Beautiful Tyrant



In this story the character names belong to Stephenie Meyer but the inspiration and chapter titles come from William Shakespeare's epic tale, Romeo & Juliet.


Chapter 251. Commend me to thy lady.

A polite cough alerted the lovers they still had company. Edward sheepishly stepped away from Bella, but took her hand in his and brought her to meet his father.

Bella blushed furiously, realizing that her new father-in-law's first sighting of her was locking lips with his son. Carlisle was instantly charmed by this lovely girl his young son had fallen in love with. His protective instincts kicked in instantly. Bella was a Cullen now and he would do anything within his power to keep her safe.

He ignored Bella's outstretched hand and hugged her instead. "Welcome to the family, Bella."


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