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Misty continued to kiss Danny in Ash's body, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Danny continued to stare at Misty in disbelief with Ash's glowing, red eyes.

In his subconscious, Ash stared at what Misty was doing to him… or Danny. "Misty. You're kissing me." Ash said, just as big of a shock as Danny was.

Danny looked away and said, "Yeah! And it's disgusting!" Then he started to wipe his mouth off, even though he actually wasn't kissed.

Ash smiled, and ran to Danny, roughly, pushing him to the ground. "Then I'll take over!" Ash yelled, proudly, as he started to take control over his body.

On the outside, Ash closed his red eyes, and then as he reopened them, they were back to normal. Ash watched as Misty parted from him, and released her grip from around his neck. "Ash? Please tell me that worked." Misty asked, with pleading eyes.

Ash nodded his raven-haired head, and said, "Yeah. And I think I might've enjoyed it." Ash laughed, as Misty's cheeks turned a light shade of red.

"Guys!" Brock yelled.

"Pika pi!" Pikachu said, as it ran toward Ash.

"Brock! Pikachu!" Ash shouted, grinning with a huge smile on his face. Pikachu jumped up on Ash's shoulder, and rubbed its furry, yellow cheek against Ash's soft skin, causing Ash to laugh. "Stop it. That tickles." Ash said, continuing to laugh.

"Please tell me you're staying the way you are now." Brock said, while holding the little Togepi in his arms.

Ash looked down, and admitted, "I don't know how long this is going to be. Danny is still inside of me, and I have no idea how to get him out." Misty and Brock looked down in sadness, but looked up when they Ash's blood curdling scream.

"I'm NEVER leaving kid!" Danny yelled in Ash's head, as he tried to regain Ash's body. Ash screamed in agony as he held his head.

"Oh no!" Misty yelled.

"Not again!" Brock yelled.

"Pika pi!" Pikachu yelled, jumping off of Ash's shoulder and next to Misty and Brock.

Ash's teeth clenched together in pain, his eyes forcefully shut. "No! No! Please stop!" He shouted.

"I'm not leaving! EVER! This is my body now! SO get out!" Danny screamed, giving Ash the biggest headache in history. Ash stumbled to his knees while holding onto his head.

Unknown to them, someone was watching everything through a window inside the mansion. Someone that wanted absolute revenge on Danny Williams. The person narrowed their eyes at Danny who was trying to take control over the ten year old boy's body. "Enough." The person said to themselves. Then the person walked out of the mansion and towards the group of friends.

"Stop!" The person shouted at the group, causing them to turn around and look. Even Danny stopped fighting Ash inside his subconscious to see who it was. "That's enough Danny." The person said, calmly. The person was looking down at the ground, not showing their face, as they stood in the pouring rain.

Regaining Ash's body, Danny walked over to the person, while stepping in a lot of rain puddles. "Veronica? Is that really you?" Danny asked, as he reached out Ash's hand to the person's face. But the person grabbed his wrist and pulled on it, forcefully. Danny let out a yelp of fear.

The person looked up and revealed their face. Sure enough it was the same woman from the picture in the newspaper article, Veronica Williams. Brock gasped in shock, but then swooned over the beautiful, dead woman. Misty and Pikachu gasped as well.

"I have had enough of you!" Veronica yelled in Danny's… or Ash's face. "When we were dating, I thought you were the sweetest person I'd ever met. Apparently I was wrong, since you decided to kill me. Then take over an innocent boy's body!" Veronica turned her back to Danny, as he looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Veronica, I'm sorry. I just needed the money. That's all." Danny said, putting Ash's hand on her shoulder.

Veronica swatted it off, and looked at him in his red eyes. "What and you couldn't have asked me? You just had to steal my money and leave me for dead? You had to stick a blade through my heart, and then stuff me under the floorboards? Just because you needed money?" Veronica had sparks of fire showing in her eyes.

Danny sputtered, trying to think of something to say, but he couldn't. Veronica looked at him with her green eyes, and motioned her hand toward Danny. A blue aura surrounded Ash's body as Danny was unable to move. "Veronica? What are you doing?" Danny asked, for once scared out of his wits.

