, in the corner of her eye she saw the man, and like before he was just standing there and watching her. 'What's with this guy? He keeps following me.' Yusei said to herself and thought it was strange. "How come no one else sees him but me?" Yusei muttered and coughed harshly.

Carly was sitting on the benches talking her usual babble and ignoring everything, only listen to herself. "Yusei! I swear to Kami, Kalin didn't get drunk after the football game on Friday. You shouldn't been so harsh on him." she sighed and pushed up her spiral glasses. "Carly…" Yusei sighed, she was already tired enough and didn't want to hear anything about her ex-boyfriend. "Ah damn, if I died will it get me out of the English exam on Monday?" Yusei sighed again and stopped punching, deciding it was enough for today. "One can only hope." Yusei said to herself and walked to the benches where her black bag was.

Yusei removed her boxing gloves and opened her bag, placing the gloves inside. "Are you eve listening to me? Kalin only had four or seven beers and a couple of shots but that isn't too bad! And besides he wouldn't have any if your damn foster parents hadn't made you leave after the game!" Carly yelled, flailing her arms around her sides in the air like a mad woman. Yusei and Carly looked at each other and shared a long suffering look. Yusei's real parents died in a car accident when she was just a month old and she can barely remember them. Yusei was about to go to her sweet Grandma Martha but was adopted by Bella and Primo. Primo refused to let Martha take Yusei as he believes that she is a witch. However, he lets Yusei visit her but he won't let Martha teach her witchcraft. Even since then, there was an injustice committed against Yusei.

"Ok I get it Carly but –"

"Kalin was celebrating! We kicked Diamond Union ass!" Carly cheered happily, changing the subject as usual and rudely interrupting what her friend was about to say.

Yusei sighed and rolled her eyes "I swear Carl you sound and act like you have a crush on Kalin since you always defend him." Yusei muttered clearly annoyed. Carly squeaked a little and laughed nervously rubbing the back of her neck. "Of course not! He is your boyfriend!" Carly said nervously.

"Ex-boyfriend," Corrected Yusei.

"Well he is the quarterback of the school's football team and its been five years since Domino beat them!" Carly giggled trying not to act suspicious. Thankfully Yusei bought the act. "Look Carl, I don't care about any of that stuff. Its Kalin, he is drunk and wasted all the time and I've had it. I don't want to date that type of person." Yusei said. 'You're loss, now he's mine' Carly thought and nodded. Yusei coughed and covered her mouth. Carly frowned and pushed up her glasses again. "Too bad he's so sexy even when it comes to sex." Carly sighed happily not realizing what she spoken out loud. "Wait what?" Yusei said looking at her to make sure she heard it right. Realizing what she had said, Carly quickly lied through her through her teeth,

"Oh it's nothing! I said Taylor is so sexy!"

"The guy in science class?"

"Uh huh"

"Oh" Yusei said and shrugged, coughing and zipping up her bag. Throwing her bag over her shoulder, Yusei looked around the gym and saw the guy that was following her the whole day was gone. 'The hell?' Yusei thought, thinking that it was very strange. Yusei coughed even harsher and walked to the exit. Carly hopped off of the benches and followed her. "You are so grumpy when you're sick or not fixing up your motorcycle." Carly commented. Yusei rolled her eyes and ignored the comment.

"Anyways, as I was saying I went to the party after the game alone since you couldn't come and I-" Carly squeaked as she tripped over her loose shoelaces and slammed directly on her face, silencing her for now.

Yusei was already outside and the door closed behind her so she didn't hear Carly or her fall. She was frozen and staring at the man that had been stalking her all day as he somehow appeared in front of her. Yusei felt the power of dark energy radiating from him; the mark of the Sapphire Blue Crescent Moon on his forehead with strange swirling marks around it gave away what he was and the mark framed with his equally blue eyes scared her. Yusei realized what the mark meant and immediately knew that he was a vampyre and even worse a Tracker who was standing right in front of her. 'Aw shit, worst day of my life.' Yusei thought.