Summary: A blonde boy named Naruto, while walking on the beach near their home, found a helpless and unconscious red haired guy on the shore, he rushed to him to save him, and without knowing it, that fateful meeting have changed the course of his ordinary life forever.

About the Fiction: Author's Universe, Yaoi. OOCness…on some parts. (Well, these characters all over each other are OOC itself. ^_^). Rated M (because it is Yaoi.) Pairings are the following: Naruto x Gaara (main), Naruto x Sasuke (yeah. XD) and Uchihacest (now don't start preaching me about morality. XD).

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Oceana Fate

by: Nami Erins

Chapter 1 - Ocean's Gift

Summer is ending and that brings both good and bad news for the students.

Good news: The killer heat would end, FINALLY.

Bad news: Back to effin' school for another semester of stress and butt-load of bothersome works.

"The empire of the Fire is experiencing financial crisis for the past six years since the death of the past Royal Family. Under the Absolute Monarchy of King Orochimaru, where he is the sole source of command, no one ever dared to step up and—" the TV program was cut off, mainly because the blonde man watching it got a little pissed off and decided to go outside to take a walk. He doesn't give a damn about the financial crisis, who cared about complex things like that anyways?

The scorching heat earlier in the noon is finally reduced to a heat anyone could bare along with the peaceful breeze that is touching his tanned skin. He walked as he hides his hands on both pockets of his worn-out jeans and stared just ahead.

The light of the setting sun illuminates the place with a mixture of orange, yellow and red-orange colors that perfectly blends throughout the sky. It makes the blonde man's tan skin standout, at the same time, making his Azure eyes glow under the short bangs of his blonde spiky hair.

"What should we have for dinner? Ramen perhaps. But, Perverted old man would yell at me again if I cook something like that, telling me to stop cooking Ramen for we have eaten nothing but the damn noodles for the past one month. Geez. Why doesn't he just cook for himself? He's the lazy one, just being a drunkard, pervert and a complain expert. Maybe-"

He suddenly stopped the trail of his thoughts when he saw a man lying by the shore, unconscious and being soaked wet as the waves of ocean embrace him, washing his slim body. The blonde man, curious and worried, rushed to him and dropped on his knees to check on him, if he is still alive or not.

The unknown man had a stunning blood crimson hair that stands out with his pale smooth skin. And on that very skin, right on his forehead, a kanji symbol for Love is tattooed crimson as his hair, looking like a beautifully etched wound. The blonde is puzzled by the black circle around his both eyes and touched it. It was a tattoo too he concluded. Another thing peculiar about him is he got no brows, but that doesn't make him any less appealing or freaky, it does actually suits his face well, like his face is stoically masked to hide all of his emotions inside. He's clothes, probably a formal one, is ragged and now he looks like a trash rather than someone who's full of cash. He's not wearing any shoes anymore and only his torn black pants and red polo long sleeves (now almost 3/4s) is covering him.

The blonde panicked when he can't see any rise and fall on the man's chest that's why he laid his ear on the redhead's heart and sighed of relief when he heard a faint pulse. He placed his hands a little above the man's nose and the panic that faded seconds ago returned with more intensity than the previous one.

The man is not breathing.

He positioned himself to properly face the stranger, but remained kneeling on his side. He pulled the stranger's forehead a little backwards and opened his mouth to see if there is any obstructions, luckily it doesn't have any, but, he knows the man must have drank so much water from the ocean as he suspected him to be drowned.

But while knowing what the best way to save the man, he is actually hesitating to do anything like it. The thing called, CPR, where you give someone the "kiss of life."

"Okay, brow-less dude, don't take this personally and it's not what you think." he whispered and now, blushing.

He started stretching his both arms so his hands could meet at the center of his chest, then started pumping. After few seconds he opened the redhead's mouth and took a deep breath.

At one moment, he gave the guy a kiss of life that would save him from grim reaper's scythe. The blonde was awestruck at how supple and soft that lips of the man he is saving was, considering the redhead is a man. A MAN.

The blonde blushed even more, completely forgetting as to why he is giving him a kiss after three rounds of sharing him some of his air through mouth and gave him an actual soft one. He immediately withdrew when the redhead started coughing out water and struggling to sit up to cough out the liquids even harder. The concerned blonde caressed him on his back as he supports it.

