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Yui opened her eyes. She quickly panicked because of shock; she had a vague memory which is disturbing her mind just on the time that she woke up. She can't remember what had happened before she got in there but she knew that there is someone who needs her. She quickly stood up and looked around the open field, she is standing in an open track and field course in a school. She can't remember what school it is but the most disturbing thing is...

She can't remember anything…

AfterLife Tea Time!

Chapter I

Operation, START!

Yui swept the thought away, she wanted to know where she is right now. She can't remember getting into this place and she doesn't remember anything. All that she can remember is a vague memory of falling down. She snapped out of her thoughts and quickly surveyed the place. She looked around the whole open field. It is a clear afternoon here in the unknown place. There are students who are playing different sports on the field and there are also some students who are just only relaxing on the sidelines.

The lost girl continued to look around on the unknown field and she was disturbed by an amplified yell.


A voice yelled on top of his lungs, this attracted the attention of the brown haired guitarist and quickly moved towards the direction of the said voice. She spotted the boy who was crying while he is on his knees, crying out loud begging for the girl he had just confessed to to come back. Yui quickly became touched and walked over the crying boy. Since his location is in a higher altitude, Yui have to climb the stairs to go to his direction. Because of Yui's carelessness, she tripped over the staircase, which made her face meet the ground. That will hurt. This quickly attracted the attention of a certain orange haired boy.

As Otonashi noticed the girl who was facing the ground because of her carelessness, he quickly rubbed his eyes to wash the tears off and he stood up shortly afterwards to help the poor girl. Lots of thoughts had already flooded his now clouded mind.

He walked over to the confused Yui and tapped her shoulder, which caught her attention. She looked up to look at him and their eyes connected quickly. It seems that time had paused for a while when their eyes had connected. Otonashi could feel something different with this girl, it seems that the girl isn't just a normal NPC.

Yui also thought about the boy who is she looking at right now. She could only see those lonely eyes, even though she is a shallow-headed guitarist, she can identify what kind of emotions people could feel.

"Um... Who are you?" Otonashi asked, breaking the tense atmosphere which had surrounded the two of them for a while now. With this, Yui snapped out of her thoughts which made her quickly stood up and work out. She doesn't even notice the hand that Otonashi had offered her. She made noises of people in training and punching the air, this made Otonashi to sweatdrop, who wouldn't?

"Who are you?" Otonashi asked her for the second time, this made her realize the presence of the orange haired boy. She quickly nodded her head and quickly reminisce about her name, she can't remember what her name is! A sudden thought struck her mind and her mouth acted by itself and spoke:


This quickly rang a bell at Otonashi's mind. Everybody knows that he had a friend who had the same name. This made memories flash back in this mind. His mouth can't open, he knows that he needs to speak but it seems that the memories that he reminisced had taken over his mind. He could feel his eyes tearing up again but he didn't want a girl seeing him crying again for the second time.

He could also analyze the appearance of this Yui, it was way too far with the appearance of the gothic style of fashion that the pink haired Yui. Otonashi could only laugh on his mind because of the thought of being confused when the two Yuis meet. This ahd relieved his clouded mind a little. That was a great help.

"I-" Otonashi's statement was cut when a sudden voice burst out.

"Hirasawa Yui!" She exclaimed, it seems that she could now remember her name. This had relieved her, it was quite hard to remember anything if you can't remember what do you want to remember. But Yui knew that this memories still had an opening, a blank space that is needed to be filled.

Otonashi had gathered his senses and started to speak up.

"How did you got here?" He asked the girl, he is still stunned that this girl is obviously not an NPC. She is wearing a pink shirt with matching jeans. It's not a normal attire for an NPC to wear. The said girl quickly replied with a rather not appropriate statement.

"I don't know!" She exclaimed. This could only make Otonashi sweatdrop mentally. He could remember himself vaguely from this girl. Otonashi could still remember how did her got here in the afterlife, how did he can't remember his past life and how did he accept the truth that he's dead. He also remembered his bow that he will help the next lost souls that will got lost in this place, and here is the first person that he had encountered.

He stared at the unstable guitarist and he could only become more confused about her actions. Because of Yui's boredom, she had started playing with her hair; she also had started playing with the concrete below her by tapping her shoes onto it. She can't stop herself, she can't remember anything!

This had irritated the confused Otonashi. He had been eyeing her actions for a while now and he isn't that pleased. He already have a hangover from what had happened to him and Kanade a while ago and now this, he is being irritated by a girl who had just popped right in front of him. Now, he don't know what is he going to do with this girl. A statement quickly escaped his mouth without warning.