Veronica's eyes started to glow blue as she narrowed them, and said, "I'm sending you where you rightfully belong." Then her hand gestured upwards as Danny felt himself be pulled out of Ash's body.

Ash screamed in pain, as Danny left exactly the same way through which he came, through his ears, eyes, mouth, and nose. Once Danny had fully left Ash's body, Veronica released Ash and dropped him to the ground, unconscious, causing Ash's hat to fall off of his head.

Danny looked down at Veronica, and asked, "Where are you taking me?" Veronica looked at Danny, and then at the ground, as she motioned her hands, making the ground split into two. Misty and Brock gasped as they looked down in between the two pieces of the Earth. Inside showed fire and thousands of souls floating around, moaning and groaning.

Danny recognized the place easily, as he looked away and turned toward Veronica. "Please Veronica! Not there! Please! Give me another chance! Let me go to heaven!" Danny pleaded.

Veronica pulled Danny towards her, and said, "Over my dead body." Danny gasped as Veronica motioned her hand, and sent Danny falling down to Hell. Danny's soul screamed as Veronica motioned her hands again to close the Earth together. Soon after, Veronica's eyes turned back to her green-colored eyes.

After watching that horrific scene, Misty, Pikachu and Brock ran to the unconscious body of Ash Ketchum. Misty started to shake Ash's shoulders, while asking him to wake up. "Ash? Ash? Please say something!" Misty pleaded.

"Pika pi." Pikachu said, its ears turned to the ground.

Slowly, Ash opened his eyes, revealing them a normal color and not red. Misty gasped, brightly. Ash sat up with his head in his hands. "Oh. My head." Ash whined.

"Ash! You're back!" Misty said, happily, as she hugged him tightly. Ash looked at Misty, confused.

"Where's Danny?" Ash asked, as he, slowly, got up.

Brock and Misty stood up beside him, as Brock said, "He's gone. For good."

"How?" Ash asked.

"I can answer that." Veronica said, as she walked toward Ash. Ash looked at her, weirdly. "Hi. I'm Veronica Williams. I have been dead for over thirty years."

Ash sweat dropped, and said, "I'm sorry. But what?"

"I know it's confusing. But I just want to say thank you." Veronica said, bowing her head to Ash.

"Uh. For what?" Ash asked, as Pikachu scurried up to his shoulder.

"Because of you, I was able to finally get revenge on my husband, Danny. He killed a lot of innocent girls and broke their hearts, including mine." Veronica said, sadly.

Brock quickly jumped in between her and Ash, and said, "I will never break your heart, Veronica. Please shall we go on a date?"

"Um. I would-." Veronica said, smiling, while sweat dropping.

"Yes! Finally!" Brock said in victory, while grabbing her hand.

"-if I was still alive." Veronica said, finishing her sentence, and having her hand go through Brock's, making him unable to actually grasp it.

Brock cried anime tears while hugging his knees to his chest. "Why me?"

Ash and Misty sweat dropped, while smiling, sheepishly. "So what are you going to do now, Veronica?" Misty asked, while picking up Togepi.

Veronica looked up at the rain clouds, and said, "I'm going to up to heaven. My spirit has been set free. So I must depart now and say thank you." Veronica started to float up into the sky, as the clouds split into two, revealing a light blue atmosphere, with souls in wings, robes, and halos.

Ash and Misty smiled, as they waved good bye. "Good bye Veronica! I'll never forget you!" Ash said, while waving.

"I'll never forget you either!" Brock yelled at the sky, while still crying his anime tears. Then as Veronica floated off into the world of Heaven, the clouds closed, and continued to pour rain down on Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, and Togepi.

Ash scratched his head, and realized his hat wasn't on. "Hey, where's my hat?" He asked, looking around.

"Here it is." Misty said, as she picked his hat up from a muddy puddle. Then she gave it to him.

