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Chapter 8

"Beautiful, see the clouds, the clouds appeared. Beautiful, see the rain, the rain draws near…" The words of an ancient song floated through Yusei's mind. Yusei thought she must be dreaming about her grandma again. It made her feel warm and safe also happy which is especially nice since Yusei felt like crap lately except she shouldn't remember exactly why though. Huh. Odd.

Who spoke?

"The little corn ear, high on top of the stalk…" Martha's song continued and Yusei curled up on her side, sighing as Yusei rubbed her cheek against the soft pillow. "Urgh!" Yusei grunted in pain when she moved her head causing an ugly pain shooting against her temples and felt like a bullet through a pane of glass, it shattered her happy feeling as the memory of the last day overwhelmed her.

"I'm turning into a vampyre…

I had run away from home…

I'd had an accident and then some kind of weird near- death experience...

Damn my head hurts…" Yusei thought.

"Little Stardust! Are you awake, baby?"

Yusei blinked and opened her eyes; her blurry eyes became clear to see her Grandmother Martha sitting on a little chair close besides her bed.

"Martha!" Yusei croaked and reached for her hand but hear her voice sounds terrible as her head felt. "What the hell happened? Where am I?" Yusei asked.

"You're safe, Little Stardust. You're safe." Martha answered and gently grabbed her hand.

"Ow, crap…my head hurts…" Yusei muttered and reached up and felt the place on her head that was tight and sore and her fingers found the prick of stitches.

"It should. You scared the hell ten years of my life out of me." Martha said and rubbed the back of her hand gently. "All that blood…" Martha shuddered then shook her head and smiled at Yusei. "Please, can you promise to stop doing that again?" Martha said.

"I'll try…" Yusei muttered knowing she has been in trouble a lot and scared Martha sometimes half to death. "So, you found me huh?" Yusei said changing the subject and look at Martha.

Martha chuckled and shook her head. "Always changed the subject, don't you?" Martha said amused but nod and went serious.

"Yes, bloody and unconscious, Little Stardust." Martha said and brushed Yusei's hair back from her forehead, her fingers fingering lightly on her Mark. "And so pale that your dark crescent seemed to glow against your skin. I knew you need to be taken back to the Dragon of Night, which is exactly what I did." Martha chuckled and had the mischievous sparkle in her yes that made her look like a little girl. "I called Bella to tell her that I was returning you to the Dragon of Night and pretended that my cell phone cut out so I could hang out with her, but I'm afraid she's not happy with either of us." Martha said.

Yusei grinned at Martha knowing now Bella is furious with Martha too.

"But Yusei, whatever were you doing out during the daylight? You should had told me earlier that you been Marked." Martha said.

Yusei struggled to sit up, grunting at the pain in her head. But thankfully, it seems that she stopped coughing. "Must be because I'm finally here – at the Dragon of Night…" Yusei thought drifted when her mind processed all what Martha had said.

"Martha, I'm sorry I didn't tell you but I couldn't. The Tracker came to school today and Marked me. I went home because I thought Bella would understand and take my side for once." Yusei paused remembering and sighed. In total understanding, Martha squeezed her hand.

"Bella and Primo basically locked me in my room while they called the asshole and started the prayer tree" Yusei explained.

Martha grimaced.

"So, I crawled out my window and came straight to you," Yusei concluded.

"I'm glad you did, Little Stardust but it doesn't make any sense," Martha said.

"I know," Yusei sighed. "I can't believe I got Marked either. Why me?"

"That's not what I meant baby; I'm not surprised you were Tracked and Marked. The Fudo blood has always held strong magic; it was only a matter of time before one of us was Chosen. What I meant that it makes no sense that you were just Marked, the crescent isn't outline. It's completely filled in." Martha explained.


"Look for yourself, U-we-tsi a-ge-hu-tsa." Martha said using the Cherokee word for daughter which made a sudden reminder of the mysterious ancient goddess.

Martha searched through her purse for the antique silver compact she always carried. Without saying anything else, she handed it to her. Yusei pushed the little clasp and it popped opened to show her own reflection… Yusei stared. Her eyes were sharp and her skin is pale but remains tan. Yusei barely noticed it; it was her Mark that she couldn't stop staring. The Mark was a completed crescent moon filled in perfectly with the distinctive sapphire blue of the vampyre tattoo. The dragon's wings swirled around it perfectly. Yusei reached up and let her fingers trace the exotic-looking Mark and it seemed to feel the Goddess's lips against her skin again.

"What the hell does it mean?" Yusei asked unable to look away from her Mark.

"We were hoping you would have an answer to that question, Yusei Fudo." A voice answered.

