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Tears ran throught Holt Hyde's pale blue cheeks.

"No!She isn't dead!"Holt said to a police officer.

"Mr. Hyde calm down!"The police officer said.

"How I'm going to calm down when my 13-years-old cousin is lost?"Holt said to the police officer.

"I don't know."The police officer replied.

"What's going on?"Jackson Jekyll asked.

"Hayley is lost and it's my fault!"Holt screamed,between tears.

"Dude,calm down!"Jackson said.

Holt glared at Jackson.

The next day...

Holt and Heath went to the Headless Mistress' office.

"Mr. Burns?Mr. Hyde?what's the problem?"The Headless Mistress asked.

Heath bit his lip.

"I'm going to talk."Holt said to Heath.

Heath nodded.

"Mrs. Bloodgood,we came to talk about Hayley."Holt said.

"Well she's...a good student."The Headless Mistress replied.

"No,Hayley is...lost"Holt said.

"Oh my goth!are you guys being dead serious?"The Headless Mistress asked.

Heath nodded.


"Ghouls?have you seen Hale?"Ruby asked to her friends.

"No."Pearl said.

Clawdette shook her head.

"No,I haven't."Bella said.

Lockette shook her head.

"Guys,she's missing."Luna said."Mr. Burns and Holt are talking with The Headless Mistress about it."

"Missing?"Ruby asked.

"Yep."Luna said.

They then saw Holt and Heath coming out The Headless Mistress' office. Ruby ran up to them.

"Holt!Where's Hale?"She asked.

Heath was about to cry.

"She's missing."Holt said,with a cracked voice.


"ARGH!"Hayley screamed as her kidnapper slapped her.

"Shut up!"The man said.

Hayley smiled. The man grabbed her arm and Hayley's grin became bigger.

"Flame on!"She screamed.

Hayley's body became fire.

"Ow!"The man cried,pushing her.

Hayley then ran away.

"Come back!"The man screamed.

Meanwhile in Monster High...

"But how?"Ruby asked.

"She was with me in a party."Zack explained."Since I was with my friends,she walked away and that's all I know."

"Oh."Ruby said.

A sweating Hayley walked into Monster High.

"What's going on?"Hayley said.

"Hayley!"Heath screamed and hugged her.

"Dad?"Hayley asked.

"Yeah,sweetie it's me."Heath said,kissing her forehead.

"I need to sleep."Hayley said,before yawning.

"Let's take her home."Holt said.

Heath nodded.

"Can I visit her?"Ruby and Lockette asked.

"Sure."Heath said.

After school…

The doorbell rang and Heath opened the door.

"Hey Mr. Burns!"Ruby greeted.

"Hey Ruby!"Heath replied.

"Hey Mr. Burns!"Lockette shyly said.

"Hey Lockette!"Heath said.

They then walked in.

"!"Ruby cried.

Ruby ran upstairs and Lockette followed her. Ruby walked into Hayley's room and turned on the lights.

"Wake up,lazy ghoul!"She said.

Hayley yawned/groaned.

"What?"Hayley asked,rubbing her eyes.


"Where do you think Lockette is?"A boy asked.

"I don't know Freddy!"A girl replied,smacking the boy.

"Ow!Amore!"Freddy cried.

"What?Now I can't smack you?"Amore asked.

"NO!"Freddy screamed.

"Shhh!"Another girl said.

"What?did you find her,Rose?"Freddy asked.

"No."Rose said.

"Where's Lockette?"Another girl asked.

"I don't know,Brenda."Freddy replied.

"Okay."Brenda said.

"What's going on?"

"Nothing,Sasha."Amore replied.

"Then let me sleep!"Sasha said.

"Guys!let's find my sister!"

"We're trying,Skylar!"Rose said.

"Okay!"Skylar replied.

"I'm boreeeeeeeeed!"Another girl said.

"Do we care,Bloom?"Amore asked.

Bloom rolled her eyes.


"Ruby,where are we going?"Hayley asked.

