Note: In the home stretch now. Just got to get off an island with a sword, a single gun, and two people who both could be in much better physical shape. This is going to be primarily from Scarlet's perspective, with good old SE jumping in near the end. I do not own G.I. Joe.

Any Price

Chapter 5

"Okay. Come on. You got in here no problem. You can get out. Come on."

Scarlet urged Snake Eyes on. She was worried. Very worried. She'd never seem him get beaten so badly. Even in some of the more violent clashes with Storm Shadow, he'd never been so out of it afterwards. She wasn't sure what to do, other than try and get him out before they were discovered.

She walked him down a long hall, holding him up with one of his arms draped over her, his uzi in her other hand, at the ready.

Surprisingly, they didn't encounter any guards. When they reached a large courtyard at the front of the facility, she lowered Snake Eyes against a wall, and paused to think. How were they going to get out of this one? Snake Eyes must have come in something, but he didn't seem to have any way of getting back on it. Then, she saw him pull something out of his belt. He pointed it up, and fired a flare.

"You do realize that every guard on the island is going to come running to this spot now, right?" She asked him. He simply titled his head toward the ground. She got the feeling that if he could speak, he'd be struggling to not scream in pain. Then, he pointed up.

A cable dropped down in front of them.

Snake Eyes got up, and walked to the cable. He pulled out a cord with a clip-hook at the end. He wrapped the cord around the cable a few times, then latched the clip-hook onto the cable. He tugged on the cable a few times. He held out his hand, and Scarlet took it.

Suddenly, they were being yanked up into the sky, pulled into some sort of ship by an automated winch.

When Snake Eyes looked up, he vision was filled with the barrel of a rifle.

"You really expected us to just sit on our butts while you get a country blown off the map?" Duke said.

"Damnit, Duke. Put the gun down. He's seriously hurt." Scarlet said angrily.

"He nearly-"

"I don't care what he did to get here. He saved my life."

Snake Eyes reached to a miniature keyboard on his arm. He tapped in a series of commands.

"What did you just do?" Duke asked him.

The back of the craft they were in opened up. Snake eyes stood up and motioned to Duke and Scarlet to follow him.

Suddenly, an alarm began screeching.

"Crap. Missile lock." Duke said.

Snake Eyes shoulder-charged him and Scarlet off of the ramp, into open air.

Then, right beneath them, the Falcon swooped in and they landed on its extended back ramp.

Duke ran to the cockpit.

Snake Eyes jumped.

He had nearly cleared the distance when the Aurora exploded above him, struck by anti-air missiles. The blast threw him against the ramp and he quickly started sliding off, grabbing at it and finding no purchase.

A hand slammed down on his wrist, stopping his fall.

"I gotcha!" Scarlet said, pulling him into the Falcon.

She walked him to an emergency medical cot on the side of the ship. He held her hand in both of his a second too long, then passed out.

Just one more chapter left. There are going to be some words and silent explaining to do.