Hunter of Assassins Unleashed


Naruto x Harem?


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, Musical Lyrics, or reading passages from books and scrolls.

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(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Possessions, Demonic/Angry characters speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start

Naruto began going through the messages of his phone. He had spent several hours contemplating and meditating over what his next move was. That was when he got a message from the UAA. ''Congratulations, Mr. Uzumaki. Your registration for the 9th UAA rank is now complete. Thank you very much for your cooperation. In addition we have faxed you some information about the rankings in case you wish to continue your ascent. As a friendly reminder there will be a small, nominal fee to participate in ranked fights. Thank you for your understanding and have a nice day.'' Naruto went and paid the fee as he waited for the phone call from Sylvia.



''The next fight has been set.''

''Wait a minute how do we go from you informing me in person to a damn phone call?''

''How? Well I am quite busy because I cannot decide what to wear to the Association's party tonight. Big-shots from across the nation will be there. This is serious business so serious that I'm going to spray perfume on every square inch of my body.''

Naruto derisively snorted. ''I really don't care.'' he sniped at her. ''Just tell me where I can fight my next opponent.''

''Right, right. Your next opponent... Head for the local high school.''

Naruto paused, almost doing a double take as he processed what Sylvia said. ''Excuse? To the school?'' he paused and shook his head. The fighter must have been a teacher or school official. They had to be. ''Is that it?''

''I think...'' she replied causing Naruto to snap at her.

''What'd ya mean, you "think"? You know, you really suck at your job.''

''Life is more important than some job. That is why I'm busy shopping right now. You, on the other hand, are busy killing people because that is all you ever do. What? Am I wrong?'' that struck a chord.

''You don't know a damn thing about my life so don't act like you do. You organize fights to the death for unbalanced psychos and I kill out of a necessity. Out of protecting people. You go ahead and indulge yourself, someone like you who pampers oneself wouldn't understand.'' he finished as he promptly hung up.

Traveling on foot Naruto made it to the school grounds. To his annoyance several dozen people armed with bats and baseball bats were waiting for him. Why? What the hell were up with these psychos and why were they attacking him? A kick to the gut sent one attacking one into the crowd of another. Several more swung wildly only for Naruto's fists to shatter the baseball bats.

Several more people showed up, this time they were students bearing crowbars and axes. ''Santa Destroy truly is a fucked up town.' he thought as he stepped back from an axe strike that lunged itself in the door. With that Naruto drew back his arm, and crashed it in the side of the student's face sending her flying into a set of lockers. A group of six more rushed him at once to which he quickly formed several Kagebunshin and detonated them to give himself cover and use the explosion to slip away.

Continuing on deeper he came across more students with planks lit of fire and people with beam katanas beaming with energy. ''Oh for fucks sake!" Naruto groaned as he began doing hand seals. Moments later students began running and screaming from the school as giant toads began chasing after them. With that the blond weaved through the gym and began walking down a hallway. His cellphone rung and he completely ignored it, already coming to conclusion it was just going to be Sylvia telling him shit he already knew.

When he walked into the room his opponent was indeed a student. School girl plaid skirt and white top with a sweater wrapped around her waist. She had dark skinned with a white afro. She was probably about sixteen or seventeen years old.

''A ranking fight?'' she asked the blond with a rather detached tone. She seemed rather docile with an air of loneliness around her.

''Yes,'' he solemnity admitted and to his surprise the student didn't react like the others.

''Alright. Will you give me a minute? Wait for me in the hallway.''

''Fine...'' he replied as the young woman walked into the classroom. Moments later screams as well as the coppery smell of blood filled the area. The young woman steps out a minute later.

''Mind if we do this somewhere else?''

''If that's what you wish,'' he said as they walked to the school gym. As they were doing this Naruto was eying his young opponent. Wondering just what could have possibly happened to have drawn her into such a world.

''Stop checking me out like that.'' her accusation snapped him out of his observation.

A dark look crossed over his face. ''You're classmates...those students, you slaughtered them.''

''Such a gentleman... Are you asking out of tactical curiosity? Or are you just fucking with me?'' she asked, a bit out of curiosity and the rest out of boredom.

''Did they...did they even fight back?'' he asked as the young woman merely just coldly and dismissively gave her thought on such a question.

