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Harry felt the stinging sensation of tears in his eyes as he examined the floor in front of the Headmaster's desk. He was in utter disbelief at what he heard, especially after what had transpired just a few weeks before. However, he knew he should have expected this answer, considering it was the same answer he received every year.

"I am deeply sorry, Harry. But you can not stay here over the summer." Harry heard Dumbledore said again as if making sure that the boy had heard him. "Besides it's much safer for you at your Aunt and Uncle's house anyway."

"Yes Sir." Harry mumbled softly as he attempted to keep his tears at bay, but as the seconds tick by he began to feel the moister run down his pale cheeks.

"Good." Dumbledore spoke up, his voice full of cheer. "Now may I suggest that you go finish packing? You don't want to miss the train now do you?"

"No Sir." Harry mumbled in a broken voice as the tears really began to fall, but he kept his head down, not wishing to show the headmaster that he was crying. Taking that as his dismissal, Harry slowly turned around and walked numbly out of the office and back up to his dorm. Time seemed to crawl by as Harry climbed up the stairs, and with every step, he took his body shook with sobs he was no longer able to contain.

"For once in my life, I wish someone would just stop and noticed something is wrong with me." Harry mumbled to himself as he gained control and wiped away his tears as he reached the seventh floor. "But I guess that's too much to ask." Harry sighed deeply when he stopped at the portrait and whispered the password before entering and disappearing from view, from the sight of the man that had been observing him from a distance all day.


There was something about Harry Potter's behavior that began to worry Severus Snape as he made his back down the staircase. It wasn't unusual for the boy to go off alone, but for the brave Gryffindor to break down into tears and then practically say to himself that no one cares was unnerving.

'Surely the brat just wants pity' Severus though to himself as he tried to explain the boy's actions. 'He's just upset because he's not the center of attention that's all.' However, after several moments of trying to explain the boy's actions, Severus concluded that whatever plagued the boy was not connected to the tournament, but with his own personal life. Gradually, the worried feeling Severus had pushed away from his chest moments ago was sinking back in again. And, much to the man's dismay, there was only one way to get rid of it. Nevertheless, he was going to need proof before he could do anything, before he could finally rid himself of the worried feeling.


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