"Are you okay?" the kind voice of the redhead's savior asked, though he knew it's a stupid question to ask because it's obvious that the man IS NOT OKAY.

The pale guy did not answer but just continued coughing for a while. After few moments he swiped his mouth with the back of his hands and looked at the blonde beside him with a confused look.

"Who...are you?" his deep voice asked.

"Your savior, Naruto Uzumaki." the blonde said with a wide grin on his face, making his eyes curved and closed. "You? What's your name?" he added as he open his blue eyes again to look directly at the teal eyes of the man before him.

"I..." the only thing he uttered then looked at his hands.

"Ai? Your name is Ai? Isn't that girlish?" the blonde jokingly uttered.

"I don't know my name."

Naruto's jaw dropped along with his understanding of the situation. His eyes got widen and he uttered, "What the hell are you talking about?"" with a raised voice of confusion.

The redhead looked at him, still the same confused expression masked his face as he catch the stare of the blue eyes in front of him.

"I don't know who I am."

"What the—"

"Where are we?"


"Where is that?"

"Right here." then the blonde chuckled. He stood up and held his hands to offer the stranger help to stand up which, the redhead grabbed without any hesitation. Naruto pulled him up as he struggle to stand but when the blonde let go of his hands, the pale guy's gait became unstable, to his rescue, Naruto wrapped the strangers arm around his shoulders.

"Easy..." the blonde said cheerfully.

"Thank you...Naruto."

"No problem! Let's continue our conversation on our home! Maybe you'd remember your name on our way." then he chuckled.


"A case of amnesia huh... I thought it was only seen in the movies, so it was real after all. I wonder who this guy is. He must be some rich kid riding on a yacht then the yacht got caught in some big wave then blah blah blah... Then he got here! Damn. One hell of a ride to get here huh? He's not from here I could tell. I have not seen him before. Konoha is kind of small so there's only one high school academy here. I am at least familiar to every student there, and I have not seen him yet. Maybe we'll find out after we got home."

Later that night during dinner time…

"So this guy can't remember his name?" a man with waist-long white spiky hair said as he lean on the table with his elbow then rested his chin on his hands.

"Yeah. That's Amnesia right?" Naruto said before gulping the glass of milk in front of him.

"Any ID's on your pocket? This square plastic thing with writings on it along with a picture?" he asked the pale man.

"Uh..." the stranger started searching his own pockets, and luckily for him, he had touched a "square plastic thing" the old man in front of him is talking about. He held it out and gave it to him, while the latter inspects it and read a word.

"Gaara, that's the only thing not ruined in your ID, and a little bit of your face. Anything else is washed out. I don't know if that's your name or your surname." he said then he placed the ID down and drank from the glass of sake.

"So we will call you Gaara for now!" Naruto said gleefully with a wide smile on his lips.

The redhead just looks at them blankly, thinking what emotion to manifest, he is in a state of confusion right now and his head started to ache, terribly aching,but is trying his best not to show them of it.

"Until you gain your memories, you can stay here but, not for free; you got to help us around the house. Okay?" the old man proposed.

"Okay... Thank you. Uhmm... What's your name?"

"Master Jiraiya the great sage of the frogs!" he boasted the new member of the household while doing some sort of a… weird super hero pose.

"Shut up dirty old man. You're not a great sage. You're a great pervert. Greatest of your kind." Naruto blurted.

"AW shut up Naruto. You just don't get the art of a woman's heavenly body."

"Thank you...for letting me stay." the redhead said gently.

"No problem!" answered Naruto.

After they eat, Naruto washed the dishes and Jiraiya said that he will be out for the night, well, for the "man's night out" he claims to go to. Naruto just ignored him and totally knows what he will do: anything related to the word pervert.

Gaara just sat on the sofa and stared blankly at the TV screen in front of him. It is not turned on, so there's nothing to watch. His headache earlier becomes more intense. He bowed his head and clung on to its sides, wondering why does it hurts so much. What happened to him before he woke up in the shore "saved" by his Savior Naruto? It is not only his head that hurts, now, also his whole body. He could feel the pain ooze on every corner of his veins. There are so many questions running on his mind and he got no answers for everything. Especially to the question, "Who am I?"

Images started to flash on his head as he close his eyes and curl his body, lying on the sofa.

Chaos. People in formal wear panicking. Deafening siren. Collision. Loads of water. Then there's darkness.