''You got a problem with that? You got no idea how hard it is to hide your true self around here.'' she answered with a hint of tragedy in her voice. It was then Naruto picked up on that the young woman was hiding something.

''I know a bit more than you know.'' he countered as the young woman looked at him in surprise before turning back and opening the door as they entered the gym.

''A real gentleman... I just turned my back... But you didn't strike. You ARE fucking with me.'' she accused him as Naruto shook his head.

''No, I'm not. I'm just someone who has a promise to fulfill not some simple minded bloody thirsty killer who gets off on the pain of others. There's no honor or dignity in being a senseless murder beast."

''There aren't many people like you left.'' the young woman remarked as the woman unleashed her sonic sword. A powerful burst of Red Crescent energy was shot out of the sword. The assassin then ran forward, jumping over Naruto and jump kicking off the wall as she slashed her sword at Naruto with three quick slices, which he blocked with his kunai. The young woman then swung her foot forward, kicking the kunai out of his hand and swung the blade around, attempting to decapitate the blond; only for him to crane his head back at the last minute and letting the blade skin his nose.

"When the gatekeeper to hell asks who sent you, tell him it was Shinobu Jacobs." The young woman was quite agile. She seemed to mostly swing her katana wildly while performing jumping slashes every few wings. Despite that, every time Naruto came at her she was quick to block. Thankfully enough she like many others seemed intent on calling her attacks so he was able to dodge her attacks just in time.

Shinobu followed up the attack by shooting a small, fast moving ring to which sliced open Naruto's shoulder. ''Now I got you. You won't avoid this.''

'She's inexperienced and headstrong. Sloppy but she has potential.'
Naruto thought as he threw the top half of his body forward as the blade passed over him again. Once again she was running toward him, a wild swing, following by sheathing her sword and doing a forward flip onto her hands and then flipped again to stand up again followed by two sword swings, then a final swing to which Naruto caught with his left hand. The steel of the blade cut deep into his palm, drawing blood as it seeped down his hand and Shinobu's blade. The splatter of the few drops on the floor echoed.

"Any last words?" she asked as she forced the blade to cut deeper as Naruto merely chuckled.

'' lose.'' he said as he quickly formed a Rasengan. The swirl of a sphere and the bright blue-white began illuminating the darkening hallway. With the orb rammed into her gut, Shinobu was sent spinning out of control and down the hallway until she was crashed into the wall. Large cracks appeared, with debris dropping as the woman fell forward in defeat.

''Kill me... I admit it. I lost. Just do it.'' she demanded as Naruto turned his back. ''If I can't beat you. Then how can I get my vengeance on him? I have failed. I don't deserve to live. My honor is tarnished.''

Naruto turned his back on the sight before him. ''No...'' he began walking forward. ''If you live only for vengeance you'll destroy yourself before long, no need in me needlessly killing you. Living for honor means nothing without a noble ambition and motivation. If there is someone you need to kill, hunt them down in the sake of justice and not revenge. The art of vengeance darkens the soul and I would hate to see one such as yourself fall down that path.'' Naruto finished as Sylvia came into view with her helpers by the name of Talbot and Webber.

''Another victory, Naruto. You are now ranked 8th.''

''Ranks, rules...neither matter to me. All I need to hear from you is a confirmation that Jacobs-san will live.''

''I don't know what to tell you. Probably. She's still young. But I still have to follow the Association's rules of conduct.''

Naruto began reaching for his weapons as Sylvia's helpers reached for theirs as well. ''I want her to live.'' Naruto strongly clarified. The look in his eyes gave no room for argument. "I will personally kill every single person involved if anyone attempts to kill her."

''Are we suddenly in love, Naruto?'' she asked with teasing amusement. ''Why else would you take the risk of her coming back for revenge? In this business, there's no such thing as mercy.''

''Because as I stated before I have my reason for doing what I do. Besides if I can redeem an out of your mind murderous terrorist I'm pretty sure I can help this girl back onto the right path." ' the blond finished, as he continued to stroll down the hallway leaving Sylvia wondering what the hell he was talking about.

''Well I watch your back if I was you.'' Sylvia called after him. ''There's a new kid in the competition by the name of Travis Touchdown and he'll be coming for the new number eight.''

''Let him come, I'll fight anyone who comes at me as an opponent.'' Naruto finished as he disappeared in a swirl of wind.