Beautiful Tyrant

Summary: A modern day story of a Romeo and his Juliet. A tale of love and woe told in 100 word drabbles daily. Will this love affair end in tragedy too? Edward and Bella. AH.

Authors Note: A little idea I came up with that wouldn't let me put it in the plot bunny folder… Much love to cocoalvin for beta'ing this little tale, thanks so much for the support and encouragement from my fellow bedthralls, beans827 and pyjammies. Big smooches to the WC girls for letting me pick their brains *mwah*.

The lovely and talented vbfb1 made the gorgeous banner for this story and has committed to work with me to produce a weekly pic tease banner for the duration of the story – she is a legend.

In this case the character names belong to Stephenie Meyer but the inspiration and chapter titles come from William Shakespeare's epic tale, Romeo & Juliet.

Chapter 1: Two households, both alike in dignity.

"Violence erupted on the streets of Chicago again today. It's not clear the cause of the disturbance, but a number of witnesses hinted at the involvement of both the Swan and Cullen families. As reported previously, these two households, descended from the mafia families of the prohibition era, have caused the local police many headaches in the past years with their sporadic outbursts, seemingly stemming from their ancient vendetta."

The Commissioner of Police, Aro Prince, watched the latest news bulletin. He smiled. To date, the Cullens and Swans had managed to avoid culpable involvement in any crimes reported. Until now.

End Note:

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