"You're dead." Otonashi blurted out the truth to her. She quickly stopped fondling around and stared directly at our orange haired boy. She gave him a confused look and tilted her head slightly to the right.

"Really?" Yui said, not believing the statement of the broken hearted boy. The boy quickly thinks a plan for this girl to understand that she is already dead. She remembered that when he first encountered Kanade here in the afterlife, he was stabbed in the heart for him to understand that he really can't die here because he is already dead.

He brainstormed right in front of the confused girl. She really couldn't believe that she is already dead. She made her hand roam around her face and body, she can touch herself. It made her conclude that she is still alive. She thought that ghosts are meant to be untouchable and not being seen. Otonashi quickly came up with an idea and grabbed his gun from his belt, right before he could came at the confused girl, the girl quickly changed the topic:

"What's your name by the way?" She asked, tilting her head again at the side. This made Otonashi startle and answer by instinct.

"Otonashi! What's yours? Oh, I forgot, you introduced yourself a while ago…" He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, remembering that she had already introduced herself as Hirasawa Yui. Otonashi still didn't knjow how did the ditzy girl came in here. He came to a conclusion that this girl isn't an NPC a while ago and it is going to take a while for Otonashi to discover this girl's past.

"Oto... what?" Yui asked, not remembering his real name.


"..." Utter silence...

"I'll just call you Oto-kun!" She said with a smile glued on her face. This made Otonashi's mouth to open up, he'll try to explain to this little girl.

"Wh-?" His sentence was cut because of the brown haired girl speaking up again.

"I can't die here right?" Yui asked, switching back the topic to the ones that they are really talking about. This made Otonashi smile brightly because of her finally listening to him. He just gave her a nod and an oblivious reply.

"Yes, I said it to you a while ago." Otonashi replied, facepalming because of the fact that he had been telling this little girl that she is already dead. That she is not alive anymore, but it seems this girl is quite a hardheaded one because she won't just listen to this boys statement. This made Otonashi more irritated and now, he's really ready to prove that she can't die in this world. He readied his gun from his belt as he put his hand onto it, ready to shoot the irritating girl anytime.

"Prove it!" Yui said in a sing song voice, this filled Otonashi's 'irritating meter' and he gripped his gun out of his belt and aimed it deirectly towards the direction of Yui, ready to shoot.

"Are you sure I have to prove it?" Otonashi asked, laughing slightly.

"Wa-" Yui can't finish the sentence as a sound of Otonashi's pistol. After that, everything went white in Yui's mind. She can't believe that she is going to fall down easily, there is still a vague memory in her mind that she needs to save someone. Even though she can't remember who is that certain someone, everything is clear to her...

That she had failed again...

"I will do anything for Azu-nyan"

"Hey, we're going to Budokan!"



"Yui-senpai, it hurts..."


Yui immediately opened her eyes, only to spot a dark lit infirmary before her eyes. Her heart is going wild just like an animal inside her chest. The memory of Azusa had been back onto her mind already. With that, she quickly stood up for her to find her beloved Azu-nyan. She doesn't even care if her shirt is bloodstained, she could also conclude that she can't really die here.

On her way towards the door, Otonashi popped from the door, making Yui gasp in surprise. Otonashi gave her a huge grin and talked:

"Just like what I've said, no one can die here."

"Yeah, Oto-kun, I need to move now, talk to you later!" She screamed as she started to run for the door. Otonashi just let her go, he'll follow her later. There are still some unknown answers.

'Is that girl an NPC?' Otonashi asked himself mentally. He started to walk towards the direction where Yui had run. He need to get the answers now.

Yui had gone back on the center of the field, where she had woken up for the first time here in the afterlife. She had been panting big time because of running, she is quite scared of Otonashi. He might shoot her again with that gun.

Yui looked around the open field, earnestly searching for her little kitten. She remembered that they had fallen together so why aren't they together? She looked left just to see the people who are playing soccer. To her right are just vacant seats. But, when she looked behind her, she spotted the one that she have been searching for a while now.


Yui quickly ran towards the direction of the girl. She is lying in the southern part of the field, she was unconscious and looking at the opposite direction. Even though she wasn't looking at Yui's direction, the senpai can easily determine that the girl who is lying in the field is her beloved little kouhai.

When she approached the girl, the cat immediately woke up. She looked up at the concerned Yui and gave her a confused look. Standing up quickly and wiping her body. She looked back at the now confused brown haired guitarist and said"

"Who are you?"


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