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"Azu-ny-" She can't finish her sentence as she lost her consciousness. Azusa can't help but yell to the one who did this to someone who didn't do anything.

"What had you done! Why did you shoot her?" Azusa exclaimed as she pointed her finger onto the student council president.

"You said that I have to prove that you are already dead right? You can't die here, you can just experience death but you can't really die." He said as he pointed back with his own finger.

"I see... but still!" She was cut by the command of Otonashi.

"Just bring her to the infirmary!" Otonashi shouted as Azusa moved quickly and tried to lift Yui's body, but to no avail. She continued to try as she did it right after five minutes of retries. She walked slower than a turtle as she took Yui towards the infirmary. Otonashi led the way because she didn't knew where the infirmary was. She sighed as the memory continued to bug her...

"Just who is this girl?" She exclaimed to herself as she strived harder to carry the girl.

AfterLife Tea Time

Chapter III

Light My Fire!

Azusa sighed deeply as she lend down the girl. The poor girl had just reached the infirmary, her whole body was already worn out, physically and mentally. She had a hard time carrying the brown haired guitarist. Who wouldn't expect Yui to be heavy? With her cake fetish and everything, she would definitely be a little heavier than usual girls do.

Yui fell down in the infirmary bed for the second time this day. Azusa's pants were the only sound that hovered all throughout the room. The heavy guitarist had consumed lots of her energy; her energy meter almost went down to nil. The bloodstained Yui laid down just like a normal girl without any gun hits nor any signs of being hit by a gun, except the bloodstained shirt.

Otonashi had left her the command that when they reach the infirmary, she should dress the guitarist with hospital clothes to get rid of her bloody smell and bloodstained attire.

"When you two get there, dress her up and wait for her to wake up." Otonashi said in a confident manner, making the cat-like girl to raise an eyebrow.

"Are you saying that I should let her die?" Azusa asked sarcastically, getting a little concerned for Yui. She really can't remember anything about the girl but it seems that she had an urge to protect this being from the person who shoot her dead two times. Who wouldn't?

"No, she won't die." Otonashi replied back in a monotone. Getting bored from repeating his earlier explanation about the afterlife.

"Huh? What are you trying to say? First, you said that I'm dead, and then next you said that I can't die? That would be contradicting right?" Azusa asked, being a little disturbed by the statement Otonashi had left. But the boy ignored her question and repeated his repetitive explanation about the afterlife.

"This is the afterlife, this is the place where people who hadn't fulfilled their wish or haven't fulfilled their life would come here. Everyone will be gathered here to learn how to value their lives. And with that, they'll pass on." Otonashi explained everything, retaining his boring monotone and making the rhythm guitarist open her mouth slightly because of mixed confusion and amazement. She was confused that 'afterlife' really existed and she was amazed by the boring monotone of Otonashi.

"Then why can't I remember anything?" Azusa asked, scratching the back of her head. Otonashi let out a deep sigh because everything is happening just like the way it happened with Yui.

"You haven't retained any memories because: You might bumped your head in the accident you had went through, or maybe you had lost them somehow while travelling towards this world.

The wind blew softly towards them as a tense atmosphere was born. There wasn't anyone who attempted to talk. Azusa was still trying to absorb everything that Otonashi had said to her and Otonashi was thinking of ways to get rid of this girl for the time being. He did not expect that 'helping' others would be like this. That the ones you need to 'help' are coming one after another.

The said atmosphere was completely broken by the words of Otonashi.

"Just carry her back to the infirmary; I have things to do so catch you later." Otonashi bid farewell, running back to the campus. He will definitely research about the weird girls who had just entered the afterlife. He would start from plain scratch but if he do it well, he might find something useful and help him to determine the identities of the girls.

"Wait! What's your name? You haven't told me since we met." Azusa said instinctively, making Otonashi stop dead from his tracks. He replied simply with:

"Just ask your friend." And with that, Otonashi completely disappeared from Azusa's point of view. Azusa immediately continued to carry the heavy guitarist towards the infirmary. She will try to find answers when this girl she 'knew' wakes up.

Azusa let out a deep sigh as she remembered everything that had happened to her since she woken up. Every single thing that had bothered Azusa's mind would form a big problem. She doesn't know where she was, she was approached by two weird people, and one of them is ready to kill! The other one was claiming to know her but she doesn't want to buy her statement.

Azusa slowly undressed the unknown to her view guitarist; she undid her top with an emotionless face. She was too covered with the things that bugged her complicated mind so she doesn't have the will to stare at the brown haired guitarist's body. She quickly undid her pants afterwards, having the same expression. Brainstorming for ideas and thinking for ways to make things clearer.

When she undid everything from her, she held up a hospital gown and slowly lifted up Yui's body, for her convenience on easy dressing. After that, she slid the gown through Yui's head, which quickly roamed all the way down her body. It means that Azusa's given task was finished. She sat there, letting out another soft and deep sigh.

