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Oceana Fate

by: Nami Erins

Epilogue - Of Closure and Moving On

"So you are alive again Gaara!" said Sasuke as he approach the three person's walking to the halls of the palace.

"Yes. Pretty much like it."

"Finally! I get to talk to someone more sensible than the stupid King!"

"Oii! What do you mean by that you bastard?" the blonde exclaimed at his best friend.

"Gaara, let's get you some clothes first before going back to the hospital... Your doctors are going wild with you missing even though I gave them a call already." Itachi said as he push the redhead a little ahead so they could leave the two brats fighting over nothing again.


"Naruto!" angrily shouted an approaching woman to them. Chills run down their spine when they saw how angry she is and how much killing aura she emits.

"Granny Tsuande! Hi?" the blonde sheepishly said as he resists the urge to run away.

"You fucking missed your meeting with-" she stopped as soon as she sets her eyes to the bare footed redhead beside Itachi.

"Gaara?" she surprisingly said as she stares at him. The redhead smiled at her then the Lady approached him and unexpectedly gave him a firm hug. "Finally! You are awake! Naruto won't be spacing out anymore! Won't cry spontaneously whoever in front of him and would be a little sensible now! Thank goodness you really are back!" she said as if a miracle happened.

"Uhmm...yeah." blushed Gaara as he really is a little uncomfortable (more like embarrassed) when he is actually feeling the heaven sent loaded bust of the Lady. He kicks himself for actually noticing it the whole time of the hug instead of the words she said. But hey, he is a guy so it's only natural for him to be a little...that.

After that little reunion, Lady Tsunade dragged Naruto to the meeting room and reprimands him on the way. Sasuke and Itachi escorted the redhead back to the hospital only to be reprimanded by the doctors but still, congratulate him for waking up and considered it as a miracle for a person who got a heart transplant.

That night, Gaara asked the blonde to take him to his eraser's tomb and so they went to it. He stood in front of a tombstone, with flowers surrounding it, even though it got no picture like the usual tombs has, he could clearly remember that gentle smile the brunette showed him earlier at the beach.

He touched the tombstone and their memories together flashed before him. Though most of it are composed of dreadful memories...there are others that reminds him how Matsuri became part of his life.

And she will never be forgotten.

"I am so sorry...Matsuri... That I can't love you back..."

"I hope to meet you again next life time... I hope in that lifetime... We would have a little more normal relationship than we had..."

"You will find someone better than me...who would love back..."

"Still...thank you...for everything..."

The blonde hugged him from the back and rested his him on Gaara's shoulder.

"As much as I want her to be happy... I just can't give you up to her Gaara..."

"She will find her happiness on someone life."

"And I know, even if I live a hundred times, I would fall in love with you a thousand times..." the blonde whispered to his ears.

"I feel the same."

Months have passed and everything got back to normal. Naruto continued studying politics and got a hang of it bits by bits but there is a big improvement on his part. Jiraiya left his duty and said he is doing some "research" (though we all know it is related to his perversion) and passed his duty to Itachi. Now the older Uchiha is the leader of the knights and working with him as his second hand is Gaara.

They decided to leave Gaara's organization alone for it is not threatening the blonde's life for a time now and just decided to take measures if they got a hint they would. Gaara explained that their organization usually don't mess with him no matter how long his mission takes place, so he assumed that his organization is still thinking that he would eventually kill the blonde someday, but he also knew that if it gets too long, his dad would interfere and that is something to be watched out for.

Sasuke continued to his college education and taken up criminology as to what he really had planned since he was young, and hoping maybe later, he would be part of Itachi's team, but his older brother won't ever allowed that so he brushed off the thought. He still had time to prove himself to his brother that he is also capable of fighting for the King (his idiot bestfriend as he calls him) in the front lines, so he's not in a hurry and had more training.

The rise on the Fire Country's economy is a little shorter than expected, it took them only seven years to be finally independent of IAMs assistance, not that rich, but at least they could fend for themselves now, and as promised, the young King would turn the political system into Constitutional Monarchy where he would be free from loads and dozens of work because his delegated Prime Minister would do it for him. And he chose Lady Tsunade for the job, for he really feels safe when she's on control. Bratty as he is, he even made Tsunade choose all the officials she wants to work with and totally escaping 80% of the obligation as a King of their country.

One winter night, at some grandiose hotel where part of their room has full access to the sky view of the big city since they are the highest floor, the redhead who is wearing a red silk sleeping robe lined with black is staring at the marvel as the winter snow falls outside the wall window.

"Beautiul isn't it?" the blonde asked as he hug him from the back.


"It's been seven years... And this must be the first time we are going to spend holidays... With just the two of us."

"Thanks to Tsunade."

"Haha! Really... It's like the continuation of our Christmas Vacation seven years ago."

"Yes..." then he moved his lover's arms away then faced him and cupped his cheeks with both palms, "But this time... No one will ever barge in to interrupt us." he whispered before giving his blonde a light kiss.

The blonde grinned and licked his lover's lower lip, "And you are suggesting?" he seductively said as he move his hands to the belt of his lover's robe and pulling it down.

"Why are you even asking that when you are already taking my robe out?" the redhead whispered to his lips before grabbing it for a deep kiss.

It felt like it was their first time to kiss that passionately. Finally after so many years they got each other for their selves and no one will ever interrupt them and they won't have to worry about any appointments later or if they should do it quickly because Naruto would have a meeting in an hour.

That kiss they have shared made them felt like they are floating on the clouds, giving them so much joy that words are not enough to explain it.

They know, this moment won't just end here in this private room, but it will continue and would get more and more joyous as it is as time pass by as long as they are together.

"I love you so Gaara." the blonde whispered lovingly after that romantic passionate kiss.

"I love you more..." the redhead answered back in the sweetest tone he could express his love for him.

They shared the emotion filled night with the blaze of their love for one another and they knew, no matter what obstacles they face, their love would last forever.


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