He opened his eyes with a scared look on his face, moments later, his consciousness left him and immediately gone into a deep slumber.


Across a dark room, where even a single light dares not to enter, there is someone crying. No, it is more like screaming of pain. Then, all of a sudden, he felt a liquid splatter on his face, he touched it, and since nothing can be seen, he smelled it.

It smelled a little like iron. But he knew it was the familiar scent he is used to smell every day.

It was blood.

Soon, the splash became constant and as if he was intentionally bathed with it. He would like to run away but he was paralyzed. The screaming becomes louder and louder as the blood showered upon his body increases. His fear is no good also; it rises up every single bit of the moment. He could feel himself sweating but could not distinguish between blood and his own sweat.

Then there was deafening silence.


Gaara opened his eyes wide and immediately stood up. He was heavily breathing and desperately grasping lots of air to cope up.

He looked around, it was already night and he was on a futon that lies on the floor, not on the sofa he slept in. Beside him is a bed and he could hear a loud snore from it. That quite averted his attention and regained his normal pace of breathing, somehow.

He elongated his neck and looked at the source of the noise. It was his blonde savior, mouth wide opened with a pool of drool on the pillow and a flow of it from the side of his lips. He is sleeping without wearing his top and revealing his fine abs (not too much full of muscle, just right) that is traced by the moonlight coming from the open window. He was soundly, literally, sleeping with his body spread on the bed. One thing that caught his attention the most is the tight white boxers of the man with a big red heart illustrated on the middle of his groin.

Gaara's absent brow rose up at the...embarrassing sight and looked back at his hands and gave a deep sigh, relieved at not seeing any trace of blood. Good thing it's just a dream.

No, it's a nightmare.

He laid his back flat on bed again. Closing his eyes, trying to go back to sleep.

Curled up. Turned around on the right side. Turned around on the left side. Covered his head. Tightly shutting his eyes. Sighing deeply.

After doing those repeatedly for who knows how many rounds, he sat up, angrily and frustrated at himself.

"Why the hell can't I go back to sleep? Damn it."

He stood up, grunting and sighed. He walks out of the room and searched for footwear to use so he could walk outside. Going down the stairs and proceeding to the entrance of the house, where there is the shoe rack he searched for the footwear, any type of slippers would do as long as it got his size.

But to his disappointment, there's nothing on his size. Naruto's bigger, Jiraiya's a lot bigger. He grunted, "Are their feet are of the giants?"and just left with his bare foot. Still on the doorway as he decides where he is going. Going to the shore is no good, it's a little far away, and with his bare feet, he might end up going home amputated the next morning. He just decided not to go out of the gate and stay on the roof which made him face the place where he wanted to stay. His feet feel cold thanks to the cold tiles, but he doesn't really mind.

First question: "How the hell am I going to get there?"

He looked up intently and attempted to think about it very carefully, but before even thinking about it like he wanted it...he jumped on the lowest roof to the main roof of the house, in a flash, he was standing at the center of the roof and facing the serene full moon.

Second question: "How the hell did I do that?"

Whatever. Not that it really matters. Wait. It does matter. He's got amnesia with no memories at all, so he should not know things like that right? How could that happen? It's like his body has a mind on its own and didn't forgot anything about his distant past. Again, even if he asked hundreds of question, he would get none, so he decided to just give it up. Sighing, he lazily sits down, feeling every touch of the gentle winds that would come in contact with his pale skin. He looked up the sky and stared at the twinkling stars, dancing as it shines up the night blue sky, along with the full moon as it bright disco ball.

He just sat there, watching the marvel of the sky showcased to him until he felt the need to lay his back on the roof. He clasped his hands at the back of his head to serve as his pillow and continued to stare at the endless dance floor of the astronomical wonders. He sighed, feeling relief from the comfort this set up is giving him. He thought he needed to just drop all the things that are bothering him for the sake of serenity and peace so he closed his eyes trying to get his lost sleep.

Night has passed; the rising sun bathed the slim body of the redhead with its soothing morning light rays. The man on the roof opened his eyes, revealing his fade emerald orbs.

He sighed again, for the nth timefor the entire night.

""Good morning to me, congratulations for not sleeping the whole night."he thought and grunted at disappointment.

Meanwhile, at the bedroom of the blonde, his alarm clock rang and he was annoyed upon hearing the goddamn rings. He attempted to open his lazy eyes and find it hard for it to be fully opened because it's too heavy for his eyes and as if it was glued together the whole night.

