Hey, guys! Sorry to bother you, but I thought this might be semi-important.

Anyway. For all of you who stayed with this story because you noticed how the relationship between Bella and Rosalie, so totally did not seem like a sister relationship, but a romantic one, listen up.

I have a story...that currently has some chapters posted. It's called "A Fine Line." It's a Bella and Rosalie (BELLALIE! :D) shipping. So, if you guys are all for this very unique and weird relationship, check it out.

"There's a fine line between love and hate. When Edward finally finds his love, Rose if officially the third wheel. She harbors anger towards Bella for doing this to her. Meeting Bella in person, Rose realizes how fine that line really is."

I can't think of titles to save my life.

So, if you guys like the pairing and the summary, and my writing (Ha, -snort-) then, you know, it would be awesome if you gave it a try.

Love ya, guys!,

~Logan. Or, That70sshowlova.