She stared at the unconscious Yui, she was pretty sure that she saw this girl before, even though her memories were decreased to bare limited. She was continuing to receive the disturbing thoughts; she was so confused that her head started to hurt.

After she remedied her headache, she laid her head down in the hospital bed, beside Yui's hips, and immediately fell asleep because of unusual fatigue. The quiet room became even more silent because of two sleepyheads who are sleeping in the bed.

"Yui-senpai!" A voice called.

"Yui-senpai!" ...

"Yui-senpai!" The voice was now as loud as a megaphone.

"YUI-SENPAI!" This time, Yui's eyes fluttered open, getting shocked because the only one who can call her like that is...


Yui lifted her body up, she didn't even notice what kind of place she was in. The only thing that she can see was... nothing. She was sitting, or rather, lying down, in a place where white is the only color that existed. She became even more curious and let out an 'Eh?' sound and immediately looked around the white void. She quickly spotted the cat-like guitarist she was so concerned into, that concern almost turned into obsession these days. She stood up slowly, being careful from the white ground. She then approached the black haired kitten and spoke:

"Azu-nyan!" Yui said as she flew onto her for a straining hug. Azusa giggled slightly and pushed Yui aback a little. This had made the concerned 'senpai' to frown. She wanted to start a conversation by speaking until Azusa spoke first.

"You got to help me senpai." She stated, her almost crying face was completely shown to Yui.

"What am I going to do?" Yui asked, clueless about the situation.

"Help me to remember everything senpai!" Azusa exclaimed, her little hands formed a fist.

"How am I going to make you remember anything?" Yui asked once again, this had made Azusa sweat bullets.

"I don't know... Just do your best senpai and don't give up!" Azusa cheered as she rubbed her teary eyes, she then moved to give Yui a quick hug before disappearing from thin air. Yui's mind took a little time to process everything up but when the facts fitted in every part of the puzzle, she was once again became determined to make Azusa remember anything. But... first thing's first...

Why is she here?

Yui's eyes fluttered open and quickly lifted her body up, her heart beating as fast as a baby's. She looked around the room, which was clearly the infirmary she was in the past few hours. The quite sound of the night engulfed the whole room as the nocturnal birds chirped, making sounds of nature. Yui's eyes adjusted from the dark room and spotted the girl she was dreaming of, laying down in the bed, sleeping tightly. Yui smiled brightly but that face of hers was completely replaced by a face that shows sadness and sorrow. She really wanted to make Azusa remember all the things they had been through. She also can't understand why she had recovered her memories so fast but Azusa can't do it too.

the dream she had struck back to her mind as Azusa's request played back in her mind repeatedly. After a minute of brainstorming, an idea crossed Yui's mind. She became so excited as she rubbed the head of the kitten, causing her to stir from her sleep.

Yawning, Azusa stretched her arms up and lifted her little body up. She rubbed her eyes softly to clear any mediums that would block her sight. She spotted the grinning guitarist gripping her hand tightly. She held animated question marks in top of her head and asked:

"What are you doing?" she questioned, her statement wasn't enough to make the grin leave Yui's face but instead, she stood up from her bed and ran all the way out of the infirmary, pulling Azusa through the process.

'I hope this would work...'

Yui ran with a determined look on her face, and a clueless Azusa following her from behind. Yui desperately searched the huge school campus for a single room. She ran through lots of hallways and stairs. She really wanted to see a music room here. She thinks that this school is so big that it should have a music room. She had almost searched half of the campus for only ten minutes, resulting for Azusa to be tired once again. But, Yui was still desperate to find that single room, which may restore the memory of her beloved kouhai.

"Azu-nyan, are you fine back there?" Yui asked the kitten, which nodded in response.

"Why are you pulling me all throughout the campus anyway?" Azusa asked, making the brown haired guitarist to giggle.

"We will go to a music room." She smiled and continued to pull the bluish-black haired girl to the next floor.

Their long journey was soon finished when they found the music room. Yui almost passed through it but thanks to Azusa, the one who notified her that they had already passed the music room, prevented her from running past the quiet room.

Both of them slowly entered the room. Quietly looking around for some people to be in it, because the lights were on. But, there wasn't anyone and that earned a sigh of relief from both of them. Yui then rushed towards the guitar, which was the red one. She wasn't used on playing other guitars except for her 'Gitah' but if Azusa remembering everything is at stake, then so be it.

Azusa followed Yui's back by instinct. She looked back at her and asked:

"Do you want to play the guitar too?" Yui asked offering her another guitar, but Azusa kindly refused the offer.

"I don't know how to play it." She stated bluntly, breaking the huge determination that was building up in Yui's head.

"You know how to play it! I'm sure!" Yui said, passing another guitar to her. Making her more confused as the seconds passed.

Azusa ignored Yui's little rant and held the guitar with her hands. Yui soon started playing the guitar with the song that they had liked, or rather the crowd, liked the most.

She played the intro of Fuwa Fuwa Time, the first two sets of chords Yui played had no rhythm required, but the next lines...

Azusa started to play...

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