"Damn alarm clock...just when I was about to do some hot stuff with Sakura..." he mumbled and finally, opened his eyes halfway just enough for him to see what's around him and sat up. He mindlessly rubbed off the drool on his face and yawned as he stretch out his arms then pressed the alarm clock atop of his bedside table to turn the damn thing off.

"Good morning world and Gaara." he said with his sleepy voice, still looking at nothing in front of him. He has not received any response and it took him 5 full minutes to realize it. He scooted to his side to see if the redhead is still sleeping but to his surprise, he's not there. Blood rushed to his veins, making his nerves excited and what once were lazy eyelids became so opened so his cerulean eyes would stand out.


With all his nerves got in full alert mode, rushing to his hands to the bed table to grab his bathrobe just and cover his "pre-exposed" body, he ran outside of the room just to see Gaara walking to the hallway to enter their room again.

"Where have you been?" the blonde man asked.

"The roof... I can't sleep last night." he said with no emotion showing his face.

"What? You mean you're at the roof the whole night?" surprised blonde asked.

Gaara nodded. Naruto sighed but regained his alert mode again.

"How the hell have you got on the roof?" he exclaimed realizing what he have just heard. "The roof? Is he friggin' serious?"

"I jumped."

"You WHAT? This is a two-story house! How the hell did you do that?"

"I don't know. I just jumped out of reflex."


"I know."

Naruto's eyes narrowed as he looked suspiciously at the redhead. But, most of it is just because of confusion.

"Well whatever...uhmm..." the blonde thought hard to say something to keep on talking to the man who is in front of him. "Have you slept well?" he asked out of the blue.

"No. I was awake the whole night till now."

Naruto's sapphire eyes widen at the information he just received. "WHAT? How could a person do that? And it seem like the over lack of sleep is not affecting him, like it was just an everyday thing."he thought.

"That's...unhealthy! You should at least give yourself a rest!"

"As much as I want to, I can't..."

"And I was planning on touring you around town... Guess we can't do that." then the blonde sighed at disappointment.

The redhead tilted his head, thinking what could possibly stop them from doing what he planned. He is not that exhausted, and even if he doesn't exactly know why, he just felt that it is normal for him not to sleep the whole night. "I wonder if that is my habit before I forget everything in my past."

"I am not exhausted. We could continue on your plans." he uttered to reassure the blonde.

"Are you sure?" the blonde say as he pout. Clearly, he is making a child-like look.



Gaara sighed and just nodded to give his yes, making the blonde man smile wide, as if his priced candy was given to him after years of handwork.

"Great! You take a bath first while I prepare our meal. For sure, the DOM is already out for his 'research' and won't be going home for a while." Naruto said excitedly as he walks towards Gaara.

"Just get some of my clothes on my drawer and the towel's on the bathroom just across the next room to mines." he instructed the redhead as he point where the pale kid should go. Gaara nodded and proceeded as he is instructed while Naruto gone ahead for the stairs so he could go to the kitchen to start preparing their breakfast.

The redhead browsed some dress on the closet that Naruto said. He sighed, knowing nothing would fit him perfectly, they'd be loose if he wears them for Naruto's body is broad while his are slim. He just picked up the lesser evil, a black shirt and black jogging pants with string on its waist; at least he could tie it exactly to his slender waist. He blushed at the thought that he has to borrow also the underpants. He scanned Naruto's drawer for his underpants, it must fit him, somehow, or so he thought. He is disgusted to himself for wondering who's "bigger" him or his blonde savior, not that it really matter nor relevant to his current dilemma now, he just can't help himself but to wonder who's who.

"Gah. I really need it. Just who the hell cares if we shared the same underpants, once or twice? Not that other's would know anyway. Is it a big deal? We're both guys so it doesn't really matter right?"

Gaara just picked up the black boxers whom he think that would fit him, a little, though he knew once he wear it, it would fall a little.

After a long argument between him and himself, he proceeded to the bathroom.

It was a fine bathroom with a separate place for the shower and the bathtub. The first thing that would welcome you is the mirror framed with golden pattern with a porcelain sink under it. Gaara looked at the mirror and to himself.

"So that's how I look like...not bad..."

Then he focused his attention on the tattoo on his forehead.

-To be continued-

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