Yusei blinked and turned around and saw a woman behind them, she was beautiful. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Her brown shoulder-length hair is sectioned into two layers, consisting of a darker shade of brown inner layer, with the outer layer of a lighter shade. Her skin was flawless cream pale. Her body was perfect but curvy and large chest. The woman smiled at her and shows her teeth without any fangs. She had a sapphire crescent moon neatly tattooed in the middle of her forehead, and it had swirls of lines reminded of ocean waves framed her brow extending down around her high cheekbones.

She was also a vampyre too.

"I was hoping you would have some explained about why a fledgling vampyre that hasn't had Changed has the Mark of a mature being on her forehead." The woman explained.

"Wait so I am not?" Yusei asked confused.

The woman laughed "No but I would say that already having your Mark complete is an excellent omen."

"Yusei, this is the High Priestess of the Dragon of Night, Tea Gardner. (A.N Gross X.X no offance Tea fans) She has been taking good care of you while you have been sleeping." Martha said

"Welcome to the House of Dragon, Yusei Fudo," Tea said warmly.

Yusei raised a brow and stared at the woman. "Uh thanks I guess…" Yusei said unsurely. "Why do I have a feeling I can't trust this woman?" Yusei thought.

"Welcome to your new life." Tea said and reaches her hand and Yusei hesitated but reach out. But instead of taking her hand, Tea grasped her forearm which was weird but somehow felt tight. "Um... ma'am? Your grip is tight on me." Yusei said "Oh I'm so sorry!" Tea applied and let go of her arm, Yusei pull it back and rubbed her arm. "It's fine but thank you it's very nice to meet you." Yusei said.

"As I was telling your grandmother earlier, we never had a fledgling come to us in such an unusual manner before- unconscious and with a complete Mark. Can you remember what happened to you?" Tea asked.

Yusei blinked and remember it all but she had a feeling that she should keep her mouth shut.

"Oh uh… I don't remember much-"Yusei lied and broke off and her hand found the sore spot where the stitches poked out. "At least not after I hit my head, the only thing I remember was the Tracker Marked me; I told my foster parents and got into a fight; then I ran away to Martha's place. I was feeling sick so when I climbed the path up to the bluffs…" Yusei paused remember the rest of it – the spirits of the Cherokee people, the dancing and the campfire.

Yusei felt the feeling going stronger that she shouldn't say anything to Tea. "I guess I slipped since I was coughing so much and hit my head the next thing I remember is Martha singing and I woke up here" Yusei said and frowned when Tea gave her a sharp look of her blue-eyed gaze, Yusei look at her straight in the eye to show she isn't hiding anything.

"Tea… its normal to experience memory loss with a head wound." Martha said making Yusei smirked slightly.

"Yes, of course it is," Tea said quickly losing her sharpness. "Don't fear for your granddaughter's health Martha. All will be well with her."

"As you already know Yusei… Vampyres-"Tea paused and smiled at her. Yusei stared at her blankly. "Even fledgling vampyres have unusual powers of recovery. Her healing is proceeding so well that it is perfectly safe for her to leave the infirmary." Tea said and look from Martha to Yusei. "Yusei, would you like to meet your new roommate?" Tea asked.

"Sure." Yusei said and nodded.

"Excellent!" Tea said and Yusei slowly tried to get off the bed.

"Are you sure you shouldn't keep her here another day for observation?" Martha asked and helped Yusei up the bed. "I understand your concern, but I assure you Yusei's physical wounds are already healing at a pace you would find extraordinary, she is a tough one isn't she?" Tea joked and giggled.

"You have no idea…" Martha said and looks at Yusei who grinned sheeply. "Ha-ha, but um Martha, I'm fine really. My head just hurts a bit but the rest I feel much better." Yusei said knowing it was true since she stops coughing and her muscles didn't ache anymore, she felt perfectly normal except for a little headache.

Yusei jumped a little when Tea went behind her and put her hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry Martha… I give you my solemn oath that your granddaughter is safe here. Each fledgling is paired with an adult mentor to ensure my oath to you I will be Yusei's mentor and now you must entrust her to my care." Tea said and placed her fist over her heart and bow formally to Martha. Martha hesitated for only a moment before answering her.

"I will hold you to your oath, Tea, High Priestess of Nyx." Martha mimicked Tea's actions by putting her own fist over her heart and bowing to her before turning to Yusei and hugged her hard.

"I will, Martha. I love you too and thank you for bringing me here." Yusei whispered, breathing in her familiar lavender scent and trying hard not to cry.

Martha kissed her gently on her cheek and then with her quick confident steps, she walked out of the room leaving Yusei alone for the first time in her life with a vampyre.

"Well, Yusei are you ready to begin your new life?"

Yusei look up at Tea and gave her a sharp nod with a smile even though Yusei isn't sure if she would still trust this woman.

"Yes I am." Yusei said glad she sound more confident than she felt in years.

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