Here is a little one-shot that is only advised if you are into extreme sexiness ;)

Also, half of the credit goes to Kryalla Orchid in the designing of our fabulous product.


Little Bobby sat in front of the television with his baby blue footy pajamas on and a soda in his hand; his babysitter was busy talking on the phone to her newest flame in the other room. He wasn't sure why his parents even bothered paying the girl.

He had grabbed a pad of paper and pen from the kitchen drawer to contemplate gifts for Mother's Day. It was only a week away and he hadn't been able to think of one thing.

"Hey you!"

Bobby looked up at the screen from his pad of paper, his pen stalled halfway in the air, to where a tall half-mechanical man stood on the screen. "Me?"

"Yes, you! Are you stuck in a rut, looking for a Mother's Day gift?"

Bobby nodded at the screen.

Cyborg appeared on the screen again, pointing toward the boy. "Well, do we have one for you!"

The screen turned to a picture of a wonderfully bare naked Dick – as in Richard, of course – on the screen, glittering in what seemed to be, sunlight. He was clad with a leaf covering his front in a very 'Adam and Eve' way.

Cyborg stood next to it, a hand on its shoulder, with a large smile on his face. "I present to you…ZombieDick 2.0! The new and improved version has an anti-virus to keep that nasty Starfire-virus out of it for maximum pleasure!" He winked. The screen turned to a turning, full view of the ZombieDick 2.0.

It went close up to the back of his neck, where two dial was placed. "Use these dials for your maximum pleasure! The top dial chooses the intensity of the ZombieDick 2.0's sex drive, and the lower one is to tune him to what you want and to what body part."

It turned him to the front, focusing on his face. "As you can see, it is detailed to the last mark! And the tongue is specially designed for different licking methods and twice as long as well!" The camera zoomed down his body. "Each muscle is as toned as the LiveDick, but much more sleek and smooth to the touch."

It moved down to his fingertips. "The fingertips are lined with a silk fabric for ultimate comfort when rubbing in any area of the body! If you twist ZombieDick 2.0's thumb once, it will automatically turn rough for those feistier ones out there." Cyborg showed up to wink.

It then moved to the leaf. "We add in the leaf for protection of your ZombieDick 2.0 for storage, but it easily comes off with just a pluck of the hand!" The leaf disappeared.

Bobby covered his eyes.

Areas were highlighted on the ZombieDick 2.0's anatomy. "As you can see, he is quite endowed, so your satisfaction is guaranteed." An area on his inner thigh was highlighted, showing a small button. "Press this button for vibration if you're really in the mood." Cyborg appeared, wiggling his eyebrows.

Another spot was highlighted on his hip. "This allows you to choose your pace for ZombieDick 2.0. You can make it go all the way up to 20! I'll tell you, that's some stamina right there."

Cyborg appeared on the screen again. "Now let's show a demonstration, shall we?"

A dirty-blonde haired girl appeared on the screen, her ZombieDick 2.0 positioned in front of her. She turned to set the dials, the camera closing up on her hands.

Sex Drive: 3

Body part: Feet

The girl went to lie down on her bed and put her feet up. ZombieDick 2.0 kneeled in front of her and began to make smooth rubbing motions with his hands, as well as sexy moans. The girl got up and went to flip the dial again on the back of her ZombieDick 2.0's neck. Once set, she began to strip, and the camera flipped back to Cyborg.

He winked. "We'll leave them some privacy now." He pointed to the screen. "We'll give you this incredible investment – a $1,200 value – for only $830.95!" He smiled suggestively. "Yes, you heard that right. And if you call within the next five minutes, we'll throw in a bonus edible massage oil in Strawberry, ZombieDick2.0's favorite."

A number appeared below him. "Just call 555-Dick's4all to order yours now!"

The screen turned to a disclaimer, with a small picture in the upper right-hand corner of ZombieDick2.0 being 'modeled'. The full costs were shown up at the top 'Product:$830.95; Shipping and Handling: $130.28'. The number appeared at the bottom of the screen

An extremely rapid voice began to speak. "Do not use when pregnant, or with illegal drugs. If obsessive-compulsive behavior, extreme paranoia, or brooding occurs, please return your DickZombie2.0 right away for a reboot. If you are a criminal and/or have ever committed any form of crime, ZombieDick 2.0 may not be right for you."

Bobby stared at the screen, and then wasted no time to pick up the phone. "Mom's going to love this!"

Oh yes, I went there. I have just ordered mine! I recommend you hurry and order now; they sell out pretty quickly!

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