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It seemed like hours before the tears had ceased to flow and the trembling stopped, but Severus wasn't complaining. How could he? He wasn't the one that was forced to suffer unimaginable pain after witnessing something he would not force upon his worst enemy.

In fact, if anyone had the right to complain, it was the child that remained firmly seated in his arms, holding on to him for dear life. Severus's long slim fingers where now moving automatically through the mess of black silk that was Harry's hair as he attempted to get the boys breathing to even out and it wasn't long until the firm grip on his shirt slackened as the Gryffindor gave way to exhaustion.

Severus remained still for several more moments before he carefully stood with the sleeping child still in his arms and gingerly placed him in his bed before pulling the blankets over the child's frail form, carefully tucking the warm blankets loosely around his body.

"I never thought I would ever see you being kind to that child Severus" Poppy's echoed through the room, startling him. He had forgotten that there was someone else present in the room.

"There is a first time for everything Poppy." Severus replied as he glanced down at the boy before turning to face the school nurse. "When do you think you will be releasing him?
"In about a weeks' time." The medi-witch replied as she gave the man in front of her a questionable look before allowing a small smirk to grace her lips before continuing. "His body is still fairly weak after the trauma he endured. And I need to monitor his progress to make sure the broken bones are healing as they should and I need to keep an eye out for any possible infection that may be the result of his injuries."
Severus nodded; fearing if he spoke his voice would have portrayed the disappointment that he felt. He didn't want the boy anywhere the headmaster could reach him easily, because that could, and most likely would, lead to more pain and suffering with everyone involved. After all Albus Dumbledore did most things in order to please him and not others. However, Severus seemed to have no choice in the matter and he was not going to fight with the medi-witch over it. Considering the fact that she had the power to banish him from seeing Harry and that would only be counterproductive. After all he was trying to gain the boys trust, he wanted to become the one person Harry could lean on, and not being allowed in to visit would get that plan nowhere since in order to gain the trust of another you have to be there to build the crucial bond to form it. With another nod, Severus announced his departure and with one last glance at Harry, he left the hospital wing, a flurry of black robes behind him.


Severus was lost in his thoughts as he silently made his way down to his quarters. He had never imagined that Lily's family would treat Harry in such a deplorable manner. Especially since Petunia had cared so much for her younger sister. Then again, time had the habit of always changing people and the way they acted and he supposed Petunia Dursley was no exception to the rule. No one was. Even he, the bat of the dungeons, had been altered by the time had spent as a teacher and by what he had witnessed as a death eater. Though he had to admit, what he had seen with Harry had unnerved him greatly. The man who had seen murder and torture was disturbed by the Gryffindor's actions, but He had no clear idea why. All he knew was it had to be connected to the feeling in his chest, the one that had lead him to the boy in the first place.

Maybe it was the fact it seemed so strange to see the boy so disengaged that created it, or maybe it was just the underlying feeling that had been building up for years. But what every it was, he had no idea what had caused. He was too tired to question it, or to do anything else with it. The episode in the hospital wing had just left him . . . Annoyed, drained, confused, and completely out of his element. The fact that Potter . . . or rather Harry had thrown his arms around him in an attempt for some sort of comfort, made him feel off. There had only been one person who did that, but that was so long ago, way before Lucius had instilled in him that showing affection was a sign of weakness.

Sighing, Severus shut the door behind him as he kicked off his boots and hung his cloak before heading to his bedroom. It was still plenty early, but he was tired, and staying up would accomplish nothing more than over thinking and excessive drinking that would definitely be a mark under the unfit guardian column. He didn't know why he was thinking like this, maybe he was trying to make up for failing before, or . . . Hell he just did not know. \

With a deep breath, Severus pushed open the creaky bedroom door and illuminated the torched with a wave of his hand. He would have all summer to figure this out; right now he just needed to collect himself.