"Thanks." Ash said, while wiping off his hat, then putting it on his head. Misty smiled, and then looked at Brock, who was still crying over his dead crush.

"Come on, Brock. We have to go inside before we all catch a cold." Misty said, pulling on Brock's ear.

Ash looked up at the sky, and then at Misty. "It's just rain. We're not gonna get sick." Then as if on cue, Ash's nose twitched, and let out a sneeze. Ash wiped his nose with his finger, as he looked at Misty, who was giving him a glare. "So?" He asked, sniffling.

"I stand corrected. Come on." Misty said, while continuing to drag Brock by his ear until they finally got inside the house. Ash followed, as they found a place to sleep for the rest of the night.

The next morning, the sun shone brightly on the big mansion. Ash walked up to one of the big windows, as he stretched and yawned. "What a great morning!" Ash said, as Pikachu mimicked his actions. "Wouldn't you say so, Pikachu?"

Pikachu looked up at Ash and nodded, saying, "Pikachu!"

Misty walked up from behind Ash and Pikachu, holding a still tired Togepi in her arms. "Hi Ash. Hi Pikachu."

Ash turned around to see Misty walking up to them, and smiled. "Hi Misty."

"What are you doing?" Misty asked, curiously.

Ash looked out the window, and replied, "I'm looking at the sun."

Misty nodded, and then sadly, looked down. Ash turned around, and noticed. "Misty? Is something wrong?"

At first, she didn't answer him, but then she looked up at him, and said, "I'm sorry."

"What?" Ash asked, a little confused.

"I said, 'I'm sorry.' Okay?" Misty said, her voice putting in some force.

"For what? I don't know what you're sorry for." Ash said, trying to get Misty to look at him.

Misty looked at Ash again with tears forming in the corners of her eyes, shocking Ash a little. "I'm sorry for last night! It was my fault that Danny took over your body! It was my fault! Because of me you might've gotten hurt… or even killed."

Ash put his hands on her shoulders, and sternly, looked in her green eyes. "That was not your fault. None of it was. It was Danny's."

"Yeah. But if Danny hadn't gotten out, then he wouldn't have severely hurt Brock." Misty said, as tears streamed down her face.

"That was Danny's decision. If he were to take my body, everything's his choice. He chose to hurt Brock." Ash said, while trying to comfort the red head.

Misty looked away from Ash, and whispered, "I'm sorry." Ash sighed. Then he looked at Misty again.

Ash put his right index finger under Misty's chin, and moved her face to look at him. Then he carefully kissed her on the lips while putting his hands through her hair. Misty looked shocked at first, but then slowly melted into the kiss.

Pikachu jumped off of Ash's shoulder. Then not thinking, Misty accidentally dropped Togepi from her arms. Pikachu quickly grabbed the baby Pokémon, and carried it on its back, away from the kissing couple.

With her now free arms, Misty wrapped her arms around Ash's neck, as Ash tied his arms around Misty's waist. Ash then, hoisted Misty up, having Misty wrap her legs around his waist, while they continued to kiss, passionately. And just when they were going to have their tongues meet, Brock started clapping.

Ash startled, dropped Misty on the ground. Misty screamed a little as she fell to the floor. Then she rubbed her head with a groan. "Ow."

"Well, it's about time!" Brock said, continuing to clap. Pikachu was standing beside him with Togepi on its back.

Misty and Ash glared at Brock. "Yes! Thank you, Brock!" Misty yelled, sarcastically.

"No problem." Brock said. "By the way, we should probably get going while the weather is still good. You don't want to miss your next gym battle."

Ash gasped. "He's right!" Ash yelled, while quickly grabbing his backpack, and Misty's hand. "Come on! Let's go!" Ash ran out of the mansion and toward the woods, while leading Misty behind him.

"Hey! Wait up!" Brock yelled at Ash and Misty, as he ran out the door with both his and Misty's backpack.

Pikachu slowly walked out the door, while still giving Togepi a piggyback ride. "Pikachu." Pikachu groaned, as it hopped down the porch steps one at a time, and started to slowly run after the trio of Pokémon trainers.

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