"To the maul!"Ruby replied.

"You guys had to blindfold me?"Hayley asked.

"Yeah."Lockette replied.

Holt rolled his eyes.

"Why I'm here?"He asked.

"Because you can drive."Ruby said.

"Then I'm your personal driver?"He laughed.

"Duh!"Hayley replied.

Holt growled.

They arrived to the maul.

"I'll be at the music store,see ya ghouls later."Holt said,walking away.

"Oh my goth!A new clothes store!"Hayley cried and ran to the store.

Ruby followed her. Lockette sighed and followed them.

"Hale,where are you?"Ruby asked.

"In the dressing room."Hayley cried.

"Wow!how fast."Lockette said.

Hayley then came out of the dressing room,holding a few clothes.

"Ready!"She said."Wanna get a drink?"

"Sure."Ruby replied.

Lockette nodded.

After paying,the ghouls went to coffee shop.

"Wait!is that Lockette?"Freddy asked as Lockette,Ruby and Hayley walked into the coffee shop.

"That's Lockette!"Rose said.

The group ran up to Lockette,Ruby and Hayley.

"Lockette!"Brenda cried and hugged her.

"Mmm…who are you?"Lockette asked.

"You guys are her friends?"Hayley asked.

Freddy nodded.

"She has amnesia."Ruby replied.

"Amnesia?"Skylar cried.

"Yep."Hayley said.

Freddy gave Hayley a smile.

"I'm Freddy."He said.

"I'm Hayley Burns."Hayley replied.

"But you guys can call her Hale."Ruby said.

"I'm Rose."Rose said.

"I'm Ruby Gorgon."Ruby said.

"I'm Brenda."Brenda said.

"I'm Skylar!"Skylar cried.

"I'm Sasha."Sasha replied.

"And we're Bloom and Amore."Amore said.

"Wait a second."Lockette said."I know you guys!"

Hayley gave Freddy a smile. Lockette then turned to Ruby.

"They are my friends."Lockette said.


Zack laid in the couch.

"What do you think Hayley,Ruby and Lockette are doing?"He asked.

"Shopping?"Shane said.

"Are you hungry?"Zack asked.

Shane rolled his eyes.

"Yeah."Shane said."Make me a sandwich."

Zack sighed and went to the kitchen. Heath went downstairs.

"Where are you going,Mr. Burns?"Zack joked.


"Dad!you know my name is Zack!"Zack cried.

"Your name is Zachary."Heath said.

Shane laughed.

"Boys,I have to go to Miami because Aunt Heather is sick."Heath said."I'll be back in 2weeks."
"If I'm going to stay with Shane and Hayley then give me money."Zack said.

"I won't give you money because Holt is staying here."Heath replied.

With that,Heath left the house.

Meanwhile at the maul…

"Ghouls let's go."Holt said,walking into the coffee shop.

"Bye ghouls."Lockette said.

"Awww you have to leave?"Hayley asked.

"Yeah."Lockette said."But don't worry,I'll be back for the 'Friday The 13 Dance'."

"And for my birthday?"Hayley asked.

"Yeah."Lockette replied.

"Yay!"Hayley cried.

Meanwhile with Zack and Shane…

"There's your sandwich!"Zack said.

Shane grabbed the sandwich and began to eat it.

"Yummy!"Shane cried.

Zack went back to the living room and turned the TV on.

"Make it count

Play straight

Don't look back

Don't hesitate

When you go big time…"The TV sang.

"Big Time Rush is on!"Zack cried."I have to watch it!"

Shane rolled his eyes and sat next to Zack.

The door opened and Holt walked into the house with Hayley and Ruby following him.

"Big Time Rush is on?"Hayley asked.

Zack nodded.

"Oh my…I GOTTA WATCH IT!"Hayley cried.

Hayley sat in the couch and Ruby sat next to her.

"Why we're watching those normies?"Shane asked.

"Because your big bro and your big sis are crazy."Holt replied,between laughs.

Ruby and Shane laughed.

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